Bib Rave Pro

I am a region Captain!


What the heck is that you ask?

I am part of a group that writes reviews about races. You can check the website out here, or check out one of my reviews. Sometimes it’s tough to choose a race. Price isn’t always the biggest factor, these reviews may steer you in the the right direction.

We also have many discounts available to share on products and races.

You can also apply to be part of this fun group. Or buy some fun gear


I am also given opportunities to review and try out running related products.





I can’t wait to travel and experience some new races & places. Through this opportunity I have run the following races:





In 2015 – I was given the opportunity through to create some fun running relating videos. Check out

This is a great opportunity, now I can share my race recaps with more people. The sites will have the same information, the blog will just have more personal information.

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IMG_6433 IMG_6419 IMG_6425pizap.com1444054050222112143206_10153665841574313_2737074187913609187_n upstep IMG_3521[1] IMG_3346[1] IMG_3248[1] IMG_3062[1]



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