Arctic Frog 50k


December – The final month of my “Marathon a Month” journey. I capped off the adventure with an ultramarathon.

As I discussed with my February or July race, it’s hard to find races in the midwest when the temperatures are at their peak low or high. After some searching I happened upon the Arctic Frog 50k in Libertyville, I, Saturday, December 3. This is just north of Chicago and a short 3:45 hour drive.

ROAD TRIP! (Ha those words are familiar around here)

The plan was to leave at a decent time on Friday, to get to my hotel and get a good nights sleep. I had a busy day though before I could leave. There was work and I agreed to be part of a holiday vendor fair in the middle of the day. I actually helped raise $500 for the county Crisis Center, by donating proceeds of my headband sales.

I was on the road around 4pm. I think the best investment we made as far as traveling is the I-Pass, makes it so easy to get in and out of Chicago. I made some stops along the way, and rolled into the motel around 8:30 pm. It wasn’t fancy, but for $55 it was all I needed. (I’ll cap off the year, but travel and costs are more difficult than running)

I brought some pasta along with me, and it even had pesto and scrambled hamburger on top. See, I don’t always eat plain noodles. The plan was for a good nights sleep, I even found Friends on TV to watch….but I never sleep well away from home before a race…Even after all the races I have done, I toss and turn all night, I think I am fearful I will miss the alarm.

Saturday – I didn’t miss my alarm… I woke up just before 6 am. The race was to start at 8 am, and I still needed to grab my bib. I also brought along a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast. I paired that with what the hotel lobby called coffee…it was more like hot water.

I pulled up google maps and discovered I was only a 3 minute drive to the start…no matter what though, it seems like time flies by when you are trying to get somewhere, and in no time it was already 7 am. I got all the things together and drove over to Independence Grove, the forest preserve where the event was taking place.

There was plenty of parking, in fact it was all free if you were running the race. The area is like a park and there is a place you are supposed to pay to park, if you are using the area.

I parked and walked to the table where I could get my bib. I just told them my name and was handed a gallon size Ziploc bag of things. Included was a long sleeve, neon orange, unisex tech shirt; a sticker; a Curate bar; a random paper bracelet thing; and my bib.

There were indoor bathrooms available, but a short walk away. They were heated too, as it was cloudy and about 25 degrees.

I walked back to my car to suck up some more heat before the race started at 8 am. I had plenty of time. I sat there, and checked out the happenings on my phone, and double checked I had everything I needed.

Gear: Orange Mud Endurance Pack, Hawkeye ball cap, Merino Wool Buff(r), Buff(r) Hoodie, Aftershockz headphones, Key West Tech short sleeve shirt, Moving Comfort Jacket, Nathan Race belt, Sparkle Atheltic Skirt, 2XU Hyoptik tights, ProCompresion Socks, Brooks Ghost 9, Garmin Fenix 3, Pearl Izumi gloves

It was nearing the start of the race, so I walked to the starting arch, complete with balloons. It was a small racing field, and a laid back event. There were some announcements being made, but hard to hear as everyone was talking and no one was listening. There was some chatter about 50k finishers not having enough medals as there was a mixup, but they would send it in the mail…then something about if you chose to get it sent in the mail, they would give you 25% off next years entry… I really don’t know what was happening… I did know, if I didn’t get something for finishing, I wouldn’t be too happy.

After the announcements, the crowd moved forward and the race was on. My main goal for this race was to finish, it was the crown to the year. However in order to do that, I needed to make the first loop in 4 hours.

The course was run through the forest preserve on soft limestone trail, some dirt, and some pavement thrown in. Each loop was 25k, but it was not your traditional circular style loop. There were 3 out and back sections. This was great, you would meet other runners, and could slap some high fives and get words of encouragement.

This style of loop was also set up to hit the main aid station 6 times. I am sure I have touched on this before, but the aid stations for longer distances or trail running is why I prefer them over road races. Seriously, I think they had more food at the aid station than a casino buffet. There was clementines, bananas, pretzels, snack mix, strudel muffins, Ores, jelly beans, M & M’s,  candy, water, soda, gatorade, broth, coffee, peanuts, pickles and green olives…. I am probably missing something. Best aid station ever, the volunteers were great too, very helpful and friendly.

Ok, so the running part…getting sidetracked by food..oops!

I started slow, and was suddenly at the back of the pack, and I was ok with that. At around the 2-3 mile mark, a person came up behind and started chatting with me. I was like, are you speaking with me, lol.

