Knuckle Lights


“Disclaimer: I received Knuckle Lights to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

Running safety is something I can’t preach enough. I am still baffled by the people who run with traffic, at night, in dark clothes, with loud music, no phone, no lights, no ID. That is just dumb!!!! I always wear bright colors, or clothes that don’t match, lights, with an ID, my phone, and with music that is not too loud or via bone conduction headphones. SAFETY FIRST PEOPLE!!!

The opportunity to test Knuckle Lights is awesome! I have run with head lamps, reflector vests and blinky shoe lights, but never anything on my hands.

These are exactly what they sound like, lights for your knuckles. Now that we have cleared that up, LOL… ok here is a little information from

Knuckle Lights are the first and only lights designed to be worn on your hands, perfectly positioned to light your path and be seen. For those who are up before the sun and still out when most are resting, there is now a product that will comfortably and powerfully light your next walk or run. No more uncomfortable head bands, flashlights or ineffective reflectors. Knuckle Lights are always ready when you are and capable of withstanding the harshest conditions. 

I unpackaged them and the first thing I noticed was they were stuck together, magnetically. There are 2, one for each hand.


There was also a charging station in the box, yes these are rechargeable! They can be plugged into a wall outlet or into a USB connection.


These have one bulb in each device. There are 3 settings, the high beam with 280 lumens, low beam and a flashing setting. Now, my dad the electrician questioned the lumens…and because it’s my dad…. So, we went into a conversation about lumens, which led us into a conversation about lux. The lumens is the brightness of the light, so think this is why you can be seen. The lux takes into account the amount of area the light is illuminating, so think about lighting your path. 

The on / off button is on the top, and it’s just a push button. It allows you to cycle through each setting with just a push of the button.

These are worn around the knuckle area. The strap is that silicon style material that bracelets are made of. There are holes that make them adjustable. So they have some stretch, but stay in place.

I gave them their first try, just to get used to having them on my hands. While adjusting them to fit on my knuckles is easy, I wasn’t sure where exactly I should be wearing them. I positioned them where they felt the best for me. However, my thumb doesn’t reach the power button where I like to wear them, so I have to use the opposite hand to turn them on/off, etc.

I walked the dogs with them…. once I was all situated, they were easy to wear and handle two dog leashes. The evening dog walk in winter is dark, so these lights were came in handy.

I took them on their first run, with a jaunt across town to a basketball game. Hey, sometimes with the traffic around the arena, it’s easier to run there. I felt them or was conscious of them on my hands the entire run, mostly because this was new to me. Also I think my one complaint, I don’t run with my hands in the position for them to shine perfectly in front of me. I don’t have an awesome running gait or anything, but the way I carry my arms, aren’t so my fists are pointing straight in front of me. There were spots on my run that I needed to light the path in front of me, and I had to position my hands strangely in front of me to see. However with my arms swinging, I know I was seen.

I did a few more runs with them, just to get used to running with something on my hands. I have run with head lamps, they are nice, but sometimes you can get tunnel vision, or feel the squeeze on your head.

I even wore them when it wasn’t completely dark. Those gray gloomy days, just before the light goes away… I want to be seen!!

I was training for the Key West half marathon, so I was hitting the gym to train in the heat, so I didn’t use them as much as I would have liked, they have been especially nice for walking the dogs.

My conclusion:

  • These are bright for being seen, and especially obnoxious on the blinking setting!!
  • Lightweight, just under 3 ounces each. I just needed to make adjustments to get wear them for the best fit for me.
  • Rechargeable, no excuses for having a dead battery.
  • There are 2, more light to be seen.
  • Adjustable, easy to get the perfect fit that works for you
  • Difficult to light a path based on the way I carry my arms.

Not sure yet? How about a 10% savings code on your entire order? Use “bibravepro” when you order at Also, keep your eyes out for the new colorful knuckle lights.

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