Jabra ROX – Review 2

I am back with my second review of my Jabra ROX head phones. If you don’t remember my first experience, you can read about it here.

I was frustrated, I wanted the head phones to work, so I opened up the plastic container they arrive in and made sure to check all the boxes. I found more surprises, there were the adjustable ear buds and a tiny clip to hold the wires together.


I also was introduced to a video on the proper placement in my ears.

I adjusted the ear wing so they were both the same size. I also changed the ear bud, it made a difference. It was now like the head phones were suctioned in.

I took off for a 3 mile run. The head phones were staying put and there was no loose wire bouncing on my shoulder. However there was this weird echo or sound in my ears like they needed to be popped. The music sounded great. I made it home and the head phones stayed in the entire time. Success?!?!?!?

photo(23) photo(24)

I was excited I could run and they didn’t pop out of my ears, the proper fit made a huge difference. I decided since I would be running with my phone at the Dam Backpocket run, because of the added safety due to the heat & humidity; I would run with my Jabra ROX head phones.

The race was 7 miles long. It was announced the race was to start within 5 minutes, I put the buds in my ears. I could not hear my friends talking to me. Perhaps these are noise cancelling? I tried to focus on what they were saying, and every time I talked I could hear myself talking, it was weird. I did not notice this running alone.

As my friends and I started down the first hill, one was trying to talk to me, I couldn’t hear a thing. I wondered how safe it could be. I took one ear bud out and tucked the other under my sports bra. Ahh I could listen to the tunes, and still hear my surroundings. That one bud stayed put too.

I told my group of friends to run on, I waited for another friend and we slowed the pace. This friend would rather run with music than talk, so I thought I would put the other ear bud back in my ear. Oh the struggle!  I tried to twist it into place, the ear wing popped off twice, so I took it off, stuffed it in the pouch I have to use when I bring my phone, and tucked the bud back under my bra.

I was at mile 5.5 of the race when my music started to screw up. I am not sure if it was sweat, the Jabra app, or what was happening. So instead of fight the insanity, I took that ear bud out and stuck it under the other bra strap.

I guess after 3 runs, here are my observations”

  • the music sounds great
  • they may cancel too much noise
  • read all materials, and open all boxes to fit them properly
  • they are easy to charge
  • they connect easy to blue tooth
  • they don’t tangle
  • only work with bluetooth devices
  • they are light weight

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