Training Kona for her first 5k

Training Kona for her first 5k

“Disclaimer: I received entry in the Scooby Doo, Doo Good 5k as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!”

If you didn’t know, we have two dogs – Kona and Ace. They are both mixed breed dogs. Kona is bred with a labrador and Ace is part corgi. They are also both rescues. We have had Kona since a puppy, and she will be 10 years old, I believe, this fall. Ace on the other hand… maybe he’s 8 …no clue as we got him second hand as a rescue.

Kona has always loved to play frisbee, she would play forever if you let her. Ace likes to sit around and watch and chase the occasional grasshopper while dreaming of a squirrel.

I have taken them on short one mile runs here and there. They seem to do ok, but Ace needs to mark everything, and is spent after that distance. I would like to be able to run with them more or for longer distances.

Then the opportunity came up for a virtual 5k, the Scooby Doo Run Series, I had to give it a try. There are 2 different events available. In September there is the Doo Good 5k and in October the Scoobtober 5k/10k. Each event rewards you and your dog with swag, plus you can do them both for an additional challenge medal

So… my thought is I can get Kona – the frisbee playing phenom  – in shape to run a virtual 5k, all why earning more bling?

What is a virtual race? This is an event you can run anywhere, anytime. No need to wake up before the sun on a weekend to get to the starting line. You can just run from your front step using your own timing and maps.

Kona and I have been running on what I would call my rest days. I am on a run streak, so I will run one plus miles to keep the streak going. Currently, Kona is up to two miles in distance. Our major hurdle has been the weather. It seems the heat and humidity will not go away. I am hesitant to pick a date to complete this 5k.

Kona has been doing well on her runs, I wish I would have started running with her when she was younger. I believe she will be able to accomplish the 5k, and will monitor her condition if we need to walk.

I am hoping to continue running with her, so we can set a 5k time and then break it in the Scoobtober 5k.

Wish us luck and follow us on IG stories – @amaskeberka.

The Doo Good 5k needs to be completed in the month of September, and you need to be registered by September 20th. The Scoobtober 5k or 10k needs to be run in the month of October, and you need to register by October 20. If you want to do the challenge, you need to be registered by September 20. Code BIBRAVE will save 10%.

In support of the Scooby-Doo “Doo Good” campaign, a portion of your registration will be donated to the Best Friends Animal Society.


That DAM Race

Dam Backpocket 7 Miler – 2018 Recap

Why do I keep returning to this event?

For my fact filled, to the point review, check out Heck if you ran, add your thoughts there too.

Ah, this race always starts at 5pm on a Saturday. This year it took place August 18th. It was also the first time in a few years I wasn’t also running multiple races in one weekend. Looking back, I started running this in 2013.

I am always training for something, so to get some longer miles in, I decided I would run to the start of this race – 8 miles from my house – on an August afternoon – in Iowa. To say it was hot is an understatement.

Of course, I could have taken the shuttle bus from the finish line, but what fun is that? Josh was actually able to run the race this year too, and he took the shuttle, he had to be on board by 4pm.

I actually made decent time to the starting area of the race, and I felt good despite the conditions. Ok, so I have been running outdoors everyday, but the heat always sucks.

I found Josh, he was hanging near a table with cups and water. There is no shade at the start, as it starts on top of the Coralville Dam. It’s nice there are cups with water provided while you wait… as the shuttle arrives with plenty of time to wait. There are also some port-o-potties brought in. If you are crafty you can find some shade off in the distance.

We milled about, drank water – as I was carrying a pack, it had Gatorade. It was time to walk the hill to the starting line. At the same time being mindful for cars, as I don’t feel the road is closed to traffic.

Standing at the start it didn’t appear like there were many people running this year? Maybe the bulk of people were running the 5k event. Both the 7 mile and 5k are point to point and start at the same time.

After chatting with some people, it was time to run. I don’t recall hearing the National Anthem.

Ugh – it was hot!

The course runs on roads, eventually catching up with a sidewalk that takes you through Water Works Park, across the Iowa River to end up at the brewery. It has hills and minimal shade. There are many water only aid stations.

I waited around too long, those first few hills were not fun. In fact you might be able to see me in my only race photo here, just squint.

Then something was just off for me. My ears felt full. You know that feeling when you need to pop your ears? I tried everything to get them to pop – chewing, blowing my nose, touching them…they just wouldn’t free up. This made me feel miserable…. and from about mile 2 on, I sat on every seat of that struggle bus!

