Orange Mud Hydraquiver Vest Pack 1 – Review

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The Orange Mud Hydraquiver Vest Pack 1 is a mouthful, and you may be wondering “What is that?” Well, it’s a hydration pack. It is like a back pack that sits across your shoulders, with many pockets, and holds a water bottle in the back between your shoulder blades.


I had been curious about this product, ever since I saw fellow pros running in the similar Orange Mud double barrel hydration packs. I just wasn’t sure how reaching behind your head for a water bottle would work.


It was time to take it on it’s maiden voyage. I didn’t have a super long run planned, which was good in case I had a problem. I headed out on the trail at lunch. The only problem I had was the fit, of course I didn’t read the part that says “The way to fit this pack properly is to cinch down the sides nice and snug while leaving the front chest strap loose. This tension is very important as it controls the fit.  Use the front chest strap for micro adjustments only” This incorrect adjustment, left it bouncing under my arms more than I cared, and was worried chaffing could be a problem in a tank top.

My original question of grabbing a bottle from behind my head, was easily answered. As it was super simple to just reach for the bottle, grab it take a drink and put it back. Nothing felt odd.

Another thing I observed on the first run, the pockets. There are so many pockets! My phone fits fine in one of the front cinch close pockets.

After this first run, I took it on a long run, I had 14 on the schedule. Hey, when you want to run all the races, training never stops. I am also someone who is fine without water up to 10 miles, so the one 25 oz bottle, that is included with the pack, is perfect.


Well in addition to the warm temps, it was a rainy run. I got to test out my tank top concerns, I had no issues with chaffing under the arms. However, because I still was tightening this incorrectly, I had a little bounce on the back near my sports bra…so where those areas slid over one another, there was chafe.

This rainy weather also allowed me to test the fabric. It’s a breathable, durable mesh. It never felt heavy, because it didn’t retain the water. This also allowed it to dry quickly.


I was really enjoying the pack. Mostly because of all the pocket room, but this style of pack makes carrying everything with you very easy.

Then the nice folks at Orange mud sent along a fun video, with the tips and tricks of how to wear, put it on, and make all the proper adjustments. This is where I realized I was wearing the adjustments incorrectly (mentioned above). I also learned that the bottle height is adjustable, so if you have long/short arms or a super large head, you can place the bottle so it fits for you. It’s just a simple velcro strap.


I took it along on another run, this time 10 miles. I made sure to put it on and adjust it properly. So I loosened the strap across the chest and buckled it. I then pulled the straps under the arms as tight as they would go. Wow, what a fit difference. The loose buckle on the front really didn’t make it feel loose, but it fit more snug and didn’t bounce.

One problem I noticed, as I was also shooting some video, every time I bent over, water would drip out. HMMM?!??! well what do you know, I didn’t have the lid screwed on tight. Simple fix.


Ok, so I feel after these runs, I can make a conclusion. I like this! Here is why:

  • It stays in place – I will never run with a belt pack again, those things bounce around and are just annoying.
  • It holds a lot of items – 2 front pockets, 2 shoulder pockets, 2 back pockets. These are easy to access on the run too.
  • The bottle is easy to drink from, water flows – no sucking it out of the bottle
  • Lightweight – with the bottle (empty) it’s 10.7 oz. I hate having things attached to me, like to keep it simple, I don’t feel like I have something strapped to me
  • No chaffing – this is for me when I have it adjusted correctly
  • Breathable fabric – nothing worse than stinky running gear that can stand on its own
  • Easy to use – just buckle up and go, bottle is easy to grab.
  • Extra perks – no off balance feeling by running with a handheld


This product is really innovative. If you are looking for a hydration pack, check out they have many options, including one with an additional bottle. You can also save 15% with code BIBRAVE.

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Ok another reason to follow the Orange Mud social media accounts, you can contact them easily. I had a question about how to clean the pack, I was quickly rewarded with a response. Basically you just hand wash, and air dry.  However if you need further direction, check this out: