What To Pack For Race Day

What (& How) To Pack For Race Day

“Disclaimer: I received entry into the Madison Marathon Half Marathon to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!”

When traveling, it can be stressful to remember all the things you might need, throw in running and you’ve just increased your chance to forget something. As I travel to my next half marathon, I will highlight some of my tips to make sure you are ready on the starting line.

The first thing I do is to start checking the weather. Then I know what to season of running clothes I should consider.

Next. I start putting together a list in my head. How many days will I be gone? What size of bag will I need to bring? Will I be going out to dinner?

Once I have a general idea, it’s time to make sure everything is clean, do I need to do some laundry?

I then pull out all the things I have thought about and throw them in a pile on my bag. I then group my clothing by day. So I will put together day one running outfit, day one normal day outfit and so on.

Then I make sure to have a pair of running shoes and for good measure I throw in 26 extra pairs of underwear. Ok, maybe an exaggeration, but I tend to over pack that item.

For race day I always pack: running shoes, running pants, a running skirt, sports bra, running shirt (tank, short sleeve) Aftershokz, race belt, running glasses, a hat, compression socks. Weather permitting – a pullover, BUFF(R), hydration pack with supplies.

It’s then time to stuff all the things in my bag and hope the toiletry things fit on top. I always do a twice over of my contact solution, toothpaste, etc. Most hotels are good for these things, but I need my prescription glasses.

This next step is the most crucial – I then open the bag back up and check for everything I can not buy at a big box store. For me that is my running shoes, running shorts and a sports bra. Then I check one more time.

That’s it.

Ok, I lied, when it’s time to leave, and after I have tossed my bag into the car, I then check again to make sure I have all the things I can not buy at a big box store. I am then satisfied and am ready to go.

If you know me or have followed along for a good while, you might know that I once forgot my running shorts. GASP!!! Lucky me, there was a store close by and I ended up with some capris that would work last minute. Believe me, the last thing I want is to wear something new on race day. Chaffing is no joke. When I looked back at that incident, I did not quadruple check my items.

I have already started the mental checklist for Madison. I am in town for 2 days and one day includes sitting outside at a sporting event, and going to the expo. (PS expo is 10-5, maybe I will see you there.) Then there is race day. These things involve a little extra like blankets and heavy coats. One things, for sure, I will be checking that bag a bajillion times.


Bring on medal #3

Prepping for the at Madison Marathon, Conquer the Capital Half and Half Challenge

“Disclaimer: I received entry into the Madison Marathon Half Marathon to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!”

I can’t believe it’s time to go back to Madison. In the midst of the 100 Miles in November, I have an upcoming half marathon. Time is the trickiest thing ever, it just creeps by faster and faster, then you are asking your phone to make reminders so you don’t forget and BAM… there’s another race on the calendar.

There is a lot to this race. I signed up way back at the beginning of the year as part of the Conquer the Capital Half and Half Challenge, you run the Run Madtown events in the spring and one of the races in November and you earn additional bling. Now, that is not the only unique thing about the medals. The race started a 4 year medal series and this will be year 3, so I am really excited to continue my presence at the event. Then… then to top it all off, the Hawkeyes will play the Badgers the day before the race over at Camp Randall.

I am a little excited for all the things to come together. Even the 3 PM football game time will be perfect. I can hit the expo at the Monona Terrace before the game (it’s open Saturday 10AM – 5PM.) Then I wont have to be up late at night, so I can get to the 7:10 AM start.

Now, I know I will finish, but let’s hope the weather turns itself around and warms up a bit before now and then.

If you would like to join me in Madison on Sunday, November 10th; Use code “BRMSN19” for 10% off the half or full marathon! http://www.madisonmarathon.org/ 


It’s Time!!

2019 – 100 Miles in November

Back by popular demand, November 2019 is here!! That means it is time to keep moving and join the 7th Annual 100 Miles in November.

With all that said, please read through this post first.

Step 1: add your name to the log, here is the google spreadsheet – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FBNeMPOSdngVglY1QXIdsm0JPL7YuyPgb5A-NPCTNos/edit?usp=sharing This should be self explanatory. Don’t be a jerk and please keep to your own column. Add your name in the first empty column on the right. (I try to keep my eyes on the spreadsheet.)

