How do you Buff?

“Disclaimer: I received a Merino Wool Buff to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

I was happy to welcome the Merino Wool Buff to the family! I received the “french blue” color.


It joins the UV half Buff, the Buff Hoodie, the full Buff, and the Buff hat. However I was concerned I got a “mistake” as you can see the merino wool Buff is a lot larger than the regular full Buff. (the orange one)


I consulted Bibrave Pro Heather to see if hers seemed just as big, and it was….so no need to be alarmed. I also found these helpful details about this Buff at the Buff website:


Now when I think wool, I think extra warmth for the winter. However in Iowa, the winter can be -20 deg F or 50 deg F. Everyday is different, and I was worried to try this as we had some warmer days and I would be too hot.

I ran in warmer temps and cooler temps, this by far is my favorite tubular style Buff yet! It’s soo versatile, the added fabric, adds more stretch. It’s easy to adjust while on the run. The full Buff may stay in place better as it’s a tighter fit, but it’s harder to adjust as you go.

This also absorbs sweat like a boss! Which brings in to question; how do I care for this? In order to protect the 100% merino wool, moisture management, odor resistance, wind resistance, natural stretch & microclimate control; it’s recommended to hand wash, and lay flat to dry, avoiding fabric softeners, bleach and ironing.

Now…how have I been wearing this? Well the possibilities are endless, there is even a fun video on suggestions.

My first run, was a short 2.89 miles as I was breaking in some new shoes. It wasn’t super cold, but enough that I needed a hat. So, I folded I took the Buff, twisted it in the center and folded it on itself, to wear as a cap.



I then had a 4 mile run on the schedule, I wore it around my neck and adjusted it as I ran. It was a warmer run, so I started with it pulled up around the bottom of my hat, then as I heated up, just pulled it down. For whatever reason I didn’t take a photo, but I did snap myself wearing it like a pirate instead. Argh Matey!


I grabbed the Buff for another run…a few days after the last. I shamefully admit, it ended up in the laundry and went through the washing machine and the dryer. However it seems fine. This run was 4 miles. I should also say I am in need of a hair cut, so while this run wasn’t super cold, the Buff was more of an ear band / head band / hair tamer. Notice the sweat, ew!


I run a lot, in fact, I am training for my 3rd marathon of the year, it’s taper time too. I had 5 miles on the trail scheduled for my next run, the trail is out and back, usually there is wind in one direction. The stretchy Buff is perfect for this, easy to pull into place as you hit the wind, or pull down as you run with it.

My most recent run was a 30 minute tempo, it was just a day after my last run. I didn’t wash the Buff, it didn’t smell.  I heated up fast, and it quickly became a neck gaiter, but it was good to wipe the sweat from my face.


As you can see, I have been grabbing this versatile, stretchy, tubular piece of fabric for most of my recent runs. It’s light weight and easy to carry with you.

Some of the other ways to wear it:

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Buff continues to surprise me with their products, I am thinking I need to pull the trigger on a Survivor Buff…which I am still amazed that the contestants on the show can wear the full Buff as a tube top on the first day. To that note, I tried the merino wool Buff on like that, and I got it to fit, it was tight, but it’s just that more stretchy…ok getting carried away here….

I will continue to run with a Buff in some form, these are a great piece to add to your running closet.

Anyway if you want to know more about Buff, check out the website:

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More thoughts on the Merino Wool Buff:

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