Bring on medal #3

Prepping for the at Madison Marathon, Conquer the Capital Half and Half Challenge

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I can’t believe it’s time to go back to Madison. In the midst of the 100 Miles in November, I have an upcoming half marathon. Time is the trickiest thing ever, it just creeps by faster and faster, then you are asking your phone to make reminders so you don’t forget and BAM… there’s another race on the calendar.

There is a lot to this race. I signed up way back at the beginning of the year as part of the Conquer the Capital Half and Half Challenge, you run the Run Madtown events in the spring and one of the races in November and you earn additional bling. Now, that is not the only unique thing about the medals. The race started a 4 year medal series and this will be year 3, so I am really excited to continue my presence at the event. Then… then to top it all off, the Hawkeyes will play the Badgers the day before the race over at Camp Randall.

I am a little excited for all the things to come together. Even the 3 PM football game time will be perfect. I can hit the expo at the Monona Terrace before the game (it’s open Saturday 10AM – 5PM.) Then I wont have to be up late at night, so I can get to the 7:10 AM start.

Now, I know I will finish, but let’s hope the weather turns itself around and warms up a bit before now and then.

If you would like to join me in Madison on Sunday, November 10th; Use code “BRMSN19” for 10% off the half or full marathon!