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Recap 2017 Miles in November

I really don’t know where to start… No one knows this, but I was hesitant to put this on again, mostly because I wasn’t sure if I would have the time to give it the proper attention. I also like to secure prizes or rewards for you all, and that takes some work on my part too.


Pic cred: Sheryl

I then remembered why I do this, why it was started. It really isn’t about the prizes, but instead, getting your butt out the door and logging extra miles during a busy holiday season. I used this challenge to get moving, it was my lowest mileage month in a long time, but thanks to this group, I got out there and ran 100 miles!

First – I can’t say it enough, thank you! Running can be hard to describe to people who do not partake, however, tell them you found something that motivates and inspires, and suddenly we have people stepping out the door just to walk to the end of the street, get out of bed, and personally push me to host this. Also a HUGE thank you to the sponsors and companies that work with me on this. If you see one of the, let em know you are appreciative too.

Second – Friendship! I was introduced to a new to me local running group. I was also introduced to many new faces. I have a lot of people that “live in my phone,” and while we may never meet in person. It’s great to know I have expanded my friends.


photo courtesy of Ara 

Third – Prizes, I will be in contact about getting these to you.

  • run CRANDIC entry – Monty B (column AO)
  • Aftershokz Trez Titanium headphones – Nicole Vanderlinden (column U)
  • Dunkin Donuts $100 Gift Card – Roy G (column BX)
  • Run/Medal sign – Cindy McCarthy (column CV)

Fourth – Congrats! I know there were struggles along the way, health issues, and just plain life that might have got in the way. However, you pushed yourself to work on a goal. You also might have learned a very important lesson (many runners suck at) listen to your body, no injury is worth it, and live to run another day.

If you have any questions about sponsors, prizes, or this group, please ask me. If you have any complaints, that department opens tomorrow… I kid…but feel free to reach out to me.

What is next? While I can not maintain the group beyond one month, or keep up with another spreadsheet. I encourage you all to post your monthly mileage, a selfie, or motivation in the FB group; this group is open all year round.

Housekeeping – I have contacted those who have asked for a head band or key chain, however there were a few that I have no contact information for. If you are reading this and would still like one, please let me know. 



Congrats 100 milers!

WOW, what a fast month, seems like just yesterday the 100 miles in November challenge just began.


Hope you all met your goals, whether it was running 100 miles, or just making sure to run 3 times a week. Accomplishing what you set out to do is something no one can take away from you. I want to be the first to congratulate you and thank you for keeping me inspired along the way.


The moment everyone has been waiting for the GRAND PRIZE winners….

Congrats to Todd M for winning the Orange Mud Hydraquiver!!!!

Congrats to Linda J for winning the hand made medal rack!!!

Last, but not least, the “Clean the closet” prize goes to…. Kathy M.

For everyone that completed the challenge, Phil at Fleet Feet Davenport will have a list of the names that have completed the 100 miles. He will have a $15 coupon on a pair of shoes for you. Any questions, let me know. (Can only be used at this FF location)

Please thank the people and companies that support this challenge, they make it more fun and encouraging along the way.

Thank you Corridor Running for providing the weekly shirts, if you want to buy any CR gear, they do have a website.

A huge thanks to Bibrave for providing the 2, trucker hat prize packs. If you are ever considering a race, check out the reviews at Or maybe you had a good/bad experience yourself, make sure to leave a review too.

Also, this challenge wouldn’t be as encouraging without the mid month Dunkin Donuts prize, they graciously offered a $50 gift card. Thank you!!! Now pass the donuts!

Last, but not least, my sister. She made the medal rack. She likes to use old wood to make creations with string. You can check out her business on facebook, or look her up and she can custom create anything you like.

Now, I am very busy right now, so please be patient on hearing from me and receiving your prizes. Thanks!!


I hope you are ready for the holiday season. Will you start a new goal? Will you take a break? What are you going to do next, tell us!!!


Closing In….

The last full week of the 100 miles challenge has come and gone, are you close to achieving your goal? How did you get there? Was it a challenge?

I am happy to have you all on board to do this each year, so I hope you are finishing strong, and meet the goal you set out to accomplish.


I have a Corridor Running shirt to giveaway this week. The lucky winner is Faye P. CONGRATS!!!

