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What is your go to, keep hydrated beverage? For me it has been water and G2, both of which are easy to access and tastes good.  However in a day I usually drink coffee, water & milk, the occasional G2.

Enter BibRave Pro and Hoist.

What is Hoist?  It’s an isotonic hydrating beverage, which means it is directly absorbed into the blood stream hydrating you instantly. Gatorade and Powerade are hypertonic, which means it draws water out of the body and into the gut, delaying hydration. G2 and Propel are hypotonic which uses stored electrolytes, delays hydration and causes an imbalance in electrolytes.

A box arrived on my doorstep, a drawstring bag and 2 flavors of Hoist, strawberry lemonade and starfuit. Hoist also makes an orange flavor.


I was skeptical…so I twisted off the cap of the plastic bottle and tried the strawberry lemonade.

I liked it!!!! It was tart and had a lot of flavor packed into it’s 70 calories per 16.9 oz.  It also contains 13% of your daily sodium and 6% of potassium. I also don’t mind watering it down for a lighter taste. For me it doesn’t have that weird sweetener after taste I don’t care for. (because it does not contain artificial sweeteners)

I have also tried the flavor packed starfuit, it’s good!  I think my main problem is, it’s hard to buy. It is sold on Amazon.com, but sells out quickly. It is not sold in a store in my area.


I was given the opportunity to try Hoist through Bibrave, all the opinions are my own. I also have not had any hot, humid, long runs to actually try this out for it’s hydration purposes, but it did ward off a headache after a total of 9 miles.

Too connect with Hoist:


twitter: @drinkhoist


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