Step 2: Here is your sign up information. Please fill out this google form- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc2koGT5bk8ZCGAQBHkkCK0tIshO9AdrkINm7Igeciq4Z5Hzw/viewform?usp=sf_link  I keep track of who participates only to contact you if you win a prize. It’s also the easiest way to keep my head from not spinning in 800 directions. (New for 2019, featured participant questions)

Step 3: Go for a run or walk!

The 2019 prize lineup is as follows:

Grand Prizes (to be awarded after Dec 1, must hit 100 miles): 

  1. Pair of Aftershokz, bone conduction, bluetooth head phones
  2. Entry into to the Hawkeye 25k/50k Spring race.

Weekly accountability prizes:

  1. Corridor Running shirts – awarded to 2 people on Nov 10 and Nov 24
  2. Bibrave swag – awarded to 2 people on Nov 17 & Dec 1

Halfway point prize: (keep on track by logging at least 45 miles by November 15.)

*If you would like a headband, keychain, scrunchie, small crochet item, send a message. I If you are a returning participant you are familiar with these. The first year I would give everyone a headband or keychain just for signing up. Since, this is my challenge and I do this at no cost to you, and with no income for me. I am changing this prize, however it’s no big deal if you would like one.

More prizes or items may be added as we proceed.


  • There is a FB group for encouragement or checkups. I might rely on this group too much for posts, but it is not required to join the challenge.
  • Official posts and updates will be written on this blog
  • Registration will be open through November 10. After that time, any name added to the spreadsheet will not be eligible for prizes.
  • Contact me – amaskeberka@gmail.com, twitter – @angiemaskeberka, IG – @amaskeberka

Official Rules:

  1. Only walking / running as exercise miles count. I am counting on participants honesty for this. I think you should make an effort to keep active. Walking to the bathroom, or walking to kitchen will not count, or step counting. This is not a fitness tracker challenge.
  2. Miles need to be logged on the provided google docs spread sheet.
  3. Spread sheet is a public document, open to those who have the link.
  4. Each participant is responsible for keeping track of their own miles. If you can’t access the spread sheet make arrangements to have someone enter them for you. (send me an email)
  5. No entry fee, no cost.
  6. All drawings for prizes will be generated at random, via an online raffle service.
  7. Please pay attention to your body, don’t try to reach the 100 mile goal at the expense of an injury.
  8. Honor system in play when logging miles.
  9. Weekly prize eligibility, have to log mileage at least once a week. Keep your log up to date, logs checked on Sunday for weekly giveaway.
  10. To be eligible to win grand prize must have completed 100 miles.
  11. You do not have to be local, live in Iowa to compete.
  12. Your contact information is only for prize notification. It will not be shared.
  13. Random prizes to be determined later.
  14. Photos may be used for random prizes.
  15. Stay connected using #100miles.
  16. Information will be posted on the blog.
  17. This challenge is in no way administered, sponsored, or affiliated with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. By entering this challenge you release Instagram, Facebook and twitter of all responsibility. You are also agreeing to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook rules terms of use.

Good luck and best wishes for a great November!

IMT Half – 2019

Des Moines Half Marathon – 2019 Race Recap

“Disclaimer: I received entry into the IMT Des Moines Marathon to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!”

It’s felt like forever since I ran a race, I miss running all the races. However, it’s football season, so I do what I can. If you want my to the point review you can check it out here – https://www.bibrave.com/races/imt-des-moines-marathon-reviews and now for my all details, all opinionated review.

As I mentioned it is football season, so this meant in order to complete my transfer from the marathon to the half, I needed to get to the expo on Friday. However, it was also homecoming weekend and the U of I parade started at 5:45 PM. So, I was in my car and on my way to Des Moines just after 1PM.

I arrived and found that parking near the Iowa Events Center would cost $10. I am a small town girl, paying to park to in a GIANT lot designed for the event space, isn’t something I was going to do. I strolled around the block and found a parking meter on the street. As luck would have it, there was already 24 minutes on the meter, I threw in another quarter and I had 44 minutes to get through the expo.

I found a door to the event complex, but it was a walk to the actual event space. There were many signs guiding the way. I found the expo and proceeded to the back to get Josh’s bib first, which was super easy, no questions asked by providing his bib number. *The bibs came in pre-filled, clear bags. They were full of goodies like food, toothbrushes and papers. The bag also doubled for gear check.

