Places to Run – Iowa City area +

I started this page once… then I deleted it…now it’s back.

The idea is this will be the page where I keep links to posts of places to run in and around the Iowa City, IA area. I am also open to linking to guest posts, or having others write the posts – so send me an email

Sure you can find this on Strava or – but these short posts will include things such as – is there a bathroom? can I get water? lots of intersections?

It will also, always be a work in progress. I will add places as I have time, or as I run there.

Without further ado, here are the recaps of places to run in the area:

  • Hoover Nature Trail – West Branch, IA
  • Squire Point (Woodpecker) – North Liberty, IA (north Iowa City, IA)
  • West Branch, IA
  • Hickory Hill – Iowa City, IA
  • Cedar Valley Nature Trail – Ely to Waterloo, IA
  • Heritage Trail – Dyersville to Dubuque, IA
  • Iowa River Corridor Trail – Iowa City, IA
  • Terry Trueblood Recreation Area – Iowa City, IA
  • City Park – Iowa City, IA
  • Scott Blvd – Iowa City, IA
  • Iowa City High School Track – Iowa City, IA
  • Francis Cretzmeyer Track – University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
  • Woodpecker Singletrack Trail – Coralville, IA

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