Everlast Vegan Protein Powder – Review

If you have been following the blog, first THANK YOU, second you already saw my posts about Everlast Vegan Protein, but I now am going to wrap it all up in one review.

“Disclaimer: I received Everlast Vegan Protein Powder to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!”


I am no stranger to protein powder. When I first entered the world of a healthy lifestyle and working out, the diet plan had cut out most carbs, but suggested lots of protein. Protein powder was a great way to get that extra protein without having to eat meat at every meal. Plus Everlast Vegan is plant based for all my non meat eating friends.

An easy way for me to incorporate this into my diet was the smoothie or shake. I came upon this great recipe, which basically tastes like a chocolate shake.


Everlast gave us 4 sample size pouches to try, so in addition to whipping up my favorite concoction mentioned above, I took to social media for suggestions. Someone suggested blending it with coffee. Heck, I love coffee, what could go wrong. Well that didn’t taste good, I think I had the recipe off, I blended ice, coffee and powder and it was just off.


Um then my husband took a pouch and made up a chocolate milk smoothie. After I got over the fact that he took one of my samples, he said it tasted really good.

I was then searching for something else to make, I love a good protein bar, but finding one that isn’t mush is a tough task. Enter protein granola bars. I found this great recipe and tweaked it by adding a serving of protein. They were so delish!! I wish I had one right now!

IMG_0927 (1)

In my searching of recipes I also found that protein powder can be used in baking, and as a substitute for flour. I need to use code ANGBIBPRO at everlastnutrition.com and order myself some more powder. This would be a great way to add more protein to your diet, yet enjoying a treat at the same time.

I have enjoyed adding more protein into my diet again, with only 4 samples, I am not sure I noticed the benefits of added protein in my diet, such as lean muscle growth and aiding in recovery. However I do know I should keep up with more protein in my diet as it aids in feeling full throughout the day.

This plant based protein is something this carnivore would recommend to everyone. However please note the list of ingredients as some may be allergic or have reactions to them.

I think my favorite part about reviewing this product was learning more about being a vegan, and researching all the possible protein powder recipes. There are so many things to learn.

If you want to follow Everlast Vegan Protein, you can find them on twitter @EVERLASTVegan, or on instagram @everlastnutrition.

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