Then I went to get my bib, but asked how I should proceed to complete my transfer. I had to get my full marathon bib first, then go to the registration computers. I then had to go through the online process of registration, but there was a check box for transfers. Participants could switch to either race for a fee. I was confused why I couldn’t have done this online in Iowa City, and someone else could have grabbed my things for me? Maybe just to be sure it was me? After I had a new registration email, I went and gave them my old bib, they gave me a half bib. It was simple and easy.

Then I went to the line to grab our finisher jackets. The race does a great job, no t-shirts. Instead they give gender specific, zip up light weight coats. They are also race specific.

I was watching my Garmin and had a few minutes, so I did a walk through of the expo vendors. There was a variety of things to explore: area races, products, race merchandise, speaker series, etc. I stopped by the Grandma’s booth to try for a free entry. I then noticed a stocking cap at the race merch booth… it was black with a gold stripe, and the race logo. I could not resist, when is the race gear Hawkeye colors? I then walked by Jeff Galloway and made my way out of the expo to see more vendors set up in the hallway. Nothing I needed, so I hoofed it back to my car. I had 2 minutes left on the meter, phew! Parking for $0.25!

I made my way back to Iowa City and was only a few minutes late to the homecoming parade. It was just as I remembered except there were not any Greek floats?? I did meet up with Josh and we ate Chipotle for dinner and called it a day.

On Saturday, I met with my tailgating friends and we cheered the Hawkeyes onto victory against Purdue, in the rainy mist. Then we packed it up and Josh and I made the trek back over to Des Moines. We were both very tired and looking forward to getting some rest.

When we got back to Des Moines, we checked into the hotel and just decided that Fuzzy Taco’s would be the place for dinner, something cheap and quick. Well, it was cheap, but it took some time. After some tacos, it was time to call it a night.

Race Day!!

I woke up at 4:30 AM… oh yes, the race didn’t start until 8 AM, but I had been presented with a unique opportunity, and when do I ever say no? Through BibRave and with the help of Corridor Running, the race allowed us a space in a parking lot near the festivities to set up a tent. This tent could be a meeting area, a place to showcase the group, and a place to keep gear during the race.

I met up with the club president around 5 AM and we popped the tent up, and made our space eye catching – banners, table cloths, swag to giveaway. We are the dream team!! However, it was only about 5:30 and I needed coffee! The nearby Starbucks didn’t open until 6 am, but it is located in a Hy-Vee. When it finally opened I was able to grab some coffee and a bagel with peanut butter. When I got back, Mark went on a journey, but brought back donuts and bagels!

As race time approached, the sun started to shine. It was going to be a beautiful day for a race. People gathered around the tent, pictures were taken, luck was shared. Then it was time for the race to start.

I was not in a rush, but made it near the starting corrals to listen to the singing of the National Anthem. Then I proceeded to get in the corral, which are back fed, so I just had to be happy with where I was starting, as I couldn’t get ahead to a faster pace group because there were so many people. We started with the full marathon. There were some announcements on the loud speaker too. Jeff Galloway was there and so was our governor, and for some reason the announcer kept pushing the fact our governor was there. I was not impressed, don’t make it political. I would have been more impressed if she were running. Anyway………..

I took off on the streets of Des Moines. The first 3 miles are run near the downtown area. My friend Bethany found me in the first mile, she was running her first marathon. Time passed so fast as we ran together until the two courses split. I wished her well as she climbed the hill into the residential neighborhoods of DM.

The half marathon course then went out to Water Works park. To get to this area, there was a small portion of out and back. It was cool to cheer on the other runners as we passed by each other. I saw some people I knew including Josh!

Then we had a loop around this area. There were many aid stations with water and Gatorade, however they were all different. It was hard to tell which liquid was in which cup, I then had to ask. I was also on the look out for some vaseline, there were plenty of medical stops, but no Vaseline in eye sight. I finally asked at a stop, the medic said he did not have any, but there was a traveling bike support guy and of course he had some in his bag of tricks. The traveling bike people were the best!! They had candy and tissues too.

I left the Water Works area to the Gray’s Lake area. There were also a lot of musical acts along the course. Solo acts, symphony bands, and DJ’s. I would say they give the big name race with musical acts a run for their money.

