2014 – Year in Review

This is my version of the Christmas brag letter, you know… that letter tucked away in a holiday card that tells everyone how the year went, usually bragging about all the trips, all the new family members, and of course all the fun. My story includes running 1404.65 miles and 50 races, bringing my overall marathon total to 6, and my half marathon list to 23. I never had a goal, I just do my best.

JANUARY – I should have known the year would be fun and full of travel by the way it started.

  • I rang in the new year in Florida. Attending the Outback Bowl, even though the outcome was not what I wanted I had a great trip. Who doesn’t love a good road trip, running on the beach, and tailgating in a Prius.
  • Then I turned around, grabbed Josh and we came back to Florida to participate in the inaugural Dopey Challenge at Disney. What a great time…we would love to do this again, just need to save up. Races 1,2,3,4
  • Once back in the frozen tundra, I signed up to run the Frostbite Footrace at the Scott Co Park. It was also a race to honor Meg. #megsmiles Race 5
  • The next weekend was a race I can never resist, the Amana Freezer 5k, because of the swag. In lieu of a shirt you can get a meat bag. This was also the coldest temp I have ever ran in, with the wind chill it was below zero. Race 6


  • My 34th birthday rolled around, I had a great idea, but I never followed through 😦
  • It took about a month to thaw out before I ran my next race, the 4 mile Chili Chase on the 23rd. Race 7
  • On the 25th, I started the Iowa City chapter of Medals for Mettle.


  • Raced a 3.17K, the Shamrock Shuffle, learned I really don’t care for corned beef & cabbage. Race 8
  • Traveled with Josh to Kentucky, first time we had ever visited. Got to stay with family, and it was also the same time the University of Kentucky basketball team was on their run in the NCAA tournament. Also got to meet a twitter friend. We ran through horse racing country, in 35 degrees and rain at the Run the Bluegrass half marathon. Race 9

APRIL – This month was jam packed with racing

  • The first Saturday of the month, ran with Laura and Josh at the Doc Dash 5k. Race 10
  • The second Saturday, ran with Josh, Laura, Kelly & Joel at the QC River Bandits Race to Home 5k. Nothing like finishing at home plate. Race 11
  • Laura suggested we run in Marion at the Marion Rotary for Shoes half marathon. It rained. Race 12
  • Mid April I was an official BibRave Pro. #orangeisthenewfast
  • The Easter Egg Scramble 5k, set a 5k PR, sub 25 minutes. This was also my niece, Ella’s first kid run…she was not impressed. Had to drag her through the course, however she didn’t have a problem running at the post race egg hunt. Race 13
  • Josh, Tereasa and I road tripped it to Roanoke, VA for the Blue Ridge Marathon. I would be running the full again, it was Josh’s first attempt at this full and T would be doing her first 10k. We also loved coming back to hang out with our twitter friends, in real life. We will be headed back for 2015. Race 14


JUNE – With all the racing, probably in the best shape of the year

  • Convinced my sister, Amber to do some running, she ran a 5k with Laura, Josh and I, while friends Kate and the other Laura cheered us on. Machine Challenge 5k Race 21
  • Laura and I packed up our shoes and sparkle skirts and went to Kansas City, for the Hospital Hill Re-Run. A 5k Friday night and a half marathon Saturday morning, where it stormed and rained the entire race. We tried t go to a Royals game, but tickets were outrageous due to the Yankees (Jeter) being in town. Race 22, 23
  • Celebrated the first year as a blogger, gave away some head bands.
  • The next Friday Laura and I ran a small 5k in Kalona, placed in my AG. Race 24
  • June 21, Broke 2 hours in the half marathon, at the Garry Bjorklund Half in Duluth, MN. This was the first race I participated in as a BibRave Pro. My friend Kate was my personal cheer squad. Race 25
  • Ran a marathon I didn’t train for with Laura. It was all on trail, felt great afterwards. Run for Troops. Race 26
  • I started participating in area farmer’s markets


