West Liberty 5k – Race Recap

West Liberty 5k – Race Recap

Eek, I am behind in my blogging, but I have been busy prepping for a sale at work and I had an issue with my photo storage, and all the other excuses, but here here I am.

I found this race because I keep a race calendar on my blog. I had no idea it existed and this was the 21st year or something.


Sunday, July 15th.

Josh and I hopped in the car and made the 20 minute trek to West Liberty. The race start/finish was at the fairgrounds. The race is the unofficial kick off to the county fair that is held there.

We still needed to register for the 8:00 AM start. It was only $20 and shirts were still available.  (short sleeve, unisex, cotton) The fair bathrooms were open and available. Parking was free on site.

It was a cloudy, but humid day…. and we found that out quick as we did a mile warm up.

It was nearing 8 AM and they were not joking about the race starting on time as announcements were shouted before the start time. There would be no timing chips, but we were instructed to grab a popsicle stick as we crossed the finish line.

My favorite part about the announcements were the mention to double knot your shoes and anyone under a certain age (can’t remember) was told to move at least 3 rows back.

Right on time, the race started. We ran through the fairgrounds, over gravel and then met up with the city streets. Only to turn around and run back on the same route. There were no hills. A water stop, you could enjoy both out and back.

There was a photographer taking photos as I cross the finish line and was handed my wood stick.

I tried pushing my pace, but the stupid hat I wore was just too hot, so I ended up carrying it. According to my watch I had clocked 28:45.

I turned in my popsicle stick and noticed I had placed in the top 3 in my AG. So we decided to stick around for the awards. Also, Josh placed in his AG too.

As we waited around, Josh ran more miles and I ate a banana and drank some water. There were a few different kids races, while they tallied the results.

It was time to have the awards presentation. The overall male and female winner received $100 cash. The overall AG winners won chamber bucks, and medals were given out to third place.  HOWEVER – the overall winners were awarded in their AG too…so say what you want, I mean they technically won the AG, but it’s double dipping.

I placed second in my AG, and Josh placed 3rd… but the overall male winner was in his AG.

It was time to go home…

This is a no frills race, flat course, cheap price…. and if you are fast, who knows you might win some cash, money! However, the double dipping of AG placement is something I don’t care for, it’s not wrong…just not my cup of tea.

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