Gray’s Lake is a really pretty place to run, there is really long bridge that goes across the center of the lake. I just kept plowing along. I really felt great! I also managed to see Tim, and eventually Lois. I like a race that’s big enough, yet small enough to see running friends.

After this portion, there is a small little hill and then we are headed back towards downtown. The miles really go by quickly on this course.

I kept searching for the best song to bring me to the finish, I landed on “Some Nights” by Fun. It reminds me of my friend Kelly, so I hustled the last few turns and I could see the finish line.

I could hear the announcer, but he was excited as the lead marathoner was turning the corner behind me. I knew I had to beat this guy!

I crossed the finish line with a time near 2:16. However, the lead marathoner was just behind me, so the finish line was a mess. The half marathoners were told to go to the right, but everyone who had finished was lined up at the finish line with their phones out to take photos of the lead marathoner. There was a GIANT bottleneck to get through. I was not happy, I found a bottle of water, but could not find the finisher medals. There were so many people in my way and they might have met the wrath of Ang. Everyone should get the same finisher treatment, snaking through lollygaggers that only wanted to congratulate the fast guy did not make me happy.

There was another woman that was also on the hunt for her finisher medal, eventually we found someone handing them out. This did not leave me with a good feeling, luckily as I walked the finisher chute, I had time to cool down.

I passed on the photo with the backdrop as MarathonFoto was the official photographer. I then ran into Tiffany in line for food, so I was able to talk with a familiar face. The food line was insanely long, so I took a pass on it for the time being and hit up the beer area.

The next block was filled with a stage for the band and an area to get a Sam Adams or a Truly seltzer drink. It took me seconds to grab a beer, wahoo!! I then remembered there were donuts back at the tent. I took my beer and went and enjoyed a sprinkle donut!

This was my 56th half marathon and my 5th of the year. I was very pleased with my finishing time. It’s a far cry from the days of running sub 2 hour, but it was the best of the year for me. I also felt really good, no aches or pains.

I celebrated with friends at the tent. People came and went and we had chairs to enjoy the beautiful day.

I checked the time of day and realized Bethany should be coming towards the finish line, so I walked over to the finishing chute. I also then downloaded the race app (yes, it took me that long) to see where she was. The app had her near the finish, but I didn’t see her. So Josh and I way made our way to the last turn and found Jen and Molly cheering runners in near DJ Hollywood. We danced and cheered, then we saw Bethany coming towards us, wahoo!!!

I then walked back to the tent to follow the progress of Carol and Amy. Carol was running her second marathon in as many days, and Amy was running her second in 3 weeks. We watched the app as the wind picked up.

We saw that Carol finished and then Amy. They each came back to the tent area and we congratulated them. The tent was the perfect thing for the organizations to have at a bigger race.

It was after 3 PM and I was tired! We picked up all our things and loaded them in the vehicles and it was time to make our way back to Iowa City. I drove as far as Williamsburg, as Josh napped. Then I made sure we stopped at McDonald’s for french fries to switch drivers.

What a weekend! A great race and a Hawkeye victory.

I may have some issues with the aid stations and finish line, but it is a nice event just a few hours from my door step. Plus those things can easily be fixed and happen with volunteer turnover year after year. If it fits in my schedule, I will always try to run this race, and I think I will always try to train for the full, just a better tour of the city, and some hills.

*A note on my time. I never watch my Garmin for timing splits. Every once in a while I check to see what mile I am at, but I am never watching my pace. A few days after the race I took the time to review my stats and discovered I ran negative splits. The course is flat and the weather was so great, I just kept pushing myself and had a good run. Sometimes it really isn’t about winning, it’s about doing your best.

Treetown Tussle

What the heck is a Tussle?

I should have looked into the definition of “tussle” before I signed up, you know I was thinking it was a cute name like a Santa Shuffle or a Turkey Trot. However, since I was going to be in Ann Arbor, MI for the Iowa football game, I just signed up for the first thing I saw.

Early on Friday, October 4 (Happy Birthday Josh) I met with some friends and we took off on a road trip to Michigan. With all the stops along the way, we rolled into our AirBnB after dark. Then hit up the town for some local flavor.

The next day was the game, which meant an early start. We met up with more friends to get to the tailgate lot. I needed to run a mile as part of my run streak, so yes, I ran a mile during tailgating.

