2015 year in review

WOW – what a year, not only with running, but life. I have been busy.

I don’t set many goals in general, but I signed up for the 2015 miles in 2015 challenge. To help me accomplish that, I also thought instead of running all the races I would try a 50k. (from 50 races to 50k)

I was also a 2015 Bibrave Pro, this kept me busy traveling, running a total of 8 races for them. I also reviewed a lot of fun products.


I also amped up my making of head bands, local farmer’s markets, custom orders, expos and fundraisers.


The best way to recap is month to month:

January – I started the year off with a 5k, in Florida. That’s right I had traveled to Jacksonville for the Tax Slayer Bowl, Go Hawks! Then I ran the Amana Freezer 5k later that month.


Running – 173.02 Walking – 25.12 miles Total – 198.14

February – I celebrated another birthday. I also got back in the car to Florida, this time to Orlando for the Glass Slipper Challenge and 5k at Disney. I did hold 2 race giveaways. I was still training for my first 50k.

Running – 171.65 Walking – 21.53 Total – 193.18

March – This was one of my busiest months of the year. It was also the month of my 50k!! To kick off the month, I was back in the car headed to Denver, CO to run That Dam Half. The following weekend I was headed to Minneapolis for the Hot Dash 10  miler.  Then the next weekend, it was time for my first 50k, the Music City Trail Ultra in TN, IT SUCKED!  After a couple weeks recovery, I stayed home in IC and ran a 5k, the Doc Dash.

Running – 107.95 Walking – 20.72 Total – 128.67

April – I was in Iowa City at the beginning of the month for the Red Shamrock Trail Race. Then it was a return, my 3rd trip to Roanoke, VA for a weekend with friends at the Blue Ridge Marathon. I couldn’t rest and the next weekend I took off for Kentucky for a double race day, the KY Derby Festival Half in the morning and a local 5k in the afternoon, while getting to visit family.

I was also in the midst of farmer’s markets. I would sell throughout the summer. On Tuesday’s I would be in West Branch, and bring monster cookies or granola bars. On Sunday’s I was in North Liberty.

Running – 141.73 Walking 16.39 – Total – 158.12

May – Another busy month! I was helping with the running club’s Couch to 5k program, I had a donut fun run planned. Of course, I ran my share of races too, starting with the Prairie du Chein half in Wisconsin, then the Red Shoe 5k in Iowa City, I remained in the area the following weekend for the West Branch Bear Stampede 10k, then it was time to party with my Bibrave friends in Chicago at the Soldier Field 10 miler.

Running – 131.10 Walking – 29.65 Total 160.75

June – The year at this point has been flying by, I started June off with the Hospital Hill Re-Run, I was also an ambassador for this event in Kansas City. After this, it was a couple weeks break before I headed to Duluth, MN for Grandma’s Marathon and the 5k the evening before. If it weren’t for the bathroom break, I set a new PR in the marathon. I wasn’t done with June, I wrestled up some friends and we conquered the Run for Troops Marathon Relay.

Running – 135.47 Walking – 25.67  Total 161.14.


July – Started off the month with a bang, I ran two 4th of July races, the Clayton Ridge Interact 5k & the MLL 5k. The following weekend I was in Iowa for the Turkey Trot in July. Then I went back for my 4th or so Moonlight Chase in Eldridge. I didn’t do a lot of traveling for races, but I traveled to St. Louis as my husband had an officiating conference there. I also learned I would be training for my second attempt at the 50k distance.

Running – 142.87 Walking – 28.52 Total – 171.39

August – The dog days of summer. It wasn’t stopping me. I started off the month by running 2 races in one day. the Fergalicious 5k in West Branch and the Iowa NF Race in Iowa City. The next weekend, it was a short trip to Durant for the Dusk Hustle 5k. Then it was time for one of the craziest running weekends I had been a part of; I ran the Madison Mini in Wi, then that afternoon the Backpocket run in IA, then the next day I ran Fort to Base in Chicago.  I ended the month with the Bill Bails 5k in Stanwood. It was now time for Iowa Hawkeye football to begin!

Running – 218.84 Walking 24.08 – Total 242.92

September – Labor day weekend, I ran 2 races. One of the worst heat wise was the Regal Run 10k in Iowa City, however the Run for Carl in Bettendorf made up for it. The next weekend I stayed home and ran Kickoff to Kinnick 5k. It was time for a practice long distance trail run, the Pleasant Creek Trail 30k, what fun! Also at this point of the football season the Hawkeye football team was undefeated.

Running – 144.67 Walking – 19.67 Total 164.34

October – It was time for my 2nd 50k attempt, at the NFEC in Wisconsin, it was also a Bibrave race, what a weekend! I became an official ultramarathoner! However, that wasn’t badass enough, I ran the Chicago Marathon the next weekend, my feet hated me! I took a week off from running, but hopped back in the car and headed to KY for the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon. By the end of October, the Hawkeye football team was still undefeated. I was also happy the outdoor market season was coming to an end.

Running – 111.95 Walking – 19.34 Total – 131.29

November – At this point, I am wondering what happened to the year, it was going by fast. I was back with my 100 mile challenge. I was also selected for jury duty, a civil case, 2 weeks, learning medical information I will never need again. I ran the Governor’s run in Scott Co Park for the 4th or 5th time. Then the next weekend it was back to Chicago to run for chocolate. I also ran the Legend of the Fall in Iowa City. The football tea ended the regular season undefeated. It was crazy!

Running – 119.68 Walking 22.56 – Total – 142.24

December – Wow, I only ran one race this month, which is rare. It was even on the last day of the month, the NYE half marathon in Santa Monica, CA. Most of the reason there was one race, I was enjoying the success of the football team. I traveled to Indianapolis for the B1G Championship game, where they finally lost. However were rewarded with the Rose Bowl. (we wont talk about the final outcome)

Running – 150.07 Walking – 30.42 Total – 180.49


I had over 100 miles of running each month!


I made the 2015 in 2015 goal with a total of 2032 miles. I did that all alone, and all exercise miles, I never counted daily steps. That was about 1770 miles of running. There is the 2016 in 2016 challenge, but I just didn’t want to do this again, also it’s nice not to have to log every mile.

I ran a total of 45 races. WOW, in the last 2 years that is 95 races. CRAZY!

I am back with Bibrave for 2016, which means lots of races, travel and fun products. I can’t wait!

Next year, how do I top this? I am trying for a marathon a month…yep 12 marathons….wish me luck, the crazier the goal, the happier I am.