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“Disclaimer: I received entry into the Pittsburgh MarathonSteel Challenge to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!”

It’s been a while since I had a plethora of races on my calendar, but there was a time that the schedule was always full. I go to gatherings and what not and people keep asking me what am I running next? Well I finally have an answer, the Pittsburgh Marathon!!

A picture from a run along the river in PGH when I visited for a baseball trip

Ok, so I will run a shorter distance race here and there, in fact I am signed up for the Holiday Bowl 5k on Dec 26th and I will always try to run the Amana Freezer Run, but I need a goal.

It’s also been a hot minute since I actually trained for a marathon. I am out of shape and need a kick in the butt. This could be it!

I have been to Pittsburgh a couple of times and I have really enjoyed both trips. I look forward to discovering more about the city on foot. I also hope to enjoy some perogies.

I plan to run the Steel Challenge. This includes the 5k on Saturday (May 2nd) and the full marathon on Sunday (May 3rd.) If you want to run the full, half or relay code “BIBRAVE10PGH” will save $10

100 mile wrap up

100 Miles In November Wrap up

It’s December first and the challenge is over. Womp Womp.

I am kinda sad… it went by soooooo quick. I made it to 101.68 miles for the month and I know I couldn’t have done it without all of your motivation, inspiration and encouragement.

Congratulations to everyone who met their goal!! The idea of the challenge was just to keep active during a crazy time of the year. Whether you met 100 miles or just made sure to go for a walk, you did it!!

I also appreciate the posts in the Facebook group that kept it real. Life happens and injury creeps in. This happens and it’s hard to take a break, but with the support of everyone it makes it easier to take the rest our body needs.

I am saying this again, but I was overwhelmed by those who have requested to be a featured participant in the group. I apologize if I did not recognize you all. I promise I will not forget about you.

Also I have SLOWLY been getting to those headband and keychain requests. So if you haven’t heard from me, be patient. If you still would like one and didn’t request one, let me know. I can also make scrunchies.

Now, how about some prizes!!!

There are 2 more BibRave Swag prizes on the line, so heading to the random number generator, I would like to congratulate Mark V(column CM) and Sheryl B (Column AF)

Time for the Grand Prizes!! To be eligible for these, you would need to have made it 100 Miles in November. The winner of the Aftershokz headphones is Lou S (Column CC) !!! The winner of the Hawkeye 50k/25k/10Mile entry is Heather P (column DM)!!

As always look for me to be in touch, to square away the details.

Thank you to everyone that made 2019 a success. Special thanks to Corridor Running, BibRave, Aftershokz, The Iowa River Power Company/Flannigan’s, We Run/Hawkeye 50k, MarathAng Bands, Clythie, and Plato Electric LLC.

Congratulations once again to everyone!!! I look forward to November 2020. In the meantime, while the FB group gets quiet, it is still open so feel free to post as you wish!

Legend of the Fall 2019 Recap

Legend of the Fall 2019

Back for more… I don’t even know how many years I have run this event, but it’s my favorite area race to brag about. This race is a pretty tough trail event on a day that is usually reserved for the family friendly turkey trot. Iowa City knows how to celebrate a runner’s true grit!

This year, Josh registered us ahead of time. I think it was around $25 and included was a long sleeve, soft cotton, unisex shirt and a timing chip.

I ran the 1.9 miles to the start. The race is hosted at an area High School. I met up with Josh who had gotten our shirts and timing chip. Again this year there were no bibs to worry about. In a day and age where banditing is becoming more of a thing, I feel I live in a small, honest community where it’s still not very common…so no bib, no problem.
We waited a while in the cafeteria and I was too hot, so with 10 minutes before the start, we went to the truck and waited 5 more minutes, then walked to the start at the track.

Gear: Brooks Gylcerin, Sparkle Athletic Skirt, Fila pants, Aftershokz Aeropex, Rudy sunglasses, Boco hat, run jacket, Champion sports bra, Corridor Runinng long sleeve, Garmin Forerunner 935, Vooray waist pack

There always seem to be so many people gathered around on the wrong side of the track, but everyone eventually makes it to the starting line. There were announcements, but hard to hear. Then everyone was moving forward.