  • Rare Thursday race due to the holiday, a 10k in Washington. Not many participants, so Josh and I both placed in our AG. Race 27
  • Raced an 8K the next day with Laura and Josh in Cedar Rapids, IA, Health Solutions 8k. Grabbed a post race Miller Lite. Race 28
  • The next weekend traveled to Eldridge with Josh and Joel, met T to race the Moonlight Chase. It was delayed due to weather and rained. Race 29
  • Took the Amtrak to Chicago for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon. Raced for BibRave, met the Bibrave crew. Also met a twitter friend and stayed in a haunted hotel. Race 30
  • Went back to Chicago the next weekend with Josh, Laura (Tom) and T to run the underwhelming B1G 10k. Race 31
  • Traveled to Alburquerqe with Josh for the NASO conference.


  • Ran the Fergalicious 5k in West Branch, placed in my AG (only cuz Laura wasn’t there, lol) Race 32
  • Added the Amana Back Roads Half Marathon to my schedule, to say I ran 3 halfs in a month. Race 33
  • Back to Madison, for the Madison Mini, with T and Laura. Met the twitter people and had some post race brews. Ran for BibRave. Race 34
  • Asked to help with the local couch to 5k program
  • First Bibrave product review  – Jabra wireless head phones
  • Runnin for Rob 5k, volunteered & ran, it rained, not many participants got too much post race stuff. Race 35
  • Backpocket 7 mile race. It was hot! Ran with Laura, then ran with Katie, then met up with Josh and the finish, and other racers Shannon and Dave. Race 36
  • New Bo Half Marathon, Ran with Laura, Josh was there. It was hot, only water on the course. Race 37



  • Reviewed Hoist & Clif Products
  • Picked up a local 5k, United Way 5k, placed in my AG (Laura wasn’t there, lol) Race 42
  • Traveled to Chicago with Laura and Tom, met Kate and cheered for Laura and many others running the Chicago Marathon.
  • Run for the Schools Half Marathon. The 5k with this race was the goal for my couch to 5k group. Participated in the expo for my headbands and Medals 4 Mettle. Almost set a new PR. Race 43


  • 100 mile challenge – WHOA, this took off this year, so humbled to have done this, can’t wait til next year
  • Steve Goff 5k. Ran with Josh, Joel, and Laura at the UI XC course. Race 44
  • Reviewed Nuun, & Flipbelt, received Justin’s nut butters
  • Governor’s Cross Country Run. Ran this with Laura, we love this race, lots of fun with nature’s obstacles and terrain. Race 45
  • Laura and I met with Kate and Anna, to tackle a 5k in St. Paul, MN, the Veteran’s Day 5k. Race 46
  • Don’t Worry Be Thankful Virtual 5k. I am counting this as a race, 1) I had to pay for it 2) I got a medal. Race 47
  • Legend of the Fall Race. Josh and I ran to this race, a little trail running in Hickory Hill Park. Met some of the 100 mile challenge group. Race 48
  • Track Friday – One mile prediction race. Josh, Kate and I ran 4 circles at the track in the dark. Race 49


  • Reviewed Addaday
  • Hospital Hill Ambassador & Blue Ridge Marathon Ambassador
  • Partnering with Addaday and Go Pro to create some fun videos – more to come
  • Hot Chocolate 15k, Laura, Josh and I road tripped it to St. Louis to take on this odd race distance. Race 50

I have put a lot of miles not only on my shoes, but on the car this past year. I am not sure I will ever hit 50 races in a year again. However I think instead of 50 races I will run a 50k and possibly 50 miles at once. 2015 is the year!

Hope you had a great 2014, wishing you the best in 2015.

2 thoughts on “2014 – Year in Review

  1. What an incredible year! I look forward to reading all about your 2015 journey, and hopefully I’ll get a chance to meet you at a race too. Off to go read some of your race recaps, since you’ve run a bunch that I’m interested in!

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