A Hot Mess

Welp, it’s been since December of 2021 since I wrote anything on here. It is now approaching the end of May and this blog is a hot mess.

It appears I started this in 2013, this platform worked for that time period in my life. While I would like to get back to reviews and such, this platform has become sooooo cumbersome, mainly it’s very hard to edit.

I sit here questioning do I keep leaning into this or do I start from scratch? This site is free and I am out of storage space for photos. I have to go through extra steps to embed them. I am familiar with another site, but it is not free; it is however easy to use.

If you have missed me, I have been busy and some things have changed:

  • I am no longer a BibRave Pro. No hard feelings, just time to move on.
  • I am no longer an Aftershokz Ambasador. This program came to an end. I still live my in Shokz and I will continue to recommend them.
  • I am a Tifosi Ambassador. I don’t leave the house without sunglasses, and Tifosi are great! You can follow them on social media or check them out at your local running store (hint hint, We Run in North Liberty.)
  • I am a member of the Sweater Crew, which is a SaltStick Ambassador. I came across this product in the last few years when I realized that eating table salt after a hot, sweaty run probably wasn’t a great idea. They make salt chews and caps. Check em out if you are interested – saltstick.com/?wly=amaskeberka
  • I love Balega socks and have picked to be a Balega Impi – or ambassador for them. Their blister resist mohair socks are by far my favorite!
  • I am returning to run Grandma’s Marathon in June 2022 – WAHOO!!! I was selected to be an ambassador for them. I love this race!!! In this journey of marathon training I have been running other events as my training runs.
  • I also answered an influencer thing for the Feed, I am still not sure if it’s just as simple as tell you the great products I try out or what, more to come.

I have run the following events: (sorry no reviews)

  • New Year, New You 5k – Orlando, FL
  • Amana Freezer 5k – Amana, IA
  • Beat the Bitter 5kish – North Liberty, IA
  • Birthday donut mile
  • Go! St. Louis Half Marathon – St Louis, MO
  • Hawkeye 25k – Solon, IA
  • Kewash Trai Half Marathon – Washington, IA
  • Eau Claire Half Marathon – Eau Claire, WI
  • Friends of the Yellow River Half Marathon – Harpers Ferry, IA
  • Palisades Punisher, 8 hour endurance race – Mt. Vernon, IA
  • Marion Arts Festival Half Marathon – Marion, IA

What’s next?

  • Night Watch – This is a fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital. It is an endurance run starting at sunset May 27th and ending at sunrise May 28th. Any and all welcome to walk one .46 mile loop around Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City or stay the entire night. Sponsors, donors, support all encouraged
  • June 3 – Blue Grass days 5k
  • June 18 – Grandma’s Marathon
  • October – Des Moines Marathon
  • Anything that comes along

I do need to find a resolution for this blog. I do like to keep an area race calendar, so do I charge a fee to help pay for the page? Do I ask for ads or sponsors or work with sponsored content? Do people even read these anymore? I kind of just like the recaps of races and such for myself. If anyone has any insight or thoughts on blogging, let me know!

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