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Thanks for checking out my blog! I love to run all the races. I started the blog to keep track of all the races I have participated in. Today my blog has grown into many things. It allows me to recap my races and talk about my favorite things.

I am a BibRavePro or http://www.bibrave.com/bibravepro

Love a great twitter chat #bibchat & #runchat

I’m not fast, but I try to improve each race.

I love to wear sparkly skirts.  I usually have a more difficult time trying to figure out my outfit for a race than running it.

I run for donuts and beer!

Love the Hawkeyes!

I am woman..ROAR


For me to keep track, here are my longer distance races:


  1. Music City Trail Ultra 50k 2015
  2. North Face Endurance Challenge Wisconsin 50k 2015
  3. CVNT 50k 2016 (unofficial)
  4. Arctic Frog 50k 2016
  5. Hawkeye 50k 2017


  1. Medtronics Twin Cities Marathon 2012
  2. Blue Ridge Marathon 2013
  3. Quad Cities Marathon 2013
  4. Walt Disney World Marathon 2014
  5. Blue Ridge Marathon 2014
  6. Run for Troops 2014
  7. Blue Ridge Marathon 2015
  8. Grandma’s Marathon 2015
  9. Chicago Marathon 2015 
  10. Louisiana Marathon 2016 
  11. (?) Unofficial Iowa City Valentines Day Marathon
  12. One City Marathon 2016
  13. Rock N Roll Nashville 2016
  14. Chicagoland Spring Marathon 2016
  15. Grandmas Marathon 2016
  16. Run for Troops 2016
  17. Moorehead Park Trail Mazathon 2016
  18. Quad Cities Marathon 2016
  19. Twin Cities Marathon 2016
  20. Milwaukee Running Festival 2016
  21. Madison Marathon 2016
  22. Illinois Marathon – 2017
  23. Grandma’s Marathon – 2017
  24. Detroit Marathon – 2017


  1. Quad Cities half marathon 2011
  2. Get Lucky Half Marathon, MPLS 2012
  3. Prairie Du Chien Half Marathon 2012
  4. Old Shipyard Port Half Marathon 2012
  5. Quad Cities Half Marathon 2012
  6. Walt Disney World Half Marathon 2013
  7. LaCrosse Half Marathon 2013
  8. Red Shoe Half Marathon 2013
  9. Madison Mini Half Marathon 2013
  10. Clinton Half Marathon 2013
  11. Run for the Schools Half 2013
  12. Walt Disney World Half Marathon 2014
  13. Run the Bluegrass Half marathon 2014
  14. Marion Rotary for shoes Half 2014
  15. Red Shoe half 2014
  16. Hospital Hill Half Marathon 2014
  17. Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon 2014
  18. Rock N Roll Chicago Half Marathon 2014
  19. Back Road Half Marathon 2014
  20. Madison Mini 2014
  21. New Bo Half Marathon 2014
  22. Quad Cities Half Marathon 2014
  23. Iowa City Run for the Schools 2014
  24. Disney Princess Half Marathon 2015
  25. That Dam Half 2015
  26. Kentucky Derby Festival Half Marathon 2015
  27. Prairie Du Chien Half 2015
  28. Hospital Hill 2015
  29. Madison Mini 2015
  30. Urban Bourbon 2015
  31. NYE Half Marathon 2015
  32. Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon 2016
  33. Madison Marathon – Half Marathon 2016
  34. Hospital Hill 2016
  35. Fort Collins Human Race – 2016
  36. New Bo Half Marathon – 2016
  37. The North Face Endurance Challenge Half Marathon, Wisconsin 2016
  38. Runner’s World Festival Half – 2016
  39. Spring Hill Mania – 2017
  40. Key West Half Marathon – 2107
  41. Drake Relays Half Marathon – 2017
  42. Red Shoe Half Marathon – 2017
  43. Madison Mini – 2017
  44. New Bo – 2017
  45. North Face Endurance Challenge 13.1 – 2017
  46. Urban Bourbon – 2017
  47. Madison Marathon – Half – 2017
  48. Triple D – 2018

This is what I originally wrote when I started my blog:

You wont find much about me on this blog. It’s more or less a journal of my racing.  If you would like to see more personality you can stalk me…ahem, I mean follow me on twitter @angiemaskeberka or find me on facebook.

In the past years of running I find myself addicted to signing up for races and then running said races. I have come to a point where I can’t remember them all.  This blog is designed to help me remember and maybe help others in deciding whether to run a race or not.

Thank you for reading, if you have suggestions the department opens tomorrow.

So I dressed up as this for Halloween, I love running!

So I dressed up as this for Halloween, I love running!



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