Thank You

100 Miles in November Comes to an End – THANK YOU

It’s over, it’s all over. 

Where did the month go? I say this every year. At the beginning of the month the task of hitting 100 miles seems so daunting, yet here we are. 

I hope everyone reached their goal for the month. While the design of the challenge is to hit 100 miles of logged running or walking, I know many set other goals just to get you moving. Congratulations to everyone!!

Thank you! First I want to thank everyone for participating. I love to hear the encouragement from you all, I love that people keep coming back to do this year after year. This doesn’t happen without you guys!

Second, I would like to thank the sponsors that make you all accountable:

  • Iowa River Power Company – If you are in the Coralville area please stop by to enjoy the Sunday brunch, it’s consistently voted the best in the area.
  • Corridor Running – This is my local running club, if you are looking to join a running group in the area that supports the community, 2019 membership is open!
  • BibRave – You may still be wondering what BibRave is, well they are the Yelp! of races, make sure to check out to find, write or read a race review. 
  • Hawkeye 50k – My local 50k, I have had the privilege of running this race twice and volunteering at it once. This is a nice mix of trail and distance right here in the Corridor. Registration is OPEN and it will sell out! 
  • Aftershokz – I hope you know my love for the Aftershokz Trekz Air. These are bluetooth, bone conduction headphones that allow you to hear your surroundings. If you want more information I can set you up with a demo pair. If you are looking to make a purchase – save $55 on a bundle, but use this link –
  • Special thanks for Mike and Linnea for keeping the spreadsheet in check! With their handy work the group logged over 10,000 miles!

NOW the moment you have all been waiting for, prizes! These were all determined using a random number generator and checking you all had update logs or hit at least 100 miles. 

To finish off the last week I have 2 more BibRave prizes to give away, Congratulations to Kristin S and Mike G. 


Congratulations to Jill W for winning the Aftershokz Trekz Air!!

Congratulations to Sarah P for winning an entry into the Hawkeye 50k/25k.

I will be in contact with all winners to get your prizes to you.

I can’t say Thank you enough and look forward to what 2019 brings and the 7th year of the challenge.


2018 – 100 Miles – Week One

2018 – First Week of 100 Miles

Greetings 100 mile participants and blog readers… I apologize for the delay with this post. I have no excuses and will do better next week.

Thank you to the person who put together the summary of stats at the bottom of the tracking spreadsheet. Registration has closed and we have 117 participants. If you were not able to officially join for 2018, this doesn’t mean you can’t run 100 miles, it just means you are not eligible for any prizes. Please keep track on your own. Thank you to everyone for joining!!!

One note of what I call housekeeping, I have been working through the response sheet and sorting through my headbands and keychains. If you don’t know, I make them – Marathang Bands. If you have questions about these, let me know. Please answer the survey if you have not done so. I will keep that open through the end of the month.

The moment you have all been waiting for – weekly PRIZE!!! A Corridor running shirt will be awarded to 2 people. In order to win, I just ask you are current with logging your miles. I choose the winner using a random number generator.

Corridor Running is my local running club. They put on 7 races per year with the mission to promote healthy lifestyles through running events and community outreach. Corridor Running contributes a portion of every race dollar to local youth and families, supports local elite runners and partners with local charities to raise funds through running events.

Congratulations to Debby H and Amy L. I will be contacting you, to claim your Corridor Running shirt.

If anyone is looking to add Corridor Running apparel to your wardrobe, let me know! Sweatshirts, hats, shirts, stickers are all available for purchase.

While the Corridor Running races are complete for 2018, there are a few social runs remaining:

Also keep an eye out for 2019 membership (VIP membership) to be opening soon  – as well as Freezefest 2019.

Please keep up to date with your miles, up next is a chance to win an IRP brunch for 2 certificate. The idea is to keep on track and log at least 45 miles by Nov 15th.

Keep up the good work!!!

That’s a Wrap

Recap 2017 Miles in November

I really don’t know where to start… No one knows this, but I was hesitant to put this on again, mostly because I wasn’t sure if I would have the time to give it the proper attention. I also like to secure prizes or rewards for you all, and that takes some work on my part too.


Pic cred: Sheryl

I then remembered why I do this, why it was started. It really isn’t about the prizes, but instead, getting your butt out the door and logging extra miles during a busy holiday season. I used this challenge to get moving, it was my lowest mileage month in a long time, but thanks to this group, I got out there and ran 100 miles!

First – I can’t say it enough, thank you! Running can be hard to describe to people who do not partake, however, tell them you found something that motivates and inspires, and suddenly we have people stepping out the door just to walk to the end of the street, get out of bed, and personally push me to host this. Also a HUGE thank you to the sponsors and companies that work with me on this. If you see one of the, let em know you are appreciative too.

Second – Friendship! I was introduced to a new to me local running group. I was also introduced to many new faces. I have a lot of people that “live in my phone,” and while we may never meet in person. It’s great to know I have expanded my friends.


photo courtesy of Ara 

Third – Prizes, I will be in contact about getting these to you.

  • run CRANDIC entry – Monty B (column AO)
  • Aftershokz Trez Titanium headphones – Nicole Vanderlinden (column U)
  • Dunkin Donuts $100 Gift Card – Roy G (column BX)
  • Run/Medal sign – Cindy McCarthy (column CV)

Fourth – Congrats! I know there were struggles along the way, health issues, and just plain life that might have got in the way. However, you pushed yourself to work on a goal. You also might have learned a very important lesson (many runners suck at) listen to your body, no injury is worth it, and live to run another day.

If you have any questions about sponsors, prizes, or this group, please ask me. If you have any complaints, that department opens tomorrow… I kid…but feel free to reach out to me.

