Places to Run – Scott Blvd


Scott Blvd – Iowa City, IA

Location: Scott Boulevard is an arterial road that runs from north to south on the east side of Iowa City. The southern edge intersects with Highway 6 and the north intersects with Highway one. The total length is near 5 miles, or 4.87 miles to be exact.

Segments: Highway 1 to Rochester Ave – remote area, not as busy. Rochester Ave to Muscatine – really busy. Muscatine to Highway 6 – active segment, but not as busy.

Mileage: The total length is near 5 miles, or 4.87 miles to be exact.

Terrain: This is all paved cement, wide sidewalk.

Elevation: Rolling hills. Nothing steep, but a great workout.

Scenery: Residential, business and cow pasture (the Hwy 1 to Rochester Segment.)

Maintenance: The sidwalks are inspected for cracks and kept in great condition. In the winter the snow is removed by the owner of the sidewalk, sometimes non city portions take a while to get cleared.

Markings: There are no mile markings or signs.

Features: There are no public bathrooms on the route, however you can stop at the Gas Station near the intersection with Court St. There are also port-o-potties across the road in the Iowa City Dog Park, near the Muscatine intersection. No water fountains.

Warnings: There are busy intersections on this route, including 4-way stops. IMO no one is paying attention and is always in a hurry to take their turn, often never stopping. There are also some side streets, where cars speed thru the cross walk to the street, no paying attention to pedestrians. PLEASE be alert! Bikes will use this sidewalk instead of the road too.

Personal Notes: I frequently run the portion of Scott Blvd between Muscatine and Rochester. From where I live it’s easy for me to run a 5k with an out and back. My favorite thing is the wide sidewalk and the hills.

Other: There are usually many people out and about using this sidewalk too.


Relive – or


Red Shoe 2017

Red Shoe Half Marathon – Race Recap 2017

Oh – I really have been slacking, I left you all in limbo…did I run this race due to the killer headache the night before?

Well, of course I ran it!! Powered by mashed potatoes!!

If you are looking for the simple, fact filled review – head on over to

Gear: Sparkle Athletic Ice Cream Skirt, 2xu tank, Adidas 7″ boyshorts, Pro Compression Socks, B1G tech hat, Spi Belt, Aftershokz Trekz Titanium, XX2i France Sunglasses, Garmin Fenix, Brooks Ghost 9

Alright – race day was Sunday, May 7th, it was sunny and would warm up to around 70. The race started with the 5k at 8:30 am.

I was able to grab my packet the day before the race. It was a bag full of papers & flyers that I just put in the trash. There was my bib and there was an unflattering, short sleeve tech tee – mostly because it’s a man’s cut.

There are 2 half marathons in Iowa City. I have run them both, in fact they partner together, for an additional medal opportunity, and you can say you ran Iowa’s Longest Marathon. Personally, I prefer this race over the other, and being in my town, longer than a 5k, I HAD TO DO IT!

The race starts and finishes at the Ronald McDonald House, which race proceeds benefit. This area is also next to the University of Iowa, Carver Hawkeye Arena and Duane Banks Field. This allows for ample parking and indoor bathrooms.

I rolled up around 7:50 am, to am empty Dental Lot (the lot for the dentistry college – this area is surrounded by parking lots.) I discovered everyone was told to park in a packed Lot 75. I really thought I was at the wrong place, where was everyone?

Well, they were all huddled inside Carver (CHA,) where the bathrooms were…and also confusing, it was not that cold and the sun was shining. It still felt like there wasn’t a race happening.

Just after 8 am, and standing around alone… I decided I did not need my arm sleeves, so I walked back to car to ditch them. I also found a four leaf clover! There were now about 5 cars parked near my car.

When I started back to my car, there was some kids race happening, which caught me off guard, as there were no people around…the kids must have just appeared.

I started walking back to the race start, and it was now 8:15 ish…there were some announcements on the sound system, and someone sang the National Anthem. I was beyond confused at this point and just went with it. The race didn’t start for another 15 minutes.