We became quick friends, running is the best!! My new friend’s name is Heather, and she is from Chicago. We stuck by each other, chatting along. Even striking a pose or 2 for the photographer. At some point we crossed paths with the leader of the race, he was only wearing shorts and his sponsors were wrote on his bare chest. (He eventually won in sub 4 hour fashion)

We made it through the first loop as the finisher clock said 3:13…we didn’t get cut and we didn’t get lapped!!! Just had to make it one more loop. After some more refueling at an aid station, we had to pick up our walking as we were cooling down.

At about the same point we first met, Heather said her knee was bothering her, and said to go on ahead…I stayed with her a bit, but eventually there was a distance between us, and I went on my way. However, as I mentioned the course allowed us to see each other as we passed on the out and backs.

I switched over to my music. I don’t remember the hills being a problem on the first loop, but I was walking up them on the second loop. I was really near the back of the pack, it was evident when I arrived at the furthest away aid station… I only passed 2 people on the way back to the finish. One of them was Heather, and I told her I would see her at the finish.

With about 3 miles to go, the sun came out… I didn’t have my sunglasses with me and I wish I did, it was why I ran with a ball cap though, in case the sun came out. Anymore I run with my sunglasses so much, it’s hard to run without them.

I was feeling it at this point, and was dreading the switch back to pavement. Every time I would stop, my hip would hurt and my knee would whine at me. However when the watch hit 30 miles, I was going to run the rest of the way to the finish.

I could see the finish arch in the distance, and there was someone waving to me. I was like, who is that? Then I remembered, my other friend Heather, of Bibrave Pro fame…mentioned she might come out. I think when the sun came out, she was on property.

I was soooo happy!!!! There is nothing more exciting than seeing someone at the finish line that you know!!!

I also noticed the finisher’s clock, it was ticking near 7:01…and in the back of my mind I knew that was super close to my 50k PR.  I hit stop on my watch after crossing the finish line, and then took a peak at my watch…30.54 miles….not a 50k…so is this a PR? UGH..the guy at the finish said they measured the course twice. Then I noticed, with the fanciness of my watch, that my moving time was 6:40…I wasted 20 minutes at aid stations and a bathroom stop.  Now all the math, if I ran another half mile, would I have beat 7:09? (my PR time) Either way, I am ready to tackle 50k again…maybe in 6 months…

After some chatting with Heather, I did get a finisher’s belt buckle!!! I also snacked on more food. There wasn’t a true post race setup, but the aid station that was set up here was still open. There was also a tent set up with a propane heater.

I told Heather (that I just met on the race course) I would see her at the finish, and with the out and backs, she was to be the next person to finish. Then someone finished that wasn’t her…and we were all confused. Some friends that knew her, went to go find her, and didn’t come back with her.

Then, not on the race course, Heather appeared….she took a wrong turn near the last mile, but she was still within the finishing time, and she was able to cross the finish line. WAHOO!!!

All three of us milled around some more, new Heather even scored a sleeve of Oreos…cuz why not? LOL.

Original Heather and I were going to go warm up with some Starbucks, which was right across the way, and new Heather joined us.

We chatted like we were all old friends. This is why I love running, the people!!! I have met the coolest people along the way…. I mean running also has taught me anything is possible…but the friendships I have made are like no other.

New Heather departed first…and even though I am pretty sure Original Heather and I would still be chatting there now, I had to drive home. We said our goodbyes…and were on our way…

The drive home was easy, even stopped for some salty, McDonald’s fries. I really wasn’t too hungry for post 50k, probably because I ate like a queen on the course.

As far as this race, I would run it again. It’s very laid back, but well organized. While you could have missed a turn out there, it was easy to find your way back. The preserve is also a good place to get in all those miles.

And there it is…. a marathon (or longer) a month for one whole year. I will recap the entire experience…like how I actually ran 14 events…and why…


The Spicy Way

My area turkey trot, the Legend of the Fall is, in fact not really a turkey trot, but the only event happening in Iowa City, on Thanksgiving. I appreciate that this event is more of a challenge, yet everyone is encouraged to participate. I have run this many times in the past, you can see the review for last year.

The 2016 event was on Thursday, November 24. It was cloudy and around 40 degrees.

As in years past, I ran to this event, it’s just under a 2 mile jaunt to the school where it’s held. I made it to the school in plenty of time to register at the $25 price tag. I even got a long sleeved, unisex, cotton shirt.