What is next? While I can not maintain the group beyond one month, or keep up with another spreadsheet. I encourage you all to post your monthly mileage, a selfie, or motivation in the FB group; this group is open all year round.

Housekeeping – I have contacted those who have asked for a head band or key chain, however there were a few that I have no contact information for. If you are reading this and would still like one, please let me know. 


100 Miles – Week 4 update

This is it, the last week of 100 Miles in November.  I can not believe how fast this month goes by. Hope you are all close to reaching the goals you set forth at the beginning.

pizap (4)

There was some discussion about not meeting the 100 miles. That is totally fine…everyone has a different goal. I really hope you learn that you can fail at something but still feel accomplished, because you tried and did your best. It’s not failure, it’s just learning and living life. Michael said it best “the real purpose of this group was really just to give us all a goal to chase in a tough holiday month.”

There is one last weekly prize, and congrats go to Terry V (CK) for winning the BibRave Trucker hat.

This is where I tell you a little more about BibRave. I have been with BR since April of 2014. They are a race review website, think Yelp – but for runners. If you ran a race and want to tell everyone about it, leave a review. If you are looking to run a race, but can’t decide, search for some thoughts from past participants.

I am also involved as a BibRave Pro. We are ambassadors for Bibrave, in exchange for our race reviews we are given opportunity to run races and even test out some cool products. The program opens up periodically throughout the year, so keep an eye out if you want to apply.

With that… I hope you log all your miles, I will be drawing the grand prize winners this weekend – Dec 2nd – if I remember correctly!!


Once again, thank you for joining!



2017-week 3

100 Miles in November – Week 3 Update

How is it the week of Thanksgiving already? Time flies when you are having fun. Will this week derail your goal?

week 3

The daily posts of photos and workout accomplishments are great, thank you for allowing me to share them.

This week for keeping up to date with mileage there were 2 more Corridor Running shirts awarded. Congrats to Kevin L (K) and Mark D. (AR)

I will have one more BibRave trucker as a prize next week – keep moving!

Reminder for those who have logged at least 100 miles you are eligible for a chance to win one of the grand prizes: $100 Dunkin Donuts gift card, Aftershokz Trekz Titanium, medal rack, or entry into the CRANDIC marathon.

Area happenings:

  • November 23 – Run Turkey Run, Cedar Rapids, IA. 8AM, near Franklin Middle School. Bring anon perishable food item. FREE
  • November 23 – Legend of the Fall, Iowa City, IA. 8AM, trail run. Entry Fee – I will be at this event
  • November 24 – Outdoor Buster 5k/10k run. 15 mi bike ride. Sac & Fox Trail, Cedar Rapids, IA. 10 am Sign up here – FREE!


Halfway to 100

November 15th…

(technically it’s the 16th)

Anyway, it’s halfway to 💯 miles. Are you on track?

Congrats 🎉 to Kelly J (BL) who ran 51 miles the first half of the month. She will be celebrating with her gift certificate to the Iowa River Power CO / Flannigan’s. Thank you Matt for gifting this as a prize and good luck achieving your 100 miles too!!

Make sure to hit up the IRP for Sunday Brunch 🍳 or Flannigan’s to enjoy a cold beer 🍻 while you watch the game. Maybe you run 🏃‍♀️by this restaurant on the path that runs along the river front dining? Either way, check it out…let me know what you eat.

Seriously I can’t believe the month is halfway over.🤦🏻‍♀️

This brings me to slowly working on getting the headbands sent out. Please fill out the follow up response form if you want me to contact you to get a headband, no cost…just a little something extra.  I also am allowing you to snag a key chain too, so if you selected no to a headband and want a key chain – send me a message📬 (FB, twitter, fax, carrier pigeon)

If you haven’t heard from me regarding this, please me patient.

Ok…. keep up with the miles,  hopefully Thanksgiving 🦃doesn’t derail you. If you missed it on FB there is a FREE social run in Cedar Rapids on Thanksgiving, the Run Turkey Run. It will be at 8am at the Franklin Middle School, and you are asked to bring a non perishable item to donate. Follow Corridor Running for moreinformation.


Happy Monday!

I just wrapped up the weekend with another race….and I have 0 races on my schedule. I am not sure the last time this happened… 8 years ago maybe? WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?!? Sure I can sign up for a turkey trot, but I am broke as a joke.

Thankfully, the 100 Miles in November group is keeping me motivated. I am personally logging my running miles only. I am on track to meet the Nov. 15th goal of 45 miles…but with no race, I hope I get to 100 by the end of the month.

I can’t thank the group enough. This year there are close to 100 participants!


In keeping with my appreciation, it’s time to award some more prizes. There is the weekly prize of a BibRave Trucker hat and I will be awarding the 10 protein cookies … hopefully today is your lucky day!


BibRave Trucker hat winner: Kelly D. (column CI)

Cookie winners: Cathy M (BE), Nichole P (BU), Christina B (CP), Craig J (BH), Mike N (W), Jen D (C), Amy Z(P), Mike G (AC), Kristin S. (CX), Heidi K (CY)


*winners chosen using Winner of weekly prizes are up to date on mileage. 10 cookie winners were if you just signed up.

I encourage you to keep moving, as you are motivating me to keep moving. The 15th is Wednesday…log your miles!!! On the line is a gift certificate to the Iowa River Power Company Restaurant / Flannigan’s!! I need to get to their Sunday brunch!

Also if you missed it…. Dunkin Donuts is back!!! They have graciously donated a gift card to add in the mix of final prizes.

Housekeeping note – I will be contacting the winners and it could take me a little time to get things shipped…but I am working on it. Thank you