They used the time to tell a story about a family that has used the Ronald McDonald House, which was nice. I really like this charity and what the House does. If you remember, I was once donating Medals 4 Mettle to the House.

After another shorter kids race, the announcer encouraged people to line up behind the starting arch. More people appeared out of CHA….. it was starting to look like there was a race about to happen.

There were no corrals and no pacers. As I said the 5k started with the half marathon, there were people with strollers all in one spot. I tried to line up where I thought my pace would be. Ran into a friend who had his dog, and it was the dog’s first race.

I have run both the half and 5k before, there have been many hiccups over time. One year I ran the 5k, I was held up by a train.  The 5k used to be the GOTR spring race, and the course narrowed within the first 500 feet, the girls would line up in the front, and be walking at the point the course narrowed. Then the last time I ran the 5k, it started separately and was a good race. I was shocked to see it start with the half again.

I knew this course too, I run this town, I knew there would be hills (seems to be what people remark about the most, when they are finished.) However, due to construction, the course was changed this year, and the biggest hill was removed.

Coming into this with a rough day before, and eating only mashed potatoes, I was just there for the miles. I started off at a decent pace, and just followed the crowd and the arrows. *Note the arrows were not race specific… so arrows lead people for both the 5k & the half marathon.

The course went down by the Iowa River, crossing the bridges, checking out more of campus. Then it went through City Park. This is where the first aid station was. There was Gatorade first, then water in paper cups. It was getting warm for me, so I made sure to stop and drink. I didn’t bring a pack with me.

As we snaked through City Park, we came to the yard sign that said “mile 3.” I looked around, and since bibs were different for different races, I noticed that there were quite a few 5k runners at this point. We were not .1 miles from the finish, GASP! What was going on? In my mind, I had been waiting for the half to split from the 5k, and I never saw it. I then asked the 5k runners, if they were fine, and advised them they could go cross country to get back to the finish, or follow the course to a point that would get them to the finish.

Many 5k runners continued on the course, as it was the safest, due to roads being open to traffic, the marked course was safer. My watch was near 4.5 miles, when it was a good chance for the 5k to get back to the finish. At this intersection, they had to cross Hwy 6, an intersection where there was no traffic control, but a stoplight with buttons to push for pedestrians. There were 2 race volunteers pushing the buttons. If you ran the 5k, you were close to 5 miles.

All I could think is WOW, and I hope there were no kids out on the course alone. I did have more miles ahead of me so I kept moving. I did call Josh, I had to tell someone, lol… plus with bluetooth headphones, you can make a phone call on the run – so easy!

The course was now taking a turn onto First Avenue into Coralville, just after mile 5, I saw someone I knew – Anne! It was a welcomed surprise, especially since I was out there by myself.

I was at the next water stop, this one had the same paper cups. The person with Powerade… yep a different kind of drink, was handing out cups, and it was after the water, which was not being handed out. I don’t know if this is a big deal, but these little details are important. All electrolyte drinks should be the same on course – people can have issues – and it should be before the water, and volunteers should be attentive to getting it to people.

Oh well, onward…. the next few miles were uneventful. I was hot, but nothing I could do, I just made sure to drink when I hit the aid stations. I had some fruit snacks with me and ate them around the half way point.

The course went on the Clear Creek path, and met up with Camp Cardinal Blvd. This is the hilliest part of the course. There were more water stops with Powerade. Nothing too exciting.

Soon, I was on Melrose and running back east, into Iowa City. In the past we took the road back to the parking lot behind Kinnick Stadium to finish back where we started at CHA. However this year, because of the changed course, we went back onto the Mormon Handcart Trail, and then back to Mormon Trek.

Oh, HEY… I saw Anne in this area again, another welcome surprise….especially when I had just passed some bored volunteers sitting on the ground, no enthusiasm or care to be there. Anne gave me a high five and I was on my way.

I was now on the path behind the softball complex. There was a last water stop, and then I realized there would be one more steep climb before the finish. Races love to add this path, it’s closed to traffic, but the hill is no joke!

