Motigo Review

“Disclaimer: I received the Motigo App to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

When I hear Bibrave was partnering with this app, I had to test it out, as I run too many races. I also had some questions, so what better way to have them answered, than to try it out.

Background on the product: Motigo is an iOS app, available through itunes at no cost to the user. Currently there is no android version. (however it appears to be in the works) The app allows supporters to send a personalized message to the user for $1.99. The app also allows you to listen to music in the background.

The first race I would be able to use the app was the Prairie Du Chein Half Marathon in Wisconsin at the beginning of May. Even though I was running the race with my friend Laura, the race is small with few spectators. What a great race to have some extra motivation.

I downloaded the app, and set up an account. It was simple, user, password, birth date, location. Then your are prompted to find your race. Well my race was not listed. This was easily fixed, just submitted an email by a click of a button, with the name of the race and the date. I then got an email back that said my race was added. So I just added it to my upcoming races on my profile.

IMG_9748 IMG_9713 IMG_9716

The time it took to add my race was quick. The emails accompanying the requests have always felt personable, and encouraged asking questions.

Race day came and it was time to use the app. It had notified me that I had 3 cheers. (photo taken before a last minute addition) I had preloaded the playlist with songs from my itunes account. They were played in the order I added them to the app. You can create a playlist, or you just listen to the music in the background, but make sure you do not have a playlist put together.

It was a bit cumbersome to have my phone at the ready and start my watch at the same time. However I crossed the start line hitting the start event button, then pushing start on my Garmin.


I was strolling along, I came to mile 2. My music faded, got quieter and I heard my first cheer from Jordan. It was very motivational. I have never met Jordan in person, as he is a twitter friend. So knowing a “stranger” was pulling for me kept me interested in pushing to do my best.

I was concerned how much battery this app would take. I have the iphone 5s. I am not sure the battery lasts as long as it once did. To run this app you need to have it connected, meaning you can’t turn your phone to airplane mode to save battery life.

I carried on through the race, and the cheers popped up as I ran, it was nice to have words of encouragement as the shade disappeared and the temperature rose. I think my favorite was Julia reminding me I had one mile left until I could eat all the donuts. (As luck would have it there was a farmer’s market near the finish with the best home made maple bacon donut I have ever tasted)

When I crossed the finish line I had to first stop my Garmin. Then I remembered to turn off the app.  I had gone from 100% battery to 70%. This was for a half marathon that took around 2:12 minutes to finish.

After the race is over, I can go back and click on past events to listen to each cheer again.


After my initial use of the app, I really liked it. I could listen to some tunes and get encouragement along the way. I like that the user doesn’t have to pay for the app, but I don’t like that each cheer cost $1.99.For me there is also a lot going on running with my phone and my Garmin, personally I like a random playlist (something I have yet to figure out) and worrying if the battery will last.  I had added my next big race the Soldier Field 10 to try it again.


In the mean time, I was going to send some cheers. Now since I am reviewing this for Bibrave, I was given 25 free cheers. I first went to search the system for clicking the search event tap, which brings you to all upcoming races (that have been added to the system). Once you select your event, the participants using the app appear.

I knew I wanted to send a cheer to Heather, so I found an upcoming race she was participating in. When her race appeared on my screen I could select which mile I wanted my cheer to play. Then I just hit the record button, and was given 30 seconds to say whatever I wanted. Once I had the message on my phone I could either play it back, re record, or send it on it’s way. It’s strange to hear your own voice, so I skip play back and just send the message. Simple.

IMG_9844 An email is even sent when the participant gets a cheer.

It took a few tries and reaching out to fellow pros before I found the “clear” button in the app to restart my search. Otherwise finding a participant and sending a cheer is easy. I even sent a few random strangers a cheer, just because I could.

It was time for the Soldier Field 10 miler. For this race I was really concerned about my battery, as I knew I would need my phone to meet people before and after the race. I was like I will jsut put my phone on airplane mode when I run.

Well of course, I totally forgot that I can’t use the app in that setting. I saw that I had 2 cheers for the event when I started the app. I never heard them, but when they were supposed to play my music did fade out.  However since I can go back and listen to my cheers, I was able to hear the fun words sent to me. (some how donuts were mentioned :))


I have already added some of my next races to my schedule. It looks like I even have a cheer already. You can send me a cheer if you would like too!  Speaking of sending cheers, when you sign up for a race you can send out a link via twitter or facebook, to make it easier to receive cheers.



  • Encouragement on the run
  • simple to use
  • friendly emails
  • races added quickly
  • no cost to purchase the app
  • can listen to music
  • can record reminders, mantras to yourself


  • Each cheer cost $1.99
  • only available on iOS (for now)
  • can consume battery life quick

If you would like to learn more, check out the website at or follow Motigo on twitter @motigoapp or instagram @motigo

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