Also, if you have read this, and want the “clean out the prize closet” prize, please comment on the FB thread (or let me know) and I will enter you into the drawing. If you would like to know, this ends up being samples I have picked up at expos, and I really don’t need them, but happy to share with someone else as I don’t want to throw them away.

Alright, finish this thing off!! The grand prize is on the line, an Orange Mud Hydraquiver and don’t forget the medal rack!

Turkey Week

Keep moving 100 milers!!!

This week may start the busy holiday season for most. Traveling to meet with family, or hosting a gathering can take a lot of your time, and running takes a back seat. Hang in there…and log a few miles, we are all cheering for you. In fact encourage the family to run that Turkey Trot with you!

I know, for me, running is a great stress reliever, so even though the holidays start to take more of my time, I always find a way to squeeze in at least a 3 miler. “There are 24 usable hours in everyday.”

Ok, so there are many international members of the group too, and may not be celebrating the holiday. However, maybe you have some tips for keeping accountable during a time like this?


Getting right to it – Congrats to Ryan P for winning the Corridor Running shirt and to Katie B for winning the Bibrave prize pack!

A few events happening this week I would like to mention:

  • Corridor Running is hosting the Run Turkey Run. It’s a social/fun run! There is a suggested donation of 3 nonperishable food items. The run is a 5 mile distance. Meet up at the Franklin Middle School track on Thursday, November 24th, at 8am. (corner of E Ave NE and 20th St NE in Cedar Rapids, IA)
  • The Fleet Feet Davenport Track Friday, Donut Prediction mile. This will be November 25th at 8am at the Bettendorf High School. More details here

Now – get out there and log some miles! Keep your encouraging pictures coming!

My week really isn’t much different than any other week. I continue to train for my 50k the first week of December. I will also be taking part in Black and Gold Friday, GO HAWKS! (Beat the Huskers!)

2016 – 100 Miles in November


I am excited to announce the 100 Miles in November Challenge is back for 2016!


Welcome back to those that have participated the last couple of years!

It’s that time of year again when marathon training is over, the weather gets cold, the holidays creep in….. and you find yourself not running…well the goal of this challenge isn’t to compete with your peers, but to motivate you to keep active during this time of the year.

It’s simple, just log your miles in the provided spreadsheet! There is a Facebook group and a Strava group which can help with extra motivation if you need it. I encourage you to join these too, but it’s not required. (Make sure to follow up with the Google docs form, so I know you are entered and can contact you if necessary)

Also as an added boost – there will be prizes!

  • Logging mileage each week makes you eligible to win a weekly prize, through a random drawing, this year there will be a Corridor Running tech shirt given away.logoworks
  • Bi-monthly prize pack from BibraveBibrave – this will include the Bibrave technical trucker hat! IMG_6552
  • Completing 100 miles will automatically get you a $15 coupon to spend at Fleet Feet Davenport (This is only good at that FF location)fleet-feet-davenport-logo
  • GRAND PRIZE – everyone who hits the 100 mile goal will be entered in a random drawing to win a an Orange Mud Single Barrel Hydraquiver!!!!!!!!!!! om_hq_single_gray_front
  • Another final prize – Everyone who logs 100 miles will be eligible for the random drawing for a hand made, medal rack. Courtesy of String N Nails!
  • To stay on task, if you have logged 45 miles by Nov 15, you will be entered into a drawing for a $25 $50 Gift Card to Dunkin Donuts – you can say you “Run on Dunkin” (Thanks Dunkin for being on board again!)10943646_10153061195229313_9059802765655864874_n
  • Random drawings during the month:race fuel things – and anything else that comes along.
  • New for 2016– anyone signed up in the spreadsheet by Nov 1, will get their choice of a MarathAng Bands Headband or key chain. (If you want an older race ribbon made into a headband or key chain, I can do that for a fee)

How do you enter?

Easy – enter your name / twitter handle/ nick name on the spread sheet & log your mileage. Keep adding in the columns to the right. Please make sure I have a way to get a hold of you by following up with the google form.

This is a Google Doc, this is a public spreadsheet to everyone that has the link. If you need help with this, please send me a message, I know in the past some with apple products have problems accessing the doc.

*Also please leave the google doc alone, unless there is a minor edit that needs to be changed. I have locked the names and date columns, and have frozen them, so you should be able to navigate it easier. If you want your name or something a different color let me know.