I finished up the hill, and through the parking lot – lot 75, crossed the street into the CHA parking lot and I was at the finish. Then in what seemed like exactly 12 inches from the timing mat, they handed me a medal… DUDE! I need to slow down and walk it out, there was soooooo much room for me to do that, but I was handed my medal immediately after I had finished.

My time was near 2:15 ish. I was happy with this knowing I wasn’t really racing it. However, I wish people would cheer people in. Looking at my Garmin, I only had 12.9 miles, it’s still close…but short. I don’t recall seeing a 13 mile marker either.

Oh well, I did find the post race food. There was A LOT of it. Bottled water, apple juice, chocolate milk, Powerade, donuts, cupcakes, apple slices, apples, orange slices, bananas, and bagels.

I actually turned down the donuts….don’t fear I had a mini cupcake instead. I took a minute and listened to the awards. I guess I missed the part where the age groups were divided up strangely…ages up to 29 were in 5 year increments, and after that 10 year increments. OK, I am not fast, but the smaller increments are easier for me to place.

I didn’t have a lot to do, so I stuck around the finish line until the clock was at 3 hours, I think that is when the course was supposed to close. I cheered on finishers.

I then decided to call it a day. I walked back to my car, had no troubles with traffic, and made it home before lunch.

I did have a slight headache, so I tried to stay hydrated the rest of the day.

This race….. I really want to be proud of my hometown races, I want to be able to tell people to come to Iowa City and run a race. This year, I can not say that. However, in the week since the race, I have learned a few things. 1) people who ran the 5k were given free entry to next years event. 2) the 5k and half will start separately next year 3) this was the first year under new directorship 4) letters were sent to 5k participants, along with some socks, apologizing for what happened.

So now… I am torn… I run a lot of races, so I feel I have valid thoughts and opinions.  I do like the actions they have taken regarding the mishap with the 5k. I just want more details to the half too. I need great water stops, cheer stations, and an accurate course. I would give the race another chance if it fits in my schedule.





Shamrock Shuffle – 2017

Shiverin’ Shamrocks!

BRRR! The 2017 Corridor Running Shamrock Shuffle was a cold one!. The race always takes place around mid March and usually it’s a seasonably decent temperature, but since mother nature is drunk, temps were around 20 degrees this year.

Gear: Rainbow Sparkle Athletic Skirt, XX2i France2 sunglasses, plantronics headphones, Survivor BUFF, Nike Turtleneck, Previous Shamrock Shuffle Race Shirt, Zensah Compression sleeves, Garmin Fenix 3, Brooks Ghost 9, Spi-belt. ( I changed the hat to a BOCO Louisanna Marathon stocking hat and Road Runner Sports Capris)

I mention the weather, because not only was I running the race. I was volunteering. This meant I arrived at the race location 2 hours before the event. While I was able to park close enough, to use my car to keep warm…. there is no shelter or place to stay warm.

must keep warm! BUFF and France2 frames to protect my face.

Pre-race volunteers continued to roll in, as well as trucks with race day supplies. We unloaded the trucks and set up things on the park. Tents, tables, bananas, sound system, etc.

The race takes place at College Green Park, so race day things are set up in the center of the park, while the race is start/finish is out on the street.

Before we knew it, participants were showing up to get their bibs, and my feet were freezing.

I helped out where I was needed, and ended up falling in with bib pick up. There were three of us and we had the system down! A runner gave us a name (as you could pick up anyone’s bib, no ID required), we looked up a bib number, handed them a bib, and a chip. I only ripped 2 bibs, oops!

I really needed to use the bathroom, and there were two port-o-potties near the start, but the line was long and the race was going to start, so I joined the others near the starting arch.

The race is a fun St. Patrick’s theme, including the distance of 3.17km, which is just around 2 miles. New, for this year, you could run the loop twice, for a 6.34km run. Of course, I chose this option, automatic PR!!

There were some announcements and then the race started. Gah, I was really cold, and I could feel it in my legs. The entire first loop, they just felt strange, like they were thawing out, or I could feel the muscles warming up. While the course had one big hill near the finish, they were not feeling the fatigue from that.