With a partial loop around the track we were off into Hickory Hill Park. The park offers some fun trails within city limits. I always have to ask a friend to run with me, when there’s not a race so I don’t get lost.

All those people make for a crowded first mile. Watching your footing and being patient will pay off. It’s easy to get excited, start passing people, then end up face planting because you missed a step or stumbled on a root.

The hills were all still there this year too and for fun they were nice and slimy. With my pace, by the time I hit many spots the trail was packed down and extra muddy. Some parts I just wallowed through the slop. It was funny to see people try to avoid it.

Speaking of avoiding… my favorite part of the race “the spicy way” is one of the most avoided parts of the event. So after trekking through the trails, close to the end there is a short cut, clearly marked with a sign. This year there were many questions, “what is the spicy way?” I think it’s because we couldn’t hear the announcements.

So after explaining to someone it will be fun, I pulled off into the woods, following the yellow flags the spicy way. This was less of a trail, more like walking through tall grass, under limbs and over logs, then arriving at a small creek.

Once at the creek, you hear the usual grumblings from the people arriving. I think this year I heard “how are we going to get across?” I then climbed down the short bank, into the ankle deep water, and then proceeded to climb the slippery mud bank out. I happened to glance at the people using a log just down the way… meh, I like the challenge. Just splash into the creek and get it done.

Well I wasn’t done with the spicy way, as I still had to climb out of the ravine. I saw the guy ahead of me slip, but tried my best to use the existing roots for footing and was back onto a marked trail. Also as luck would have it, former NFL and Hawkeye kicker Nate Kaeding was at the top, lol.

Then it was time to climb the one last hill and run another partial loop around the track. I came to the finish line and pushed pause on my Garmin, I think I had a distance of 3.55 miles. Then I bent over and pulled my own chip from my shoe, and I suggested this method to others, but they insisted on waiting on the clippers to cut their own tags. (Pro tip, they just pull off!)

I met up with Josh and we walked back up to the high school. There was water in coolers and baked goods to enjoy. We didn’t stick around long. I believe winners were awarded pie.

I got a ride with Josh to get home. I was surprised he let me ride in his truck, I was super muddy.

I like this race, it has changed a bit here and there over time, but it still remains to be a tough trail race on Thanksgiving. The price is right and it’s easy for me to get to.

Week 3 100 Mile Recap

One more week to go, YOU CAN DO IT!! (Insert Rob Schnieder gif)

Ok, if anything, this challenge has proven my really bad photo editing skills, but hey I am just having some fun. Your photos of motivation and encouragement are great!

Getting right to the meat of the post, PRIZES!!! Winners of Corridor Running shirts are as follows:

  • Tim O. (Column I)
  • Christina B (Column DS)

Congratulations! I will be in touch!

I always like to highlight those brands that make this challenge possible. If you can please thank these people: Corridor Running, BibRave, Aftershokz, MarathAng Bands, IRP/Flannigan’s and the Hawkeye 50k. I can’t do this without them.

The Hawkeye 50k is an ultra right in our backyard. It takes place in April and involves a spillway crossing! There is a 25k distance and a 10 mile distance. If you log 100 miles you will be entered into a free entry. This race also has a sister event that takes place in the fall as well. The race is in Solon, IA on all kinds of terrain, if you want more information you can ask as I have run both the spring and fall events – or just check out their website. Registration is open!

If you were clicking around on the Hawkeye website, you might also have stumbled upon the Winter Challenge. That’s right the race is put on by the running store which is hosting a challenge this winter. I am making sure to mention this to all of you as I know when November is over, people are looking to continue their activity. Follow this link and prompts to get started on the next challenge – https://werunllc.com/we-run-winter-challenge?fbclid=IwAR34Oqr2Vd6q2AnwfQQVfUh4_01qKII4swBNBmF-Qe4Z8Hrq7bzxc-g7t-k I know you do not have to live in the area to participate.

