Gatorade Endurance Take Two

Gatorade Endurance Take Two

“Disclaimer: I received Gatorade Endurance Formula, Energy Gel and Energy Chews, as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

This is not my first post, nor my first review of the Gatorade Endurance products. However, this go around I was able to focus using the products for my most recent race, the IMT Des Moines Marathon. The race had the Gatorade Endurance drink on the course.

This time I received a tub of the watermelon Endurance drink formula, vanilla and apple pear gels, lemon lime Endurance drink formula packets, and orange and fruit punch energy chews.

*Also before this shipment, I ordered a tub of the orange Endurance drink formula, for whatever reason it is priced less than the others. I had drank all my previous watermelon flavor for all my summer long runs and races. I love that flavor!!! You can read more about that here – bottom line the extra sodium in this drink is what works for me.

I am a bit different, but I did not pick a training plan for my marathon. However, I knew when I need to log long runs and when to scale back.

I ran the PCTR 30k as part of training for the Des Moines Marathon. It was a HOT day!!! There was no shade on the course. I made sure to fill my hydration pack with watermelon Gatorade Endurance. I had a football game to attend to that night, I couldn’t afford the dehydration headache.

I then tested the chews on a longer run through Iowa City, I believe it was near 15-16 miles. I would rather eat candy, gummies and real food when I run. I was pleasantly surprised with the Gatorade chews. I brought the orange with me, it was flavorful and it didn’t stick in my teeth. The only issue I had was getting the package open.

My last long run, it was once again a billion degrees and humid. I filled my hydration pack with watermelon Endurance formula, I filled my pockets with the apple pear gels and the fruit punch chews. This run confirmed that I am not a gel person, while this flavor tasted really good, I just can’t ingest this on a run, the texture just turns me off. Luckily I had some fruit punch chews with me, they are my favorite yet, and I need to order some more!!!!

How did this prepare me for Des Moines? I knew what to take with me to the race. I was actually shocked to learn that the Gatorade Endurance drink was the only Gatorade product on the course, as the gels provided were by another brand. This told me to bring some chews with me.

On race day I did not have a plan, I just kept moving. (You can read my full race recap here.) I drank the Gatorade Endurance ( believe it was lemon lime) when I wanted and I alternated eating 2 chews at a time, washing down with water. I did stop for bacon, ate a Twizzler and a Jolly Rancher too. However, going in prepared with a fueling plan might have helped me set a new marathon PR!!!

This weekend I am registered to run a 50k, you better believe my pack will be filled with watermelon Gatorade Endurance. Sadly, I ate all my chews and have not ordered more.

In my previous review I raved about the increased sodium and potassium, this is what works for me. These products do not taste too sweet for me too. Nothing worse than feeling like you need to brush your teeth when you are done racing.

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