In that first loop, I caught up with Monty, again…. if we keep meeting at races, people are going to talk, LOL. I kid, it’s nice to see your runner friends out there!

By the second loop, my legs felt normal again, and I motored through the course again. It was all on pavement, and in typical Iowa winter fashion it’s when the potholes make their appearance, so I made sure to steer clear of them a second time. I thanked all the volunteers on the course, and climbed that hill one more time.

I crossed the finish line, and I was warm. I didn’t need my coat. Since I was signed up to then help volunteer post race, I stayed at the finish line and helped Dan take chips off shoes.


When the majority of the runners had finished, I helped where needed, loading cars, taking down tents, the usual volunteering work. Hey guys, it’s really pretty easy…so help out if you can, nice to give back to your local running clubs… ha!

There were the bananas I mentioned earlier, and bottles of water at the center of the park, and cups of water near the finish, as it doubled as an aid station for the course.

The post race party was a few blocks away at Micky’s Irish Pub. There was an option when you registered to get a $5 brunch, or pay at the door. They would also be having beer specials, and hosting the awards ceremony here. You could also grab your pint glass, which was given instead of a t-shirt.

It is spring break in Iowa City when this race is held, but parking downtown can always be a problem, and to park close you have to pay. Lucky for me, I found a super close parking spot, swiped my card for $1.50 for one hour of time.

The party was happening. I did not pay for the brunch, as the last time I did this, the option was corned beef and cabbage, and I realized I do not care for it. I also don’t have $5 extra at this time… womp, womp, poor ol Angie… I did pack a Nugo Bar…lol.

I stuck around, watched the awards. The first person in each 10 year AG got a cool prize and the overall winners for each distance scored $50. WHOA, I need to get faster!

The morning ended chatting with some other runners, and realizing I should probably get home to let the dogs out, and oops my car was only paid to park at the meter for one hour!

I got to my car and saw the slip of paper flapping under the windshield…. but there was no fee, I owed $0.00. WEIRD! Why print the paper, what a waste!  I was happy I didn’t owe a fine.

When I got home, and got my data all loaded to Strava… you know if you don’t post a picture on Instagram and get that data loaded, I am not sure it even happened…. I realized I ran sub 9 minute miles, for 4 miles!!! WAHOOO. I am super happy about this, 2016 I spent running for endurance and distance. I did 0 speedwork, so I was happy to feel a little speed return. This is fast for me, so I’ll take it, maybe someday I will score a $50 winner’s prize!


Race photos were posted to FB, and online album, free to download

This is a nice short race, with a nice challenging hill, and a fun post race party. If I am around next year, I will run it and volunteer again.

For my official race review, check



Red Shamrock Trail Race

Saturday April 11, 2015. Iowa City, IA. Sunny 55 degrees.

Registration: Available online starting around $20 and increasing until race day. Could register on race day for $30, t-shirts were not guaranteed. Included with registration, bib, timing chip, tech shirt (if registered early), post race snacks.

There was no packet pick up or expo. Grabbed your bib and shirt before the race. Small local race, maybe 150 entrants.

Pre-race: Check in, registration and packet pick up as runners milled about. Plenty of parking behind Regina High School. 2 port-o-potties available. Participants lined up behind the blue timing mats, a small chat about the red flags that marked the course. No National Anthem, just a loud “GO”


Race/Course: The race starts on the Regina High School track, which is in desperate need of resurfacing. After a partial lap the course winds to Hickory Hill Park. This park is within city limits, but consists of trail running. Roots, hills, mud, wash out, bridges, wood chips, rocks; all kinds of terrain. Paying attention was key. There were enough wide spots if you needed to pass. The race was also not advertised at a certain length, approx 3.5 miles. After running through the woods, the race looped back to the track where it started.


There were no mile markers, just followed red flags and green signs with arrows. There were volunteers stationed at the tight turns. No water or food stations. No medics. There was a volunteer on the course taking photos with a cell phone.

trail3 trail4

Post race: Finish was marked with a clock and the blue timing mats. Homemade treats, bananas, bagels, grapes, fruit snacks, Gatorade and water were displayed on a table for runners. There was a poster with raffle winners. The times were posted as the results came in. The food area was set up so you could cheer on the racers that were just finishing.


