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Ampla Sport Ampla Fly Running shoes

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Wahoo my 300th post✨

You may have seen some pictures from me like these:

Well I have been testing a new running shoe. The Ampla Fly from Ampla Sport. I chose the black color, they also come in a red.

” Our shoes don’t waste force. They teach you how to run faster, safer, and longer.”

You may notice the sole in the above photos, it’s in 2 pieces. Well these shoes were designed by a Harvard scientist – check out the story here – – and as mentioned in the above quote they don’t waste force. In fact they are designed to use force to improve your running mechanics.

The sole is broken down into many layers, the one that makes it different is the carbon fiber plate – layer 5. This graphic from the website shows it best.

I want to highlight the carbon plate as it makes the sole a little more rigid. The shoe isn’t as forgiving and isn’t recommended for trail running. You will note I didn’t try that…but I did take them for some test runs, here is my journal:

  • Aug 22 – I received these in the mail and may have taken the opportunity to do a photo”shoe”t

  • Aug 24 – Inaugural run of 2 miles, definitely felt like I was fore foot striking. I also felt the PF stretching in both feet. Otherwise no problems

  • Aug 25 – Ran 4.8 miles, no major problems. Good fit on my feet. The heel is loose fitting, but used a lacing technique to tighten them, no blisters. The loose fit is also related to the carbon plate not being as forgiving. I can feel my PF stretching at times.

  • Aug 27- Ran across town to Kinnick Stadium to check out the concert set up & tailgating scene. Total of 7 miles .No major problems, but could feel that PF stretch

  • Aug 30 – 4.86 miles. I notice how stiff they are, not a cushion shoe. My PF stretch is minor today.

  • Sept 3 – 4.4 miles. PF pain until 1.5 miles into the run. Then I was fine. The carbon plate is not forgiving.

  • Sept 5 – Run with Carl 5 miler. Raced in them, felt speedy. I only wore them to race, so no walking around in them & minimum standing around, no PF pain when wearing, but woke up with PF pain.

  • Sept 9 – Took the shoes on a photo shoot, and ended up with over 4 miles. Ended up running 2-400’s at the track. Really felt them propel me forward, but I didn’t feel the natural spring to the track in them, not as cushioned as my go to shoe. However the PF is not at it’s best.


  • Sept 13 – woke up with the worst PF in a long time, and this time in my other foot, so it’s in both feet. I am going to take a break from wearing the shoes.

I reached out to Ampla about this problem. They were going to reach out to their shoe designer and see if they had any ideas. (When I know more I will update you.) My best guess is that the carbon fiber plate is just not working with my feet. Over 2 years ago I had PF in my right foot, then I did all the things for healing it and it went away. I run a lot and hadn’t had any problems since, and I could actually feel the PF on both of my feet stretch when I run in these. *Jeremy brings up a good point about these shoes engaging your calf muscles in his post, could also be another reason my PF is on fire.

Maybe I am running too long in them. They are recommended for speed work and unless you’re comfortable running in them long, they aren’t suggested to do long runs in them.


I did take a lot of photos wearing them

I really do feel they work to propel you forward and encourage proper running mechanics, they just don’t like my feet.

I encourage you to read my fellow pros blogs, as one person’s thoughts shouldn’t be enough to influence your decision, also shoes are a very specific fit and different for everyone.

HeatherBrian BrendaFrankJeremy HSamanthaGina – Laura BLisaKatie

I also encourage you to check out Ampla on twitter, facebook and Instagram. If you want to give them a try they retail for $120 and have free shipping. They also ship direct to you, they are not sold in stores. Check out their FAQ page if any of your questions haven’t been answered through all the other options above.

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