Marathang Bands! Head bands – shameless plug

I have always liked to make things, or experiment with the craft world.  Keeps my hands busy and me from eating all the food. On a search for a simple head band I came across the idea to make one. Especially since I wasn’t too happy with the price of a head band. (even though there are some fun ones out there)

So this post is a shameless plug for my hand made, elastic, ribbon head bands, woohoo!!!

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MarathAng Bands  – Like Marathon..Marath-Ang

These are made from a grosgrain or fabric ribbon which is sewn to velvet ribbon backing, then elastic in center back. Sewn by machine. (they are either glued or ironed with hem tape, before sewn) Velvet backing keeps them in place (I have ran 12 miles with no slipping) I usually have no problem washing them by hand. These are handmade, so all the quirky imperfections are included
I make 3 sizes, the large (most common, adult size) are approximately 20″ in diameter before stretch. I base my small on a 3 year old’s head, and then medium is in between.

I have many patterns already available, most are 7/8″ wide.  I can also create something by request.  I do have some glitter ribbon, but the glitter likes to explode onto everything. I could also change the stitch to a zig zag, or a fun colored thread.

They are for sale for $5 each. Unless it’s a M4M charity head band.

I do race expos, farmer’s markets, have displays at local businesses, including my local running store, Running Wild.

I am also happy to work with charity, or help with fundraisers.

If you have more questions, let me know.

IMG_9199IMG_9200IMG_2114IMG_9202  IMG_9201IMG_2117
101_0503 IMG_9198

Current sales: (These are on ebay, as it’s easier to maintain inventory) – KJWW Half Marathon – Halloween & Thanksgiving head bands – Red Shoe Half Marathon – assorted head bands – THE National Bank Half Marathon – Skinny Turkey Half Marathon – Illinois Marathon

24 thoughts on “Marathang Bands! Head bands – shameless plug

  1. LOVE the mustash! That is too much!

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  9. Reblogged this on Running Wild and commented:
    Here is a link to Angie’s headband business with info like sizing, etc…

  10. Reblogged this on Tripping The Kenyans and commented:
    Here’s someone who has taken the initiative and created something cool with their own two hands (for your head). That certainly deserves a big ole “thumbs up.” Check out Angie’s ebay listing and Facebook page.

    Strap one to your head… and Run on!

  11. Very cool. I reblogged this on my blog Tripping The Kenyans.

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