2XU Elite MCS compression tights – REVIEW

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I introduce each product review, with my excitement of receiving something new and exciting in the mail. Well the 2XU (pronounced “two times you”) is no exception. I am no stranger to compression, or compression pants, as you have read in the past. The usual excitement ensued when my tights arrived at my home.


I was most excited as I had a “tough for me” race and training schedule. The plan was to use the pants mostly for recovery. I am not going to lie, I own another brand of compression tights, I slip into them when I am done with a long run, 20 + miles, and I am like new the next day. I had a 50k on the schedule, and a marathon the next week. These were going to be the key to finishing both races, injury free.

I think the most important thing when choosing the correct compression tight / pant, is finding the correct size. You want them to be tight so the compression does it’s job, however you want them to fit and not feel like a stuffed sausage. The 2XU website offers a size chart based on height and weight.


The chart is easy to use, I was borderline size medium/large. In any tight or legging I am always a size large. I went with the large. It can be tough to choose size based on these, especially if you carry most of your weight in your butt/hips/thighs. Using actual waist measurements could prove helpful if someone is on the line, or size up so you don’t get the stuffed sausage effect.

The packaging is nice and clean, and a very easy to open box, with no tape or seals to break. You just pull the two pieces apart. The image on the box displays a muscled, some what naked athlete. The box also provides a lot of information.

  • MCS – Muscle containment system for targeted comperssion
  • PWX Flex fabirc & PWX Weight fabric used for specific muscle support (lots of tech specs on this)
  • antibacterial formula to reduce odor
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • high filament yarns to keep you dryer
  • Invista Lycra elastane yarns for durability & fabric return

The next obvious step was to try these bad boys on. When I opened the box, I noticed how little or tiny they appeared, like there was not much fabric and they just looked small. I put one foot in each leg and did the “pantyhose” roll up as I pulled them to my waist. The size was right for me, and I pulled them up high, tight, but not stuffed sausage feeling. There is a drawstring on the top to keep them in place. Also the inside is lined with “flocking” to help target the muscles they are compressing, this almost seems like it acts to help keep my pants in place too.

This video shows the inside flocking the best and how they fit. 2XU has a lot of great videos.

This flocking can also been seen on the outside in the sunlight. In fact the different kinds of fabric and such creates a sheen when looking at them, close to looking sheer, but they are not see through. I did some bending and such, and did not notice any see through areas. There is also some gold branding on the upper thigh and the calf. (Hey black and gold pants, wahoo!!)

Ok they fit, now to put them to the test. By the time I had them in my possession, all my long training runs were done and it was still too warm to run in pants. I brought them along to my 50k race. I put them on after the race, I slept in them, and yes I wore them the entire next day. The entire next day consisted of cheering on friends at a race and standing around, in the cold and wind. My legs felt great and warm! (thanks for the photo, pro Laura)


During this time I wore them and slept in them, the only complaint I have, is pulling them up and down when you use the bathroom, then getting them situated. It’s just more of a hassle, as they are a tighter pant.

The week after my 50k, which was the week before by marathon. I tried to wear them as much as I could, while keeping track of them in and out of the laundry. Which by the way I just toss in my regular washing machine. Headed into the marathon, I had no leg problems, no muscle soreness, tightness, or injury. While this can all be attributed to trail running, and that I was conditioned for longer miles, I give credit to the pants for my great feeling legs.

Now when I was done with my marathon, my feet were in pain!!!  No leg problems, well beyond the tiredness of just going up and down stairs.

Since the weeks after the 50k and the marathon, I took it easy, on a path to some recovery, mainly to heal my feet.

Once the temperature dropped, I will wear shorts to about 45-50 degrees, I went for a run in the pants. Even a photo shoot to show you them in action. I had no problems, except I should have tied the drawstring. Every once in a while they felt saggy, but nothing that was a problem. Allowed for mobility.

Capture jump side upstep

After wearing them for recovery and wearing them running. I recommend the 2XU Elite MCS Compression tights to everyone! Ok, so I only ran in them once, but it was enough, they are a great pant.

They fit well, you can get them on and off. They are priced competitively at $149. They make your legs look fierce as well as feeling rested.

If you want to get a pair for yourself, use code BIBRAVE20 to save 20%. The code works on their entire inventory. I took up the discount offer and got a pair of calf sleeves and a pair of thermal compression tights for my husband. (He wore them to keep warm reffing, under his breezers, at a football game)


2XU is always running a bunch of fun giveaways or promotions, so make sure to check them out on social media:

Facebook – 2XU

Instagram – @2xu_usa

Twitter – @2XU_USA

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/2XUNorthAmerica

Website – http://www.2xu.com/us

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