Week 4 – 100 Miles – 2021

Week 4 Recap – 2021

Here we are, one more week down and only 2 more days to go. I hope you are close to reaching your goal. I am really close to my 100 running miles only, and I am confident I will get there!

In week 4 I encouraged everyone to pay it forward. I managed to pick up a bag of trash in just one mile of running. I am not sure if it was a result of a windy day or a busy road that has been re-opened, but I can’t believe all the crap that is constantly out there. If anything I am glad I picked up the things that might impact wildlife. I will continue to work on picking up items around my neighborhood.

I also noticed many of you picking up trash and donating pies!! I know we have also inspired others not in the group to do the same. Really, this is what it is all about – motivation and inspiration.

In the last couple of days see if you can run another timed mile. This is always a challenge for me, but the track doesn’t have any snow yet, so I will give it a try. I have also thrown in one last scavenger hunt find – the fire hydrant. Bonus points (non existent) for one that is not red.

Ok now a reminder of the great prizes up for grabs if you hit 100 miles. Get those miles in the spreadsheet!!!

  • Aftershokz! These are open ear, bone conduction, bluetooth headphones. This year I have 2, yes 2 pairs of Open Move headphones to award. Full disclosure, I am an ambassador, but I can’t imagine wearing anything else. I wear them for running and for working.
  • Hawkeye 50k/25k Race Entry. This is a trail race around Lake MacBride near Solon, IA. The race will be in April of 2022.
  • Motor Motor 5k/10k Trail Run/ Walk Entry. This is a trail race near Elkader, IA. The race is March 19, 2022. Thank you Jill.
  • $25 Zyia Active gift card. This is workout gear in many colors and sizes. Thank you Jennifer!

That’s 5 prizes!!!! I can’t thank you enough for participating every year, it keeps me moving for sure.

If you are already looking ahead to something to do next, I will suggest the #runchathunt. It’s the original running scavenger hunt – https://www.therunchat.com/runchatevents/2021/holiday-runchathunt

Also if you are looking to join another online fitness community, my local running store We Run is hosting a community challenge through March 1st. It is hosted as a Facebook group.