XX2i Hawaii1 – product review

“Disclaimer: I received the xx2i Optics Hawaii1 Sunglasses  – Matte white, to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!”

I know, you’re thinkin…another pair of sunglasses?


Well – yes, this is my third pair of XX2i optics, but they are all different. I wanted to try these out as they do not have a frame across the bottom, like the USA1 I tested in the colder months, that had some slight fogging issues (ok so maybe I run in too extreme or cold of conditions)


The first thing I noticed when I took them out of their hard protective, zippered case,  (with microfiber storage bag/cleaning cloth) was how light they are. They weigh 0.9 ounces.


If you are paying attention at home, I have a lot of running in my future, between a marathon a month and all the great races. I am always training, and unless it’s lightning, I am outside.

Before XX2i came into my life, I thought a hat was all I needed to protect me from the sun, but now I can’t imagine a sunny run without my sunglasses. Also, as a contact lens wearer they help protect my eyes from the wind.


In addition to being super lightweight, here are more features of the Hawaii1 (it’s actually a new model for XX2i):

  • polar grey AR lenses
  • Carbon Fiber
  • glare cutting technology
  • Polarized 8K optics
  • bendable nose piece and rubber temple arms
  • 365 day return policy
  • Lifetime replacement warranty – just pay shipping/handling fee

Ok, so how does all of this information translate into using them?

I took them on their maiden voyage, it was just a short 3 ish mile run. They were very sporty looking. I also noticed with no frame on the bottom, I could see the bottom of the glasses in my peripheral vision. It really didn’t bother me, but I knew it was there.


Then I had a light bulb moment, the nose pads are adjustable. They were just squeezed too skinny for the bridge of my nose, so with a little widening….the frames were closer to my face, and I didn’t notice the bottom of the lens.

In the mean time – between runs and races, I have been wearing the shades to walk the dogs, mow the lawn, drive….basically all the time to get the feel of them.

Some pros had mentioned they feel loose and might fall off… I had yet to experience this. So, I did like any good scientist – er Bibravepro would do, and investigated further. I noticed that when I was wearing them, I was tucking the side pieces under a hat or under a head band, so they felt snug. I pulled them off, and pulled some hair with them…oops…and then set them on top of my ear, on top of the hat/head band. They did feel a little more loose. With a little more adjusting of the nose pad, I find them to fit as I like.

I wore them in a couple of races. First was a small 5k, and second a full marathon. I had no problems in the 5k, they fit nicely and didn’t bounce. I was also wearing a head band with them.

Then for the marathon, I had a hat on. I did notice about halfway through I needed to readjust the nose pad to have them fit a little tighter. It was also a windy race, so it was nice to have them, and I can’t state again how light they are.

I wore them on a couple more runs, and really haven’t experienced any further problems. I just need to make sure they are adjusted to sit across the bridge of my nose, so 1) they don’t fall off my face and 2) I don’t see the bottom of the lens.


Overall – these are great! I did’t have any cold weather runs, but they do seem to vent easier. I will continue to run in these, or my USA1 – just depends which shades are closer to the door as I depart for my run.

They come in three different frame options, but only one lens color, and you can’t change the lens out, like you can on other models. However, if you are like me, that is just too much work, I just grab and go, no matter the lens or frame color. As long as they protect my eyes and fit, I’m good.

How do you get a pair for yourself? Check out xx2i.com and use code XX2iRocks for 50% savings!!! Word on the street they will be at the May 31st #bibchat on Twitter at 8pm.

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