I even took the time to tweet to “Chin” who works at the IRP – a restaurant on the route. I jokingly said I was considering a DNF, and just stopping there for beer. Lucky for me as I ran by, he was out there to cheer me on.

I knew I was getting close to the finish, thankfully! This was also the portion of the course where we received a message that there would be a small dirt trail section. I know that every road in town is under construction, I appreciated the warning.

HOWEVER – when I came to this part, the volunteer pointed to the weeds. I saw no dirt trail. The weeds were waist high at times, and it’s what I would call single track. I was also nearly the last finisher, and I still battled lots of weeds, I feel bad for the first group up runners. Note to the RD – preview your course always, and give an accurate description.


I came out of this section and could finally see the finish. I could also hear “GO ANGIE!!”

Guys, twitter is my favorite social media tool ever… while I was busy whining to Chin, my friends Darren and Jill from Keota Fun Run Days, were also on twitter cheering me on… little did I know, they were at the brewery too… and as they left cheered me in on that home stretch. At the time I wished for a thunderstorm, but I was also very appreciative. The running community is the best!

I finally crossed the finish line and took the bottle of water that was offered. There was also bottled Propel available. I felt like crap.

I was then on the hunt for the beer that was included with the registration price. They were already out in the beer garden…so after making the trek through the people, I had to wait in line inside to get my free beer. There were 2 choices, which was nice.

I managed to find Josh as I waited in line. I was curious where the post race food was. I feel ever since the first year I ran this, beyond beer there is never anything. A banana and a cookie is nice.

Once we were back outside, I saw a small table with granola bars, but it wasn’t marked or clear if that was the post race snacks.

Josh and I sat on a sliver of sidewalk… I like to watch the post race events. There is an awards ceremony, but the best part is the stein holding contest. The winner gets beer for a year. Oh and since I had my pack – as we watched we snacked on the pretzels I brought.

This race… why do I keep running it? I think mostly as it’s in my town and not a 5k. It also has mile markers, water, and I feel safe. However, every year I walk away feeling they could do better, especially since I know what else is available.

Oh well, I am sure you will find me standing on top of the dam in 2019… That Dam Race… UGH

Game Day Ready

Knockaround Sunglasses Review

“Disclaimer: I received Knockaround Sunglasses as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!”

I don’t want to hear it…. but YES I need more sunglasses in my life! I couldn’t resist this opportunity when I saw the black frames with yellow polarized lenses.

You see, it’s football season, which brings tailgating season. While eye safety on the run is something I have blogged about in the past, and I rarely if ever leave the house without sunglasses….sometimes fashion is also important. This season, I will be GAME DAY READY!!

Look Good, Feel Good!

Alright, I was able to choose from the Premiums line. I chose the Expedition (rubber black/yellow polarized) and Knockaround was kind enough to send an additional pair – Frosted Black Ice/Smoke Polarized.

The Premiums are a “modern take on a classic design.” They offer poloarized lenses with UV400 Protection. Many styles and colors to choose from. They come with a soft pouch that doubles as a lens cleaner.

I have mostly been wearing the black and gold ones, I really like the mirrored lens. I have been trying them on the run too. While these work for running and fit with my hat and headphones, I will probably use them on shorter runs. I am a girl that prefers a frame with adjustable nose pads for running. Don’t get me wrong they work for running, and have minimal or no bounce, PLUS you look cool!.

The one thing that really has me interested is the price! You can drop a lot of money on shades, these top out around $25. They do not feel like low quality  – they are much better than those promotional shades you may pick up at an expo. Plus no matter what sports team you cheer for, there is a color combo for you!

Looking for more feedback? Check out these additional reviews: KatyBrendaVanessaAlastairJennDanielleAndreaBen Gina

I have even purchased a second pair in yellow and black. Get game day ready and grab yourself a pair at PLUS 20% savings use code “BibRaveKnocks20” one use per person, expires 9/30.

Also I would encourage you to follow them on social media, always a great sale featured on Instagram. They are also very engaging on Twitter. Don’t forget to check em out on Facebook.

First Time for Everything

“When Was The Last Time, You Did Something For The First Time?” – Darius Rucker

“Disclaimer: I received entry into the IMT Des Moines Marathon as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!”