There was a little time to just mill about. I was starting to get cold, so I stayed indoors until I had to get to the starting line on the track. It was nice to also take advantage of the real bathrooms.

I met up with fellow Corridor Running board member, John, for a quick picture.

We made our way to the starting area, which was just a clump of people. The announcements were general, consisting of trail conditions and no National Anthem. Then it seemed like the clump of people just moved forward….guess the race was on!

We did the “lap” around the track and headed off into the woods and trails of Hickory Hill Park. As I mentioned above, I have run this race many times before, but running in Hickory Hill feels new every time. I have had to ask a friend to accompany me on training runs through the area, as I get lost.

The days leading up to the race were rainy, but no rain during the race, like the previous year, so the trail was decent. There are areas of single track, some roots, some open spots, running through an open field – all kinds of terrain. There are also some decent hills.

I met up with, Monty some where in the race. I met Monty a few years ago when he helped with a couch to 5k program, since them he has participated in the 100 mile challenge, and we encourage each other on your many running endeavors. However, it was the first time we were actually racing together.

I enjoyed the company, it was nice to have a friend on the short course. He asked me about the “spicy way.” So, I told him… Last year the spicy way was eliminate due to the muddy conditions, however in the past, it was a short cut, through a creek and then climbing up the bank. He was curious, how much longer the mild way was, if it really was a short cut.

Of course, I always take the spicy way…and who was behind me, Monty! I live for this kind of fun. After stumbling through non marked trail, through tree branches and over fallen limbs, I came across a couple of people standing there, discussing how they were going to get across this creek. This is when I said “You only live once, see you later!” What proceeded was like a scene out of a move… I took a splash in the 3 inch deep water, hopped over to the creek bank and pulled myself up and across…. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! (someone might want to check if those people are still standing at the creek, ok I kid)

I was back out on the course, and could hear Monty behind me, yay! Spicy route fun for all!!!

The way back to the track, was all uphill, but I mustered through and made the final “lap” around the track and across the timing mat. I made sure to wait to see if Monty finished, yay!!!

I saw a few more friends and chit chatted, before I made my way back inside the school to check out the post race food and results. The parents and school staff always do a great job with the post race spread. Sure the race is only about 3.8 miles long, but you have your choice of many home made breads, cookies and bars.

I checked my results to see I finished near 40 minutes, which was a decent time. I did discover the person in my AG crushed it in 27 minutes, dang!!  The winners received a pie!

I decided to get on my way, I didn’t have a traditional Thanksgiving planned, but wanted to get some more miles in and have a lazy day.

I took a little longer route home, adding about another 3 miles or so on the day, for a total of 8.4 miles. Not too bad for a “turkey trot”

I really like this race, and I plan to keep on doing it if I am available.

The rest of my Thanksgiving consisted of a nap and watching movies, it was great!!

I did end the day, enjoying a meal at the Iowa River Power Company, with the B1G reffing crew. Say what? Yep, my Thanksgiving gets shifted around due to Iowa Athletics. The Iowa / Nebraska football game is now the Friday after Thanksgiving, so this year I was invited to join the officiating crew for the game at a Thanksgiving dinner.

Hope you all had a great holiday!

Congrats 100 milers!

WOW, what a fast month, seems like just yesterday the 100 miles in November challenge just began.


Hope you all met your goals, whether it was running 100 miles, or just making sure to run 3 times a week. Accomplishing what you set out to do is something no one can take away from you. I want to be the first to congratulate you and thank you for keeping me inspired along the way.


The moment everyone has been waiting for the GRAND PRIZE winners….

Congrats to Todd M for winning the Orange Mud Hydraquiver!!!!

Congrats to Linda J for winning the hand made medal rack!!!

Last, but not least, the “Clean the closet” prize goes to…. Kathy M.

For everyone that completed the challenge, Phil at Fleet Feet Davenport will have a list of the names that have completed the 100 miles. He will have a $15 coupon on a pair of shoes for you. Any questions, let me know. (Can only be used at this FF location)

Please thank the people and companies that support this challenge, they make it more fun and encouraging along the way.

Thank you Corridor Running for providing the weekly shirts, if you want to buy any CR gear, they do have a website.

A huge thanks to Bibrave for providing the 2, trucker hat prize packs. If you are ever considering a race, check out the reviews at Or maybe you had a good/bad experience yourself, make sure to leave a review too.

Also, this challenge wouldn’t be as encouraging without the mid month Dunkin Donuts prize, they graciously offered a $50 gift card. Thank you!!! Now pass the donuts!