We had fun meeting new people at the tailgate and then we went to the game. Sadly, it did not go as I would have hoped. However, the Michigan fans were awesome and very kind. (Other schools take note!)

We did some post game tailgating, then left and found some supper. We were all tired so we retired for the evening.

On Sunday, October 6th, I talked a friend into taking me into the city to get to the event. We were about 3.5 miles away, but on a busy road with no sidewalks. After a trip to Tim Horton’s for some pre run TimBits, I was dropped off at the front door of the Ann Arbor Running Co.

I found this event with my good friend Google. What caught my eye was there was no cost, it was FREE!!! If you registered online you were entered into a contest to win free Altra shoes or a Garmin. Heck, sounds like a great event! There were two distances to choose from and I selected the 6 ish miles. I didn’t have the time to run the half.

As I waited for the official start, I talked to the Garmin rep who had watches to demo. (Altra had shoes to demo too.) I noticed he had this GIANT watch he just let someone test, it is made for scuba diving. I was curious if he had a better watch to test and after showing him my Forerunner 935, he said I had one of the better running watches on the market, he went on to say that the one with music was maybe a bit better. I really do like my watch. Anyway… I wasn’t interested in the shoes,so I grabbed a sticker for the event and a Skratch lab sample.

I think the run was to start at 8 am. When the time neared there were some announcements about the route and a drawing for the giveaways. I did not win anything. I made sure to pay attention to the route. I had screengrabbed it onto my phone, and it was to be marked with pink flags. If I knew how to load it onto my watch, I should have done that.

It was time to go, so we all moved down the city street. Yes, there were over a 100 or so runners that just took over the road. There were no streets closed, no course monitors, no markings or arrows… we just ran like a mob. It was strange and fun. Then it was time to enter the trails within the city. Of course, due to all the people it was slow going, but that was ok as the weeds were as tall as I was.

I kept on the lookout for the pink flags as we moved deeper into the woods. They were few and far between. However, for a while the trail was crowded and I got that weird anxiety where I was holding the runner up that was following me. I moved over to the side when needed.

I was following the people, but then the crowd started to thin out more and well, I wasn’t sure if I was going the correct way. There was a time when we were going in and out of the woods, some others stopped and asked me if we were on the correct route. Luckily someone who knew the route said we were. I made sure to keep her in my sight.

There was finally a sign to split from the half marathon, and I kept chasing the lady who knew where we were going. Poof, we were out of the woods and back on city streets. Then I couldn’t see anyone. There were no pink flags, signs or arrows. I had no clue where I was. Then out of know where I saw a head bobbing above some trees. I went that way, it was the right choice.

I kept a few runners in my sight and I saw the lady again. From here on out I was able to follow others to the finish. I was soo lucky to have them close. The store did warn about loading the map to your watch. I did have the screen grab, but it would have taken some serious time to find out where I was in the middle of the woods in the city.

It was now starting to rain a bit, but I could see the running store. The roads were still open to traffic, so I ran back on the sidewalks. I was done!!! I pushed stop on my watch and first noticed the climb,  in just under 6 miles I had 669 feet.

I went into the store and found some water and DONUTS!!! No one said anything to me, I didn’t say anything to anyone. I did notify my friend when I hit mile 5, so she was ready to pick me and my donut up and take me back to grab a shower.

I did enjoy the little event. It was a fun surprise in the city. It just teaches me to study the route before I go next time.

When I returned to the house, I had some more coffee and packed up my things for what would be the loooongest road trip back. However, that is how memories are made. We brought home lots of beer and apples.

Thanks Michigan for a good time!

And if you are  still wondering about the definition of tussle, well it’s a vigorous struggle or scuffle, typically in order to obtain or achieve something. This sums up the trails.

Giving Up

Giving Up…. On Myself

“Disclaimer: I received entry into the IMT Des Moines Marathon to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!”

If you follow me and watch my Instagram stories, you already know this. (Also why don’t you watch them?) I am dropping down to the half marathon at the IMT Des Moines Marathon.

Yes, I feel I have failed.

Yes, I feel I have given up.

Yes, I sat through a football game thinking about this decision.

However, I am now at peace with this choice. I feel sooooooo much relief!