I have run A LOT of races, including 28 marathons, and yet I have never run the IMT Des Moines Marathon…. and it’s right down the road. This year, that’s going to change, I will be at the starting line.

The event is part of a whole weekend of festivities. It takes place October 20 & 21, including multiple challenge events or virtual runs. I will only have time for the marathon on Sunday the 21st.

Saturday, October 20

  •  5 Mile Run or 1 Mile walk
  • Kansas City Marathon / Half Marathon

Sunday, October 21

  • Des Moines Marathon, Half Marathon, 5k, Relay

ChallengesI-35 Challenge, Marathon 5 Mile loop challenge

Virtual Run – Complete the Marathon or Half Marathon on race day anywhere

If you are considering the Des Moines Marathon or Half Marathon, Use code “dmmbibravediscount18” for $10 off the Marathon or Half Marathon!

I also have a code to share for the Kansas City Marathon, not sure how it works with the challenge.  Code “BIBRAVE2018KCM” to save 15% on race entry.

Now, to figure out the logistics of getting my packet as there is a home Iowa Football game. Happy training, hope to see you in Des Moines!



BTN B1G 2018 – Recap

Hawkeyes, Humidity, and Bill Murray

“Disclaimer: I received entry into the Big Ten Network B1G 10k as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!”

Ok, I already gave it away, the race was humid…. oh and the Bill Murray thing… guess you will just have to read along and find out how it all played out.

As always my to the point review can be found at

Background: This was my fourth time at the event. I ran in 2014 when it started/finished around Solider Field, going south along the lake. It was then moved to start on a city street near Grant Park, going through parts of the city, when I participated in 2016 & 2017. I was curious to see how the 2018 event would play out being back near Soldier Field, as it was not my favorite in 2014.

Saturday, August 11.

Josh was joining me on this trip, so we left later in the afternoon as he had to work a Hawkeye event in the morning. We arrived at our prepaid parking spot, after an uneventful drive.

The fun part now begins, checking into the hotel. We had a room reserved with a king size bed. However, of course, they have no more and we would be getting an upgrade to a room with 2 beds and 2 bathrooms. Um, we are 2 people, is that an upgrade? It’s not a big deal for a one night reservation… but come on, stop overselling!!!

Drama aside, we went to our usual dining place, Miller’s Pub for some supper. After that we returned to get our things ready for our 5:00 AM wake up call. We had our bibs mailed to us, so we didn’t have to worry about getting them.

Gear: Sparkle Athletic Skirt, Rabbit Tank, Knockaround Sunglasses, Nike Hawkeye hat, Aftershokz Trekz Air, Zensah Bra, Adidas Shorts, ProCompression Socks, Brooks Ghost 10, Spi Belt

Sunday, August 12.

Rise and Shine – It’s race day. We began the day with the usual coffee, but there was no breakfast options…however, I travel with snacks and emergency granola bars. We split that and ran to the starting area. We stayed about a mile away, and while the temps were cool this is where we learned how humid it was.

We met up with fellow BibRave pros Corey and Melissa. They were both running as fans of Indiana… so the friendly smack talk began. That is why this race is a lot of fun, all B1G fans are encouraged to wear the race shirt and proudly support their favorite team.

Then my long lost friend Heather and her mom Marge arrived and they are Illinois fans. We continued the smack talk and chit chat before it was time to get to our corrals.

There were only 4 corrals and then the 5k would start an hour after the 7 AM 10k. I was in Corral C. When I entered the corral, Heather noted that someone helping was Jan, the RD of the IL Marathon. I then remembered Corey said he bumped into Michael, the RD of the Urban Bourbon. Dang…they had big time help!

I was in the corral, and there was even a port-o-potty there. I couldn’t hear any announcements, so I have no clue if there was a National Anthem. I just knew it was time to go when the crowd crept forward.

As we got closer to the starting line, I could start hearing some announcements. They were basically really bad jokes and I was texting friends saying it was really annoying. Then I got really close to the start and the announcer was Bill Murray… LOL.

My corral crossed the starting line around 7:20 AM. After we snaked through a back road and parking lot we were headed south on the Lake Front Path. Within the first mile the lead runner was already on their way back, so my corral was sharing half the path. IT WAS CROWDED! IF you were on the edge of the paved path you needed to watch your footing.

The Lake Front Path is self explanatory with no major turns or hills, but it’s a scenic place to run and can never be closed. In addition to mile markers the course was lined with signs notifying people there was an event. This did not stop bikers or runners from also using the already crowded path.