I know I am throwing a lot your way, but one last reminder before time runs out – sign up for the Aftershokz BOGO Black Friday deal NOW!!!! Ok you should all know I am an ambassador for these headphones, but really they are one of the best inventions and gear for running! By signing up you are adding yourself to the email list so you know when the deal goes live!!! What is the deal – you purchase a pair of Aftershokz and you are given an unboxed pair of Titanium to gift. Use this link to sign up Givegoodvibez.aftershokz.com 

2nd 100 Mile Recap

I’ll skip the, “I can’t believe we are already halfway through the month” jibberesh and get right to the post… or something like that.

This year there are 134 participants for the challenge and it was pointed out in the FB group at the halfway point that over 5000 miles had been logged. Every mile adds up, this is incredible. I know there is an app called charity miles that donates for every mile you run, but maybe looking ahead we can do something with our miles and motivation, I am thinking for a charitable cause. Keep up the good work and keep logging your miles!

This week I will feature Bibrave. Bibrave is a race review website, you can check it out at bibrave.com. Think of yelp, but for running. You can read reviews or add reviews. They also have an ambassador program, which I have been a part of for over 5 years. I have traveled many places, tested many products, learned about social media and met many incredible people. (You can join the program, and I am super late with this as applications close TONIGHT, Nov 17 https://www.bibrave.com/bibravepro) #teamprocrastination I would like to thank BibRave for being a part of this challenge for many years.

Alright the moment you have all been waiting for PRIZES!!!

The half way prize of a $25 gift card to IRP/Flannigan’s is – Wendy N. (column DO)

The winners of a BibRave Swag Pack are: Stephanie S (Column AS) & Jen D (column N)

I will be in contact!

I have not forgotten about those of you who have requested headbands or keychains etc. As always I do too many things and there is never enough time in the day. I like to be organized and the process just takes some time.

Housekeeping notes: The challenge is closed to new registrants to be eligible for prizes. Please log your miles at least once a week to be eligible. I apologize if you have commented on a blog post and I haven’t responded. Please be patient as I work to get you your prizes.

100 Miles – First recap 2019

The seventh year is off to a great start. There is a lot going on, so I hope I can keep up.

In this post I would like to highlight my local running club, Corridor Running. They have been a partner of this challenge for a long time. Not only do many club members join and support the challenge, they offer some shirts to giveaway as prizes.

Corridor Running is a non profit running club. They strive to give back to the community through running. That’s right, my non profit gives back to other non profits. In addition to the now 9 races and social runs, the club also offers membership. These are the main sources that create the funds to then give back to organizations such as Shelter House, Habitat for Humanity, the Boys and Girls Club, the Madge Phillips center and many more. This is all because we choose to run.

If you want more information about how to be involved let me know. We are always in need of volunteers. Here is what our 2020 race schedule looks like:

  • February – Freezefest, Marion, IA Squaw Creek Park
  • March – Shamrock Shuffle, Iowa City, IA
  • April  – Crandic, Cedar Rapids & Iowa City, IA
  • May – Marion Arts Fest, Marion, IA
  • July – 5th Seasons Race, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • September – New Bo Run, Cedar Rapids, IA & Swamp Fox, Marion, IA
  • October – Timber Trek, Amana, IA & ISDC, Solon, IA

Also, I would like to invite you to the some of our upcoming fun runs:

The first 2 winners of the Corridor Shirts are: Bobby P. and Jim L. I will be in touch with further information on how to obtain your shirts.

If you would just like to purchase apparel, that option is available too, just send a message to info@corridorrunning.com

Also some exciting news, The Iowa River Power Company / Flannigan’s is back for the middle of the month accountability prize, so get to 50 miles by the 15th of the month and you can win!!!!!

Another exciting prize – fellow participant Clythie has donated some 2Toms samples, so I have 2 prizes to giveaway. Congratulations to Dan B and Bruce B. I will be in touch!

I am blown away by the responses for the featured participant questions. I know the posting is a lot in facebook, but I will try to keep all important information in a blog post, and as a pinned post to the top of the page. There is also the description box on the page that will contain the link to the spreadsheet.