Last, but not least, my sister. She made the medal rack. She likes to use old wood to make creations with string. You can check out her business on facebook, or look her up and she can custom create anything you like.

Now, I am very busy right now, so please be patient on hearing from me and receiving your prizes. Thanks!!


I hope you are ready for the holiday season. Will you start a new goal? Will you take a break? What are you going to do next, tell us!!!


Closing In….

The last full week of the 100 miles challenge has come and gone, are you close to achieving your goal? How did you get there? Was it a challenge?

I am happy to have you all on board to do this each year, so I hope you are finishing strong, and meet the goal you set out to accomplish.


I have a Corridor Running shirt to giveaway this week. The lucky winner is Faye P. CONGRATS!!!

Also, if you have read this, and want the “clean out the prize closet” prize, please comment on the FB thread (or let me know) and I will enter you into the drawing. If you would like to know, this ends up being samples I have picked up at expos, and I really don’t need them, but happy to share with someone else as I don’t want to throw them away.

Alright, finish this thing off!! The grand prize is on the line, an Orange Mud Hydraquiver and don’t forget the medal rack!

Winter Training

Training – in the winter – in Iowa…. now for me, it really isn’t any different than training for a race any other time of the year. I run year round, just get the clothes and adapt, and really once you run a few times in the extremes your body quickly adjusts, the worst is if the temps fluctuate.

This year I am training for a race in Florida…the Key West Half Marathon.


You can join me and save with code 19OFFBA for $19 savings (thru 12/26/6)

Ok, I am no stranger to training through the winter for a Florida race… I ran the inaugural Dopey Challenge, it really wasn’t too bad…so I thought I would review my training and share my tips with you.

1. Treadmill – This is the obvious answer. My gym is always 100 degrees, or it feels that way, so if I just switch to training indoors, I can adapt to the warmer climates. However, I avoid the treadmill at all costs. If I run too much on one, hello shin splints. Also I HATE THE TREADMILL! This tip can also be, run indoors too…I have access to an indoor track.

2. Move – Alright, so this option isn’t really doable. I mean unless your grandparents winter in Florida, or you have a winter job at Disney.

3. Gear – This is my personal, favorite answer. I need to get the training miles in, and would rather run outdoors. I make sure I have the right gear for doing this. My number one tip is to dress in layers. That first layer will take that sweat from you, but the top layers will keep you warm, so the wet clothes don’t hit the cold air. I also don’t leave the house without a great pair of windproof gloves, thermal tights / windproof pants, running glasses, face mask/scarf/Buff(r), and stocking hat. Sure this all seems like a lot, but really if you are comfortable out there, you wont notice how cold it is.

4. Self Care – with the changing environments and temperatures, it’s easy to get sick. Make sure to take care of yourself. This starts with a good diet, but regular foam rolling, stretching, and trips to the sauna all help too. Oh, don’t forget a good lip balm!

5. Hydrate! – This is an easy thing to overlook in the winter, especially since you may not feel like you are loosing fluids. There are a lot of great products on the market to keep you hydrated, there are even some that can be served hot. Drink up!

6. Embrace the suck and have fun out there. Some people don’t get to experience the cold weather, and GASP – they whine about not running in the summer as it’s too hot and humid.

Also, you will have bragging rights. Imagine getting together for the holidays and all the family does is complain about the snow, you can just pipe in and say, “It was a great day for a run!”

Turkey Week

Keep moving 100 milers!!!

This week may start the busy holiday season for most. Traveling to meet with family, or hosting a gathering can take a lot of your time, and running takes a back seat. Hang in there…and log a few miles, we are all cheering for you. In fact encourage the family to run that Turkey Trot with you!

I know, for me, running is a great stress reliever, so even though the holidays start to take more of my time, I always find a way to squeeze in at least a 3 miler. “There are 24 usable hours in everyday.”

Ok, so there are many international members of the group too, and may not be celebrating the holiday. However, maybe you have some tips for keeping accountable during a time like this?


Getting right to it – Congrats to Ryan P for winning the Corridor Running shirt and to Katie B for winning the Bibrave prize pack!

A few events happening this week I would like to mention:

  • Corridor Running is hosting the Run Turkey Run. It’s a social/fun run! There is a suggested donation of 3 nonperishable food items. The run is a 5 mile distance. Meet up at the Franklin Middle School track on Thursday, November 24th, at 8am. (corner of E Ave NE and 20th St NE in Cedar Rapids, IA)
  • The Fleet Feet Davenport Track Friday, Donut Prediction mile. This will be November 25th at 8am at the Bettendorf High School. More details here

Now – get out there and log some miles! Keep your encouraging pictures coming!