The views of the lake are great, but I am not sure this course works well. The crowd didn’t thin out until we looped onto a street section, which was past half way, and on the way back. I will say I do like the elimination of McCormick Tunnel, but I am not sure which is the worse of the two evils. I also prefer the route from the past years, with a start on the width of the road. I am sure with race management changes came permitting issues or something…just my thoughts. Also maybe double the corrals, this thins people out. We also met up with the 5k start on our way back.

I will say the aid stations for a humid 10k were great! They had both water and Gatorade Endurance in paper cups marked for each, and there were maybe 3 stops. Really besides the crowded route, the running part of this went smoothly.

When I came to the finish line I noticed the first photographer all course. (The FREE MarathonFoto downloads were posted quickly. – Yes you read MarathonFoto and Free in the same sentence!) There was a volunteer with a medal and a bottle of water. Gatorade in bottles was off on side tables as well as a snack size protein bar. A really long line had developed to take a photo with the back drop.

I walked to the post run beer tent, where I was offered one of two Bell’s choices. I turned in the ticket on my bib and ripped off the one for the post race sausage. Where I also had the choice between sweet or savory. This area was off to the side of the parking lot. There was a lot of area to spread the post race festivities out.

I then went to the Iowa tent to score some swag and meet up with Josh. Also it was next to the Indiana tent where I would maybe meet the other pros. I ran into Josh, and he was talking to a fellow official Tommy.

When I made it to the Iowa tent I was sad to find out there was nothing really special as far as swag went. They had the usual schedule posters and magnet and a coozie. There was the backdrop for photos, but no props. This is usually the fun part, I have received a necklace before, a medalion to add to my medal, and taken fun photos. This was overlooked.

I rejoined with Josh and out of no where, Bill Murray was walking by… I was like, quick get my camera out. So I took this awesome photo just before he touched my Sparkle Athletic skirt. BILL TOUCHED ME!!!! Josh was like… we almost just had a “me too” moment. I am not sure why we get all excited with celebrities, but it happens. That was my moment.

Corey met back up with us and as we chatted some more, Michael from Urban Bourbon passed by again…so of course – selfie! He was telling us that things were a bit behind as the Beyonce concert the night before didn’t allow any set up until after midnight. He also said there were quite a few big race RDs on site. I enjoy chatting with other RDs, can never learn too much.

Heather and Marge met with us, it was hot and sunny now, no shade to be found or a place to sit. Luckily we were stealthy and moved into the Big Ten promotional tent that had been abandoned. We discussed our races and the lackluster post race, how things were different. Everyone received the same medal, in years past there was always something fun that made it school specific.

We had to get moving as we needed to check out of our hotel. We also got word there was a special event happening at The Bean – a Chicago wave! So we said our goodbyes and walked back to the hotel.

Time was passing quickly, we weren’t sure if after a shower and storing our luggage we would make it to The Bean. More hustling through the streets and we had a minute to spare. PHEW!

It was sooo cool to see all the black and gold. There were some announcements on what was going to happen and then we all proceeded over to make it happen.

We waved for an entire minute, then we waved as they did some close ups of the group. Then we sang the fight song. A chant of “Let’s Go Hawks” followed by “FTK” broke out. It was awesome to be apart of this. However, I would like to note, we stood in the back. Besides these photos, you may never see us at this event, and that is good… I get to wave to the kids at every home game in person, these people in Chicago do not get the chance. I would also like to think of us as spies… it’s nice to see I-Clubs doing their thing.

We were exhausted, we had about 9 miles on our feet. We still had to get our Garret Popcorn before we found lunch and made the drive back home. Chicago is always a nice, quick trip.

Ok back to the race – I felt underwhelmed this year, like something was missing, I felt the change in race management. I know what the event can be. I do still like the event and I hope to return next year to see it back with a little extra pizazz!

If you also ran, make sure to write a review on and claim your results at

Runner Safety

I am extremely saddened by the recent news. While the details of the case have not been released, this is how I choose to react. *UPDATE* As I was writing this, there has been an arrest, and I am sick.

I too am a runner – NOT A JOGGER and a Hawkeye. I feel I need to do something as this is part of MY community. I’m a tiny sliver in the world of social media, but it only takes one post. I will continue to share and help how I can.

Maybe I have wrote about runner safety before, but it’s always a great topic to revisit. Here are my simple and easy tips to being safe on the run.