A small awards ceremony was held, and awards were given to the overall winners as well as the top AG finishers.


Overall: I will try to run this race if it fits into my calendar. We don’t have many trails to run, let alone trail races. The price is right and it supports a great cause.


Personal: I enjoy running in my hometown, no hotel fees, no travel fees. I just lace up my shoes and run to and from the race. I am a week out from my 3rd Blue Ridge Marathon, so this was a nice distance to log, it was also nice to add the terrain to my training.  I also enjoy a marked course through Hickory Hill Park, as I would get lost.

My Garmin clocked 3.35 miles, and I had a time of 33:56. The official results had me finishing 8th in my AG of 30-39. Results


Enjoy my Go Pro video –

As always write and read race reviews at

UI Doc Dash 5k – 2015

Doc Dash 5k, Saturday March 28, 2015. Iowa City, IA 9 am. Sunny 30 degrees

Small town feel, 5k which supports the Iowa City Free Medical Clinic and the University of Iowa Mobile Clinic.

Registration was available online and on race day. Starting at $20, then up to $30 on race day. Cotton shirts were $6 extra. Chip timing, and a bib included.

Parking available in nearby parking ramp (for a fee), or about 1/4 mile away in Dental lot. Packet pick up the day before and on race day.

I had Josh grab my race number on his way home from work, as he drove right by. They gave him a bag full of flyers. While it’s nice to promote other races, I would appreciate if I could pick the flyers I want, so much paper waste.


Also held a kids race before the 5k

There was no National Anthem, but some announcements were made. I did not hear anything that was said, a combination of very talkative people and some DJ that didn’t turn off the music. I did hear the siren for the start, and as everyone moved forward, so did I.

Race/course – road and sidewalk, all paved surface. A couple of steep hills. One water stop with tiny paper cups. My Garmin had the course at 3.08. It was a little crowded, but not too bad. No mile markers, but arrows on sidewalk & signs to mark the route, and there was a volunteer at mile 1. One major road intersection with volunteers, no law enforcement.

There was some construction happening on the course, some cement trucks emitting some diesel fuel, so that wasn’t too pleasant. However, it is something you can’t avoid when the weather is nice.

Post race: bananas, bagels, Gatorade, coffee, water. A long line formed to gain access to this, but moved quickly. No award ceremony, as there was a problem with the results and the computer. Raffle prizes given to those who commented on the facebook page.

For the price and challenge of the course, I would recommend this race. Results

Personal: Ahh, a return to racing. I posted one of my worst 5k times in a long time. According to the results though, 8th in my new age group. However 2 weeks post ultra and a week with the flu, I will take it. I coughed the entire time, spitting and snot rockets galore! However I found Shannon & Dave during the race and got to run with them, which made it really enjoyable. Good luck to them on their Warrior Dash tomorrow!


I also have a hard time passing on a race in my hometown, no hotel fees, etc. So, I laced my shoes and ran the 3 miles across town to the race. I found a dollar on the way and donated it to the race. I chose to run to the race and back as I need some longer miles with the Blue Ridge Marathon coming up, this was an easy way to get the miles, but not push it too hard.


The race itself was alright, nothing too special about it as far as gimmicks. Just a nice small town feel, easy for any ability to accomplish. The facebook page for the organization was very helpful as well. More organizations need to utilize free social media.

I also had a nice time catching up with some local runners. I love the running community!

Overall: I always try to run this race, money goes to a good cause and it’s in my town.


On my way home, I stopped to grab some coffee at the shop inside the grocery store, and guess who I ran into.


2015 Shamrock Shuffle Giveaway – 3rd time’s the charm

That’s right, one more giveaway for the Shamrock Shuffle. Thanks for playing along all week. For this chance I am adding many new options for entry…OHHHH AHHHHH…the link for entry is below.

Still on the fence about entering for your chance to win?

