Reflect, Compress, & Stay Warm

“Disclaimer: I received the 2Xu Hyoptik Thermal Mid-Rise Compression Tight to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

Hey, so you may have noticed, but lately most posts are reviews. Well, I love the opportunities Bibrave has given me so I am going to share them with you. If it’s traveling to a race or testing a product, I am going to do my best to tell you my thoughts, all my thoughts…so if a post is long, it’s because there was a lot to say.

Today I am going to share with you my experience with the 2XU Hyoptik Thermal Mid-Rise Compression Tights. In case you are trying to pronounce this as you read, it’s “two times you” and “high-optic.”

Going to start with the features:

  • reflective logos
  • brushed interior thermal layer
  • compression support, graduated compression
  • flat lock seams – reduce chafe
  • high filament yarns – wicks sweat
  • antibacterial
  • UPF50+ sun protection

Just a note about the sizing. They may appear small when you first take them out of the box, but if you follow the size chart, they will fit you perfectly. Keep in mind they feel snug as they offer compression. They take a little effort to get on, but it’s not a struggle.


There is no drawstring, but the “comfort power waistband with powermesh” help keep them in place.  As a woman with larger thighs, hips, calves; sometimes for a tight to fit in those areas, they are too big around the waist. I don’t have a problem with these once I get them in place over my hips. There is also a pocket compartment in the waistband.

Alright lets get to the running….



  • Living in the midwest, I am acclimated to running in cooler temps. I will run in anything as low as 10 degrees depending on the windchill. I also will consider shorts when it’s 50 degrees. So depending where you live, I am sure you will find a temperature range where you will need these!
  • The tights are a thicker fabric, which comes across as feeling more like a heavier cotton fabric. However the tights don’t feel heavy.
  • This thermal fabric also cut down on the wind, keeping me warm. they remind me of long johns for running.
  • After multiple runs in various Iowa weather conditions. I have concluded these are perfect for temps ranging 15-30 degrees. Any cooler and I am using these as a base layer, any warmer and I am too hot!

Compression –

  • The graduated compression allows for non restrictive leg movement, while allowing them to feel wrapped in support
  • Not very tight
  • No special seeming, or added support geared to target specific muscle groups.
  • I am not sure if I wear too much compression, but I didn’t feel these were very tight or offered a high level of compression. Yes they are snug to get into place, and feel good on your legs, but not super tight.

Reflectivity –

  • The “X” logos ( and all writing) on the legs are reflective
  • Not as bright as the reflection on my shoes
  • added safety feature
  • I didn’t run in them at night, however thanks to my dark garage and some lighting, I tried this out, they just didn’t seem to “flash” as bright. However, any added feature for safety is nice, no matter how effective. Also I feel you could be running naked or dressed as a Christmas tree and drivers would still not see you.

As I ran in these I couldn’t help but compare these to the  MCS 2XU compression tight, which offer more specific compression, but the material is more thin and not as warm.

I have been washing and drying (gasp) in a machine, sometimes there are just note enough hours in the day. However the instructions say for them to be washed inside out and hang to dry.

Overall – 

These are a great winter running tight. They retail for $139 online, price drop to $109 which is comparable to compression tights across the board.  but they offer the 3/4 length too for $99)Keep in mind they are not only compression, but thermal and have reflective logos. My favorite part is they are soft and keep me warm.  I wish they targeted the muscles in the compression, but the all over snug feeling is nice too.

It’s cold here…. I ran in them A LOT, I raced in them, I took lots of silly pictures

Still looking for more information: – Twitter @2XU_USA – Facebook – 2Xu – Instagram – @2xu_usa

Join #bibchat on twitter, January 26, 2016  at 8pm CT as 2XU will be a sponsor, you can connect with the other pros and learn more from them. Or read some of the following reviews:

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