  • BE SEEN – Bright clothing, obnoxious colors. Reflective gear. Lights. – Nite Ize, Petzl, Nox Gear, Amphipod, Brilliant Reflective
  • BE AWARE – What time of day is it? Is this a secluded trail? Is this a busy street?
  • BE PRESENT – Working out may be the greatest stress reliever ever, but take time every few minutes to check in with reality – set the timer on your phone. Turn your music down, put your phone down (guilty!) Be checked in to what you are doing.
  • BRING A WEAPON – Sadly it’s come to this…but you could bring a key, pepper spray / mace, claw type device, a dog. – Tigerlady
  • TELL SOMEONE WHERE YOU ARE GOING –  Simple, and make sure to tell them where, how far, and when you will return. If you do not have someone to tell, TELL ME!!! I can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
  • BRING YOUR PHONE – I don’t care how great you are, and how above bringing your phone you are, but this is the most simple thing to do. There are running shorts with pockets, arm bands, belts – multiple ways to carry your phone. I also have bluetooth headphones that are always hooked to my phone, one press of a button and I am making a phone call. – Armpocket, Flipbelt, SpiBelt, Senita shorts
  • KEEP MUSIC OUT OF YOUR EARS – If I can hear your music, it’s too loud. How can you hear an approaching car, bike or person? Put one ear bud in or use bone conduction – Aftershokz
  • WEAR AN ID – This one has be rolling my eyes….every safety chat I have done on twitter for the last 5-6 years, there are people that say “I’ve been meaning to get one.” Yet, the next chat, they still don’t have one. Heck, label your underwear. You can get them for your watch band, a bracelet, your shoe or ankle. These can also act to help you if you have medical problems. – RoadID
  • RUN WITH A FRIEND – This may be difficult as everyone has different schedules. I have also ranted about how hard it is to join a group run when you are a slower pace. Even as much as that sucks, they still know where you are.
  • RUN IN THE DAYLIGHT – This is another one that is tough depending on your schedule, and may even feel like your freedom has been taken away, but it is a safer option.
  • MAKE EYE CONTACT – Especially when crossing a busy street, make sure a driver see you.  Also when passing others on your route.
  • RUN AT THE GYM / INDOORS – This is my least favorite option, but it’s there. Some gyms may even have a track so you don’t have to run on a treadmill.
  • TRACK YOUR RUN – While this may seem stupid… you can set your routes to private… you are also recording information of where you might be. There are apps available to alert people via text if you have stopped moving. – RoadID, MapMyRun, Strava, Runmeter, Runkeeper, Garmin
  • BRING A WHISTLE / NOISE MAKER – I just received an email about a hydration pack with a built in whistle on the front buckle, how cool is that!! I also have seen others running with a wrist band alarm deal. Heck, a Fox 40 will do too!

I am not placing blame or judgement… I just want you to be safe and be able to enjoy your run.

Runner Safety can be: worrying about a stray dog, a car that doesn’t stop at a crosswalk, or a person out to to harm. These tips may seem ridiculous and too much extra work, but no one is going to take away my joy of running, except myself. Unlike injury, these things I can control.

Please be safe out there! I know there are more tips, so make sure to let me know.

Again – if you need to check in with someone, send me a message!!


Durant Dusk Hustle – Race Recap

Durant Dusk Hustle 2018 – Race Recap

The good ol Durant Dusk Hustle…. I had almost forgot about this event, but was reminded of it when I was updating the blog’s race calendar. I have run this a couple times before, and yet I am not sure I haven’t recently?

If you need a no frills review, check

Anyway…. I contacted my sister and wondered if my niece would be interested in joining me. The race has a kids run, a mile run and a 5k. Ella has run a mile race before, and I thought this would be a good one for her.

Fast forward to Friday August 10, 2018

Gear: gunmetal Sparkle Athletic Skirt, Saucony Donut hat, Aftershokz Trek Air, SpiBelt, Adidas boy shorts, Zensah socks, Brooks Ghost 10, Cheapo Wal-Mart Tank, Moving Comfort Bra, Knockaround Sunglasses

The race is unique in that the 5k starts at 7 PM on a Friday night. The kids race and one mile are held before. The event kicks off a small town weekend celebration.

It was a hot day, so that meant the pavement / asphalt was nice and toasty for the race start. The sun was still shining and I am sure temps were in the 80’s.