Training for this marathon was stressing me out. I am a slower runner, so running 20 miles takes more of my time. This makes me anxious. I am also choosing to attend all home and away Iowa football games this fall, it makes my time limited. I am just not invested in spending 5 hours of time running a long run.

Running is also something I don’t mind doing alone, but I am also tired of being my own cheerleader, it’s draining! I need a break of trying to pep myself up. This is why I feel like I have given up on myself…and at the same time…. no one asks me how I am doing, so here is my answer…. I am stressed, anxious, and bored….

This also leads me to my current financial situation, I love to run all the races, but currently I don’t have the funds to do so. These races helped keep me motivated, it was also a way to get in the training miles with others. The struggle is real!

I have also run over 30 marathons, I respect the distance and know what it takes for me to be prepared. I don’t want to be miserable for 26.2 miles because I didn’t properly train even though I know I can complete it in the time given.

I wrote a blog post about this race a few weeks back, I didn’t quit then because I couldn’t find how to transfer race distances. I did a deeper search and found the information. However, so much time has passed, that I have to do this at the expo for a fee. Which is also fair.

So here we are with just 2 weeks to go. I will be able to finish the half marathon distance, proudly. I am excited as it will be a new race course for me, and I don’t feel stressed and anxious.

I once posted I like a challenge, it pushes me. I am still challenging myself – healthily.

If you want to run an event in Des Moines, registration is still open and if you use code “dmmbibrave2019” you will get a $10 discount on the following races: IMT Des Moines Marathon, IMT Des Moines Half Marathon, 5-Mile Run + Marathon, 5-Mile Run + Half Marathon. https://www.desmoinesmarathon.com/



Miles for Mollie 2019

A Run to Remember Mollie

I hate that I even have to create a blog post with this title, but here we are. Running is many things to many people…. and this run was a run to honor and remember for me.

If you are not familiar with this story, you can check out this wikipedia. The basics are a woman went for a run (sorry news media, not a jog) and never came home. She was later found in a cornfield.

There is so much bad in the world, however the community in which she was from has created a run to honor this young woman.

Sunday, Sept. 29, 2nd Annual Miles for Mollie.

I arrived early and easily found a parking spot at the local high school. It was a cloudy day, rain was in the forecast. Participants gathered around to hear announcements that began at 9 AM. There was mention to leave cash donations and they would go to The Child Psychiatric Division of the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. I never have cash, but I found a $1 to add to the jar.

Runners lined up at the sign staked into the grass that said “start.” Then we all started moving forward. There was an option to run a 3.5 ish mile run, turning around at a water stop or the entire course of 5.5 miles. The course was an out and back and super hilly – I wish I would have remembered it from the previous year.

Residents along the course came out to the end of their driveways, blasted music, created their own water stops and one house even provided access to a restroom. Miles were marked and on the back of the mile sigsn were encouraging words. One house even had some balloon decor.

The out and back route allowed for everyone to encourage each other as they passed by. I shouted to the people I knew by name and then encouraged others with a “good job.” I even slapped some high fives.

There were not as many people in attendance as the first year, however there were people participating in something they knew Mollie loved to do on a route she liked to frequent. Many days I take running for granted, so it was nice to remember that I get to run and honor a woman who enjoyed the sport too.

I neared the finish and a lady was back and forth with me the last mile or so, whipped my butt on the last hill! I didn’t mind it was fun to have a little friendly competition and I had a pace over 5.5 miles of 9:23, which I was very happy about.

I wasn’t interested in running any more miles, so I stuck by the finish and chatted with fellow runners. I had a bottle of water and an apple and was given a reusable water bottle. There were also granola bars provided. *This event was better than some races I have paid to run.

A rumble of thunder filled the sky and I decided that I no longer needed to be standing in a parking lot chatting with others. It also appeared the runners had all finished. I walked to my car and made the trek home in the pouring rain.

As I said this is the second year and I participated last year. When this story broke I immediately went into this schpiel – please be aware on your runs, take your phone, run with pepper spray, tell someone where you are going, etc. However, while I still would like everyone to be aware on their runs, all genders – I really want people to stop attacking people or harassing people for no effing reason, and mostly women…. How many of you tell your male friends to bring pepper spray on their run? We can all do better!!

Sure I don’t like writing about this…but I am happy to honor Mollie.