  • Check out my review from last years inaugural event at
  • Nike shirts!
  • Run in a fun costume
  • Proceeds donated to the United Way of Johnson & Washington County
  • Prizes at the race: Guiness Pint Glasses, Micky’s Gift Certificates, Running Wild Gift Certificates, Micky’s Shirts/Sweathshirts


SOLD?!?!? you can register at

Race Details

Who: You, your family, your friends, your pet

What: Shamrock Shuffle 3.17km (1.969746679 miles)

Where: College Green Park, Iowa City, IA

When: Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 8:30am.

Why: To show off your best green racing attire and have fun!

How: Click the link below, where it says “CLICK TO ENTER” (no worries it’s through rafflecopter)

One day contest, open February 20, 2015. Winner chosen Saturday Feb 21, 2015. One entry is all it takes for a chance to win. Share with your friends. Winner gets a race entry only, which includes the NIKE race shirt, bib and timing chip. The Micky’s Irish Pub post race brunch is not included.


Legend of the Fall 2014

Thursday November 27, 2014. Regina High School / Hickory Hill Park, Iowa City, IA. Sunny, windy 15-20 degrees. Aprrox 4 mile trail race.


*I ran this race the last couple of years, here is last year’s recap

Registration: Available online through get me registered, price increased up to $25. Same day registration. Long sleeve cotton shirts, but no guarantee for race day registrants. Chip timing was also included in fee.


Pre Race / Packet Pick up: Parking was available at the high school, but first come, first serve. Packet pick up was held in the cafeteria, organized by last name.  Bathrooms available in the school.

Race & Course: Race starts on the track after some brief announcements about the “Legend” Bob Brown, for which the race is named. He was the former track and XC coach for Regina high school who lost a battle with pancreatic cancer, he always preached “nothing but your best.” This year the announcement speaker was too far away from the starting line to hear anything, so there was some mumbling and then a commotion and we all started.

It had snowed the night before, nothing major, just enough to make it slippery after it was packed down from the heard of runners. The terrain was tough, wash out, tree roots, steep inclines: trail! No water stops, no mile markers. Course marked with small yellow flags. Difficult to pass. Even though some runners, trekked across a field off of the course, there was only one marked short cut; it was marked “Spicy” route or “mild” route. The short cut was on unmarked trail to a creek, that hadn’t yet frozen.

Finish was back on the track, after another partial loop, was marked with a timer and a chute where chips were removed.  The finish was crowded and a little close to the runners coming into the track, had to be careful and stay out of their way.

Post Race: Lots of baked goods available in the cafeteria; bars, cookies, breads, etc. Blue sports drink and water. We left before the awards were given out.


Overall: I enjoy this race, it’s for a great cause and the course is a challenge. I also like that it’s not a typical Turkey Trot, you have to put in some effort to complete the course.

Personal: Josh and I ran to the race, well because we could. We were race day registrants, and did not get a t-shirt unless we wanted a super large size. We arrived with not a lot of time to cool down, but we did have time to snap a picture with some of the #100miles group.


It was cold, but that is what comes with where we live. We both didn’t have many goals, but to enjoy the course. However when I spoke with Josh after the race, he said he changed his strategy mid course, and tried to “race” as he saw a familiar face he wanted to beat.


I had an interesting race. I kept one eye to the ground and one eye looking ahead. For trail running this is normal, the terrain was tough. Trying not to trip is hard when it’s icy due to packed snow covering. I was in a group trotting along, when the leading packed cut off course… I said “we follow the yellow flags, right?” So then I was the leader..which is weird as I am never a race leader, I felt alone too.  However I caught back up with some runners near the short cut, as people were piling up around the creek.

I am no stranger to creek crossings, I actually like this style of race. However it was cold, I didn’t want wet feet, as we had yet to run home. Oh well I gave my best effort to jump the not frozen creek…yep one wet foot.  It actually wasn’t too bad, as I believe the water was warmer than the air.


I did see 2 deer as I came close to the track for the finish.

I met Josh in the cafeteria for some post race treats, we discussed our races, and then didn’t want to cool down too much and made the trek back home.  Always a great way to start Thanksgiving.