I had yet to register, so I arrived in Durant with time to sign up. There was a small line as everyone else had the same idea. I paid $25 for the no t-shirt option. I was handed a plastic bag with some flyers and a plastic water bottle. I also got a bib and a timing chip for my shoe. I was glad I opted out of the shirt, it was a unisex, cotton, short sleeve.

I went back to my car and waited for my sister to arrive. I get a little anxious, and there was plenty of time, but where was she?

I finally spotted her driving around. The streets nearby were under construction, but you could park on any side street for free. I contacted her on the phone… you know an actual phone call… and we met up at the registration tent, where we got Ella a bib and shoe chip. Oh, Ella wanted a t-shirt, so for the one mile with shirt registration was around $20.

Ella lined up at the timing mat for the one mile. There were mostly only young kids running this event. Finally I saw some parents lined up too. I was going to hop in after the timing mat as I had a shoe chip I didn’t want to register twice. I just get nervous all those young kids running out and back with no one telling them where to go, especially those not close enough to follow the gator.

The National Anthem was sung and then there was a countdown. The kids took off…. zoom! I could not keep up, nor did I try…. I knew I would eventually catch up with Ella and I did just a few blocks in.

We were running directly into the sun. She kept a nice pace, throwing in a skip here or there. I encouraged her to tell the others “good job” as we passed them on the out and back.

After we turned around, she requested we walk, which was fine… it was a hot night and a mile is a long way!! I kept my eye on the other kids that had no supervision (ok not in a creepy way) I wanted to make sure they were ok. There was no water on the one mile course. I was relieved to see a parent was with the last child.

As Ella and I turned the last corner we made a deal we would run the home stretch. Just as some poor kid who was not having it was being told to push it. UGH, whatever… but if the kid was in pain or something… it wasn’t cool.

I pulled away from Ella as my sister, Amber cheered us into the finish.

She told us as she grabbed her post race popsicle the time she saw when she crossed the finish line, it was near 9:30. DANG GIRL!!!! She did great!!

After all the participants were back, I joined the line up for the 5k. I made sure to review to posted course, but I overheard some pre-race chatter that the written directions were wrong. Lucky for me, I just follow the people ahead of me, and hope they go the right way.

The race started and I fell in step. The streets were not great, very uneven and gravel in some parts where they had recently done construction. I made sure to watch my footing.

I was feeling the heat… I wore the wrong hat. I knew better too. I have my favorites, but this one was just too hot. The right gear, makes a difference.

I kept pushing as I kept thinking I could place in my AG. Around the halfway point there was a small incline, followed by a water stop. Volunteers guided us around corners as well as the arrow spray painted on the streets.

Most of the course was in the residential neighborhoods, avoiding crossing the main highway through town. This meant we went on the back edge of town near some livestock, where we also enjoyed the smell of livestock.  Am I selling you on Iowa?

Somewhere along this stretch, I got a notification that my sister was texting me. I was worried, she knew I was running, I hoped there was no emergency. I did what anyone else would do, I communicated to my Aftershokz headphones and they dialed her on the phone. Through my huffing and puffing, I made sure to ask if everything was ok, she said yes and didn’t realize I would get the notifications on my run, she was just sending some photos. Whew!

I was then closing in on the last block, I felt confident and didn’t want to trip on the uneven pavement, when out of nowhere some younger runner passes me… LOL

I came across the timing mat with a Garmin time of 27.29, but a 3.08 course….which is close enough for me.

I reunited with Amb and El and made sure to get myself a popsicle. There were also bananas, apples, cookies, Body Armor and bottled water. I did try the Body Armor as I have never had it before.

The results were posted quickly and I realized I had placed 3rd in my AG. When the groups are spread from 30-39 it’s tough! The top 3 finisher times were not that close either.

We waited around for the little awards ceremony. Overall winners were gifted a gym bag. AG winners received a medal. I put mine around Ella’s neck where she wore it the rest of the night, and took it home.

After the race we went to check out the other festivities happening. There was a live band, rides and fair type food. We listened to the music and Ella talked me into some ride. After a walking taco and sno cone stop, we parted ways.

Overall: I know I have said this before, but I do enjoy a 5k or any race for that matter that has a small town festival surrounding it. It makes the trip to the race more enjoyable. It’s nice the race is on a Friday night, you could race again over the weekend or take it off. It’s a nice price and flat course, with options for kids too.