XX2i USA 1 Sunglasses – Review

“Disclaimer: I received the XX2i USA1 Sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!”

When it comes to running sunglasses, I “had” no opinion. I usually just wear a hat. I figure I am shading my face and my eyes at the same time, also it’s one less thing to worry about bringing along.

However, I was excited to learn I would have the opportunity to give these a try. I run outside year round, in all conditions. Ok, so maybe if it’s no colder than 10 degrees, oh and not in lightning. Anyway, I was ready for the sunglasses to meet Iowa weather!


How about some background of the product. The model I had was the “USA1 white gloss blue flash lens.” The glasses arrived in a nice case, that was foam lined with zipper. There are slots inside to store extra lenses. The glasses are a wraparound style, and came  with  a white plastic frame and blue mirrored lens – called blue flash – also polarized, they are “Impact-resistant Sport Specific Polycarbonate Material.” The nose adjustable nose pad is black. Also included were red and blue temple tips and nose pads, to change them up with a screwdriver. There is also a microfiber storage bag which doubles as a cleaning cloth. As an added bonus there is a also a strap to keep them around your neck.

I also really liked reading this about the company “People who appreciate quality, innovation and no BS marketing.”


Couple other notes:

  • glare cutting technology
  • 4k Ultra high definition optics – the clarity is top dog!
  • interchangeable lenses

All these things in one small case, easy to keep the parts together.

With all the details out of the way, it was time to put them to the test. While I was most interested in how they would perform on a run, I also have worn them for driving and to theme parks.

The first run: It was early, so it was still dark when I started. It was also about 16 degrees. I stored the glasses on my head, on top of my stocking hat. When the sun came up, it was time to put the glasses on. They were already fogged up, my head was sweaty. I did notice though that when I started moving, the vents between the lens and the frame allowed the air to defog them, so they cleared up. However once the shades were on my face for a while, they couldn’t keep up with the sweat on my face and the extreme cold air temperature. They kept fogging in strange places, making it difficult to see. I also didn’t have a hat with a brim, so I just kept trying to wipe the lens off.

Ok, so I wasn’t ready to give up, plus it was only one run. I next gave them a whirl on a shorter run, and it was warmer out. It was also a little cloudy, but hey as a contact lens wearer, it’s nice to have something to block the wind. I almost forgot about this added perk..I had no issues with them fogging up on this run. (This picture looks foggy, but it’s taken on my phone, from inside a plastic bag)


I put them to another test, the “sleet pelting at your face” test. Yes, I run in all weather, a little wintry mix didn’t stop me. Also note the temp was high 20’s. I grabbed the go pro for this one. Wow, they were taking a beating from the sleet, I ran an out and back, so on the way out the pelts were head on, the glasses were saving my eyes, and there was no damage to the lens.  However on the return trip, the wind and sleet were to my back, causing all the sweat and moisture on my face, which also caused them to fog up. First I wore them half on my face, then I ended up carrying them. I just couldn’t see.


The picture below shows how one lens is fogged, the light doesn’t hit it, and it’s the brown side, the lens that appears blue is not fogged up.


They fit great on my face, no issues being too small, or pinching my nose. Also very light weight.

At this point, I was a little frustrated with the fogging up issue, they are supposed to remain “fog free.” So of course, I kept trying to figure this out.

Up next was a half marathon. It started early enough that I didn’t need the glasses at the start of the race. I also was running with a baseball style hat. The glasses stayed on top of my head for the first few miles, never budged. Also they fit well with a cap, no weird pinching on the ears, they don’t wrap them. When it was time to put the glasses on, they were fine, no fogging issues. It was also about 55-60 degrees. It was also windy along the beach, so it was nice to have protection.

Alright, so after these runs, I think I have come to the conclusion the fogging issue is due to cold temps. However, any good scientist makes sure they test all theories before they come to a conclusion. SO, cuz I am training for every race, I ran again in cooler weather.

I was out on the trail, and it was a sunny, cold day, 21 degrees. I did get warm and sweaty, but there was no wind. I was all wrapped up in a stocking hat and a Buff. I also only ran about 3 miles, there was no fogging issues.  Even though I was nice and toasty, my face was not all sweaty, so there was no moisture near the lenses.


I have been giving these the true test, I ran in them one more time. A cloudy day, but snow covered. The snow can be blinding, nice to have some protection. It was also about 30 degrees, which felt really warm, so I was sweaty. There was sweat on my face, but the air temp was warmer – there was no fogging.

The only issue I have had with these is the fogging. I feel I have ran enough in these to make my final conclusion. When my face has moisture, or there is moisture in the air or near the lens, and the air temp is super cold, fogging will happen no matter how much ventilation. On the other hand, not many people run in these conditions.  They fit well, are priced right $59.99, offer protection from the wind & sun, and don’t feel heavy on your face (28.5 g).

The mirrored lens are also great if you play cards, lol.


With the provided, protective case, they are easy to take with me every where I go. I threw them in my back pack for a recent theme park visit. I also drive with these and they help cut down the glare, just inside my car.

I think there is one issue left to discuss. In addition to changing lenses, you can change the nose pad and temple tips. If you know me, I am a HUGE Hawkeye fan, I am not sure why I would change the glasses to red or blue…just doesn’t work, lol. However, to test all aspects of the product, I attempted to change the glasses to red… I also like the Red Sox and the BlackHawks…

This attempt did not go so well. The temple tips are the piece that go on the side of your head and over your ear, this piece seems impossible to budge, I pulled, I twisted, I made strange faces, but I couldn’t get it to budge… I like the black and white already, so this isn’t a huge deal.


Then the nose pad. The sweet thing is the nose pad is adjustable, so if the bridge of your nose is slim or wide, you can make it fit just right. You can also change this out to a different color. The kit comes with a screwdriver made for the 2 tiny screws, which hold it in place. I had trouble with this as well…so stay with me here. The screw would not fit into the screw hole, due to the silicone style covering around it. I poked a paper clip through the hole, so I knew it would open, the screw fit in, but it would not twist in correctly, the silicone kept catching on the threads, almost mistaking this for cross threading the screw. So…my red nose pad still has a screw stuck in it, as the threads are wrapped in the silicone. There are extra screws that come with them as well. Once again, not a huge factor as I like the black and white.


If you are still reading, which I know you are…. How about the warranty: a lifetime warranty, you just pay shipping and handling for the replacement. So if your dog eats them, no problem. Also, there is a 365 day return policy. What more could you ask for? Oh you want a better price…. I have that for you too, use code XX2iRocks for a 50% discount!


Still on the fence? Well my fellow Bibrave pros have thoughts too, check them out:

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11 thoughts on “XX2i USA 1 Sunglasses – Review

  1. Well, I tell you what, they look awesome. I typically don’t wear sunglasses either, so I think it would be very hard to get used to. I wore the once during my portion of an Ironman, during the run midday, and they bugged the shit out of me. A free pair however, like you, I would be more than willing to try again. 🙂

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