My week really isn’t much different than any other week. I continue to train for my 50k the first week of December. I will also be taking part in Black and Gold Friday, GO HAWKS! (Beat the Huskers!)

Madison Marathon


My 21st marathon…I just had a Facebook memory pop up from 2011, it said something about running my first marathon, which I did in the fall of 2012. Here we are now, and I can say they don’t get any easier.

The 2016 Madison Marathon was held on Sunday, November 13. The middle of Hawkeye football season. Why mention this? Well I have season tickets to all Iowa home football games…Saturday, Nov 12, was a home game, against #3 Michigan.

  • Madison is a 3 hour drive from Iowa City
  • Hawkeye game times are usually 11 am or 2:30 pm
  • I needed to finish the Conquer the Capital Challenge for an additional medal

Ok, driving to Madison after the football game was totally doable, however football game times are usually determined by TV. Last year the Hawkeyes went 12-0 in the regular season, so TV thought ahead of our season that this game should be a 7pm start. This was after I registered for the marathon. AHHHHH. I was not going to drive to Madtown at midnight, and I wasn’t going to wake up at 2 am to drive there, so this meant I had to miss a home Iowa football game….stop making fun of me, I haven’t missed a home game in over 10 years. Iowa has no pro sports, this is our team, my team.

Now you have some background on the weekend. Next, If you recall, I ran the Conquer the Capital 19.3 in the spring, at the time I wasn’t able to register for the 45.5 challenge, as I ran the spring race for Bibrave and it wasn’t an option for me. When I registered for the fall race, I assumed I was just added to the challenge. It was a good thing I checked as I wasn’t in for the challenge.  I was in panic mode, I was missing a football game to run a marathon, a week after I just ran a marathon…stupid!

I reached out to the race, and they said that they don’t offer the 45.5 challenge with the fall registration because you have to complete the spring challenge. I told them my situation and they were able to add me to the challenge, with no problem. I hope they change this in the future, sometimes in the spring you aren’t sure if you would be able to run a fall marathon, but maybe you have a great summer and want to finish the challenge with the marathon.

Alright all drama aside…well the drama leading up to the race…lol…

I couldn’t miss all parts of gameday, so I met with my tailgating crew and headed over to Kinnick Stadium for a couple hours of fun. I left the crew at noon, and ran home as my shakeout.

I was on the road to Madison before 2pm. The plan was to meet fellow Bibrave Pro Gina at 5, and then get to the expo before it closed at 6pm. The drive to Madison is usually easy, and this time was no exception. In fact, gas in Dubuque was just under $2. (Seriously, Iowa City, what’s the deal?)

I met Gina, grabbed a cookie from the hotel lobby, and we were on our way to the expo. We were only about a mile away, but we drove, and opted to park in the attached parking ramp, for $5. (Which is reasonable, but coming from small town USA, I am not a huge fan of this, we could have parked downtown and walked over, but that was across a busy highway)

We walked into the busy Monona Terrace, which is host to many other events, and we met Bibrave Pro – Andrey (and his girlfriend, Emily.)

The expo was very similar to the spring, not very big, but easy to navigate and get what you need. We did show up near closing time and some vendors were already gone, or they were starting to pack up. It wasn’t a huge deal, I don’t need anything more…..

All of us decided to get supper together, and using google maps, found a place called Angelo’s. This was appealing to me as there were TV’s on the bar side…you know the football game would be starting soon.

We sat down to a round of drinks and placed our orders. They all made fun of me asking for pasta with no sauce. I asked for a pile of noodles, I just don’t care for marinara sauce, it’s gross! Now put some fresh tomatoes on top and I am all good. They probably wouldn’t be laughing if they knew I was charged the same amount too…seriously there were like 5 noodles with some chicken and it was $14…UGH! Anyway the company was good and the game was off to slow start, which was good.

We said, see ya in the morning…and Gina and I took off for our hotel so I could finish watching the football game. WHAT A GAME!!!! The Hawks won with a last second field goal, people stormed the field…. I jumped up and down in the hotel room, Gina was not impressed (she might have been asleep)… LOL

Oh yeah, I was some how supposed to sleep after that. Marathon #21 in the morning, or #13 for marathon a month. I had all my gear ready to go….