What are the rules? (aka the fine print)

  1. Only walking / running as exercise miles count. I am counting on participants honesty for this. I think you should make an effort to keep active. Walking to the bathroom, or walking to kitchen will not count, or step counting. This is not a fitness tracker challenge.
  2. Miles need to be logged on the provided google docs spread sheet.
  3. Spread sheet is a public document, open to those who have the link.
  4. Each participant is responsible for keeping track of their own miles. If you can’t access the spread sheet make arrangements to have someone enter them for you. (send me an email)
  5. No entry fee, no cost.
  6. All drawings for prizes will be generated at random, via an online raffle service.
  7. Please pay attention to your body, don’t try to reach the 100 mile goal at the expense of an injury.
  8. Honor system in play when logging miles.
  9. Weekly prize eligibility, have to log mileage at least once a week. Keep your log up to date, logs checked on Sunday for weekly giveaway.
  10. To be eligible to win grand prize must have completed 100 miles.
  11. You do not have to be local, live in Iowa to compete.
  12. Your contact information is only for prize notification. It will not be shared.
  13. Random prizes to be determined later.
  14. Photos may be used for random prizes.
  15. Stay connected using #100miles.
  16. Information will be posted on the blog.
  17. This challenge is in no way administered, sponsored, or affiliated with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. By entering this challenge you release Instagram, Facebook and twitter of all responsibility. You are also agreeing to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook rules terms of use.

– Challenge will be live, Tuesday, Nov 1, 2016, please pay attention to the rules, as there could be a slight change or more prizes added before the first.

– Entry/registration will be open through November 8, 2016

– I have created a FB group 100 miles in November, if you like to connect that way. No requirement to join this group, but encouraged.

-There is a Strava group for this challenge. Not a requirement, but encouraged. This is a private group, just so it’s open to the 100 mile members, just ask to be invited.

It is not necessary to have facebook or twitter to be involved with this challenge. I do ask that you pay attention to this blog for important information or updates.

Contact information:

  • email
  • twitter – @angiemaskeberka
  • facebook – Angie Maske-Berka
  • add a comment on this post
  • Instagram – @amaskeberka

And the Winner is —- 100 Miles

It’s December first, and the 100 miles in November Challenge has come to a close.

I have had a lot of fun; learning, encouraging and sharing with the group.

Congrats to everyone who has accomplished the goal.

THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER IS – Iowa Ultra Girl – Confetti drops, fireworks explode!

(All prize winners were chosen using the numbers tool at

Everyone who has logged 100 miles will be awarded the $10 off $30 purchase at Running Wild. I will contact those via email, and make arrangements to get these to you. I can also help make arrangements to place an order via phone if you are not local.

ALSO SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: There is one last clean out of the prize closet, I discovered I did not giveaway the car decals with the tigerhawk. There are also some head bands left in the prize closet.

List of Winners:

Hannah R – Head band prize pack

Amanda E – Head band prize pack

Heather C – Head band prize pack

Don J – 3.1 decal

Reece – 6.2 decal

Hawkelly – 13.1 decal

Bill C – 26.2 decal

Follow up:

What to do next? There is the #runchat scavenger hunt. The Runner’s World Run streak. Or Sign up for a race!

I am not hosting a December challenge, but the facebook page will remain open. The blog may have updates or information about local group runs, so stay informed.

If you have questions, comments, concerns – please contact me. @angiemaskeberka /

week one and 1000 miles

The first week of the 100 miles for November is in the books, er spread sheet. There is still time to join!

The total number of miles for the week was just over 1000, way to go!

Congrats are in order for Katherine K. She logged her speed work and won a prize pack of energy shots, gels and bars.

This next week thought we would add some space to log your weight training too. Just click on the tab at the bottom for week 2 work outs. There will be a winner chosen at random, this week’s prize will be the previously mentioned head bands, and who knows what other surprises. (Guys these would make great gifts for the ladies in your life, or maybe you Movember hair styles)

Hope you continue to encourage others and they in turn motivate you to keep moving.

Also if you do not have any upcoming races in your area you can always sign up for this virtual race 5k.

Any photos you want to add of your journey, or links, just use the comment feature.