Durant Dusk Hustle 5k – Review 2015

Friday August 14, 2015. 7pm, Durant, Iowa. 85 degrees, humid, sunny.


A kids fun run, one mile run and 5k held with the community’s firefighter’s celebration to fundraise for the Durant Cross Country team.

This is the second time I have run this race, check out my 2013 review here

Registration: You could sign up online, print a form and send it in, or register on race day. Price increased until it reached $30 on the day of the race. Included with your registration was a unisex, short sleeve, cotton t-shirt, and a bib. If you registered early you also picked up a bag of flyers and things.

I chose to register on race day, as the race was a last minute decision. Also I would rather give the late money rate to the organization that pay the extra fee to the online sign up company. I received a t-shirt as well, they were not all gone.

Pre-Race: There is no expo for a race this size, about 100-150 participants. Usually runners mill about talking to their friends, or do some warming up. The start / finish are near the town’s rec fields and park. There were real park bathrooms near by. Parking was plentiful, just pull along the curb on a side street.

The National Anthem was performed. However the guy starting the 5k kept screeching 4 mins until start, 3 mins until start…while the singer was performing about a block away, racers were scrambling to the start. Not cool

I met up with my sister, Amber and friend. Tereasa for this race. It is actually about half way for us to all meet up. Instead of stand around, I hopped into the one mile race, as I am always looking for extra miles. I also was switching around my training for the few weeks and would deduct the miles off the next day’s total as Friday is a rest day.  I also realize I didn’t pay to run the mile, yet still had a chip for the 5k, so I didn’t take any water and I didn’t cross the finish line. However it was a hot & humid night!

Race / Course: The course was through residential areas of Durant. Kept on the north side of town, so wouldn’t have to cross the main Highway (Hwy 6) through town.


  • asphalt, cement – keep an eye out for uneven surfaces. HOT surface.
  • 2 water stops with paper cups, but very full cups
  • a few spectators, residents in their driveways, some holding a hose or a sprinkler
  • Course marked with spray paint on pavement, arrows and mile markers
  • no photographers
  • flat, no hills
  • volunteers at all intersections
  • roads were open to traffic – some drivers didn’t seem to care there was a race in progress

I was looking to actually race this 5k. It was tough. It has been super humid and warm the past week, but it’s Iowa in the summer. I gave it my all, however some of the course was facing the sun as it was setting, and the pavement was hot from a day in the sun.


Finish / post race: The finish was marked with a timing mat and clock. Then someone clipped the chip from your shoe. There were bananas, cookies, popsicles and bottled water. Volunteers encouraged taking more than one.


Once all participants were finished, there were awards for the overall winners in the mile and then overall winners in the 5k as well as age group winners. Members of the XC team presented these.

Overall: This is not a bucket list race, but I enjoy a small town 5k.

Tereasa, Amber and I waited around for the awards. As it turns out Amber placed 3rd in her AG and I place first in mine. Also nice to add some bling to you training miles, adds some pep to your step.


I didn’t come close to a PR, but finished in 27:05. My watch, which I have mentioned hates water, was acting up again. I think I got some water from a stop on it, it beeped on and off the last mile. I had to do a hard re-start. With all that being said, we compared notes and the course was very close to 3.1 miles. Always a plus.


We called it a night, but a band had started playing and the town’s festivities were underway.

Check out my Bibrave review!

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