Now that the housekeeping is out of the way…. WOW, the commitment to the challenge this year. I think we have a record number of participants. Everyone has such awesome goals and is providing the motivation I need. I just finished the last race I had signed up for, I need the push to get to 100 miles. Please keep up the great work, let us know where you are running, what your struggles are, what you are accomplishing, what you are learning, etc.

It’s Time!!

2019 – 100 Miles in November

Back by popular demand, November 2019 is here!! That means it is time to keep moving and join the 7th Annual 100 Miles in November.

With all that said, please read through this post first.

Step 1: add your name to the log, here is the google spreadsheet – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FBNeMPOSdngVglY1QXIdsm0JPL7YuyPgb5A-NPCTNos/edit?usp=sharing This should be self explanatory. Don’t be a jerk and please keep to your own column. Add your name in the first empty column on the right. (I try to keep my eyes on the spreadsheet.)

Step 2: Here is your sign up information. Please fill out this google form- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc2koGT5bk8ZCGAQBHkkCK0tIshO9AdrkINm7Igeciq4Z5Hzw/viewform?usp=sf_link  I keep track of who participates only to contact you if you win a prize. It’s also the easiest way to keep my head from not spinning in 800 directions. (New for 2019, featured participant questions)

Step 3: Go for a run or walk!

The 2019 prize lineup is as follows:

Grand Prizes (to be awarded after Dec 1, must hit 100 miles): 

  1. Pair of Aftershokz, bone conduction, bluetooth head phones
  2. Entry into to the Hawkeye 25k/50k Spring race.

Weekly accountability prizes:

  1. Corridor Running shirts – awarded to 2 people on Nov 10 and Nov 24
  2. Bibrave swag – awarded to 2 people on Nov 17 & Dec 1

Halfway point prize: (keep on track by logging at least 45 miles by November 15.)

*If you would like a headband, keychain, scrunchie, small crochet item, send a message. I If you are a returning participant you are familiar with these. The first year I would give everyone a headband or keychain just for signing up. Since, this is my challenge and I do this at no cost to you, and with no income for me. I am changing this prize, however it’s no big deal if you would like one.

More prizes or items may be added as we proceed.


  • There is a FB group for encouragement or checkups. I might rely on this group too much for posts, but it is not required to join the challenge.
  • Official posts and updates will be written on this blog
  • Registration will be open through November 10. After that time, any name added to the spreadsheet will not be eligible for prizes.
  • Contact me – amaskeberka@gmail.com, twitter – @angiemaskeberka, IG – @amaskeberka

Official Rules:

  1. Only walking / running as exercise miles count. I am counting on participants honesty for this. I think you should make an effort to keep active. Walking to the bathroom, or walking to kitchen will not count, or step counting. This is not a fitness tracker challenge.
  2. Miles need to be logged on the provided google docs spread sheet.
  3. Spread sheet is a public document, open to those who have the link.
  4. Each participant is responsible for keeping track of their own miles. If you can’t access the spread sheet make arrangements to have someone enter them for you. (send me an email)
  5. No entry fee, no cost.
  6. All drawings for prizes will be generated at random, via an online raffle service.
  7. Please pay attention to your body, don’t try to reach the 100 mile goal at the expense of an injury.
  8. Honor system in play when logging miles.
  9. Weekly prize eligibility, have to log mileage at least once a week. Keep your log up to date, logs checked on Sunday for weekly giveaway.
  10. To be eligible to win grand prize must have completed 100 miles.
  11. You do not have to be local, live in Iowa to compete.
  12. Your contact information is only for prize notification. It will not be shared.
  13. Random prizes to be determined later.
  14. Photos may be used for random prizes.
  15. Stay connected using #100miles.
  16. Information will be posted on the blog.
  17. This challenge is in no way administered, sponsored, or affiliated with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. By entering this challenge you release Instagram, Facebook and twitter of all responsibility. You are also agreeing to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook rules terms of use.

Good luck and best wishes for a great November!