Gear: Hawkeye tank, Orange Mud Hydraquiver VP1, xx2i USA1 sunglasses, Aftershockz headphones, Adidas boyshorts, Sparkle Athletic donut skirt, Nike Element pullover, Nathan race belt, Brooks Ghost 9, ProCompression socks, Nike Cubs hat, Garmin Fenix 3

It was a early morning, the hotel had breakfast starting at 5:30am. I popped an english muffin into the toaster, topped it off with peanut butter when it was done. Had some coffee….you know the drill.

The marathon started at 7 am, with the half marathon to follow. Gina and I left our hotel with enough time to meet Andrey and pro, Casey. We carpooled as the race advertised on street parking (first come, first serve) or in ramps. We pulled right up, 2 blocks from the start, parked for free!!!

It was cool, about 36 degrees and wind! We met the guys in a nearby Starbucks, it was warm in there, so it was full of lots of runners…many who were just using the bathroom. Even though there were a bajillion port-o-potties available near the race start.

We met up for a group picture, and then made our way to the starting area. Andrey and I were running the marathon, while Casey and Gina were going to run the half. You can check out all the official reviews at

It was time to tackle this race. I really didn’t have a goal, but to finish and get that extra medal. In the back of my mind, I was wondering if I could run the second half faster again, and qualify for another pair of shoes.

I lined up in the back, the course was open for 6 hours, and there was a 5:30 pacer. I started with them, I figured this would get me the slow start I would need. It was a nice group of women. They were doing 4:1 intervals, which is fine with me, but I am not used the stopping and starting again, but I rolled with it. I learned their names, and listened to their goals and stories. No need for my tunes.


I stopped to use the bathroom at an aid station, it was playing the chicken dance song, HELP ME!  I caught back up with the group., they were still chatty. I still felt good. I was eating fruit snacks, a granola bar and fruit twists this time around, and there were 2 banana stops on the route. There was also Gatorade and water, however you needed to be on top of things, they were randomly placed at each stop.


At the half way point, I thought, ok it’s time to give this a shot, so I left the group behind. I was feeling alright, and just kept movin along. Then for whatever reason, I am assuming running a marathon the week before, I was just tired, my legs were tired. I started doing some more walking. I did see Andrey’s girlfriend, Emily on course, so that was nice.


I just kept plugging away. I knew Madison had hills from the many races I had run before. I enjoyed the scenery, however the miles that were in the residential parts were boring, and there weren’t any spectators, unless your family was out, so it was boring and lonely, well except for passing back and forth with Steve…he finally left me in his dust.


After walking the last mile or so, I think I was walking faster than I could run, I climbed the last hill, and crossed the finish line. You may notice in the picture, I am the only one in it, and that is how it felt. I crossed around 5:45 or something, within the limits, but most everyone had left.


I did get my medal, then I grabbed a bottle of water off of a table, and then a volunteer handed me my challenge medal. I stopped to look for a mylar blanket, there were none available, however I could see people walking around in them. I had my picture taken, and proceeded to walk the finisher’s chute. The last stop was the food table, there were bag lunches from Panera, and while they had turkey at one time, only ham and veggie remained. There were also halved bananas. (Inside the bag lunch was half a sandwich, bag of chips and cookie.) While it’s nice to have the food in a bag, I could have used a chocolate milk and something easy and quick to eat.


When I exited, I had my results printed up on a paper, then you walk by the beer area. You could get a Michelob Ultra with the ticket on your bib. No thanks! Wisconsin is like the beer capital of the world…I wish they would have better options. There were tables here to sit down, but they were already taking them down. I sat on a bench and took a break. Strange lonely feeling. I did finish the race, guess I need to get faster.

*I found out there was a post race band, but even though I finished within the time limits, there was no band performing when I finished.

It was time to drive back home….it was just like all the build up and then it was over. I feel bad for anyone that finished after me. Hope they at least got a bagged lunch. I am not a super slow runner either, I just wish that the last runner would experience the race just as the first runner. This is what keeps people coming back.

I think one of my favorite things, was being able to park so close to the start/finish. Well the free race pictures are nice too. I was back to my car, did a quick change-a-roo, and was back on the road again. I made sure to make a stop for some cheese curds, because Wisconsin…hey these would be excellent post race, note to self: need to find a cheese curd race.

Anyway….I am ahead on my marathon per month goal, but I will cap it off with a 50k in December (Arctic frog 50k), so wish me luck. The weather has already changed for colder too. Which will make the next race after that a fun challenge, the Key West Half. Training for a Florida race in Iowa in the winter…should be fun.